Ning Meng completion Pictures?Round of financing content industry has experienced transformation

  It is reported that Ning Meng Pictures was founded in Shanghai in 2014, invests in super series, movies, network programming, production, marketing, distribution, derivatives and so the whole industry chain operations。 Up to now, it has launched more than reputation and commercial value of both episodes, representative of reality Drama "Good sir," "small parting" costume drama "Optional day mind"。 The company has included content production sector, pan-entertainment talent agency sector and digital video technology sector footprint of three lemon Meng Pictures on the one hand will continue to create super content subvert the industry standard, on the other hand will be strengthened in order to "content, technology and talent "as the core upstream and downstream industries layout。
  In the channels of digital content and quality of work together to promote China's content industry is undergoing transformation from product era to the era of brands。 Along with?Successful completion of the round of financing, lemon Meng Pictures Entertainment has become a unicorn business areas, and the first to embrace the label of the times。
  Entertainment as a new important economic field forces, has been one of the areas of focus Renaissance。 For the lemon and Meng Pictures of cooperation, Wang Li, General Manager Renaissance director, said: progressive digital channels and users are working together to enhance the willingness to pay to break through China to accelerate the content industry's ceiling, which stands out is the use of a new batch of advanced production methods more refined the production process of the company to better production elements to create a new entertainment products。
  "These companies to build advanced manufacturing capabilities in the areas of content, different from the traditional content business, the ability to have better revenue as well as higher business continuity。 Ning Meng Pictures has been set up based on the high-end market, quickly come to the fore, has been head of drama to create top brand, the company is a leader in the new content。 We look forward to see more quality content eruption of lemon products, "Wang bank that。 (Finish)。