Bridge released

Ming Dynasty Longqing years, Shanghai Zhujiajiao canal town of Port deciduous river ride, Lee two villages.Although the two villages drink water by a river, because the ancestors of grievances disputes continue, they destroyed the only bridge together both sides of China Unicom, has since set the rules, Li Ye shall not intermarry two families from generation to generation, never in contact with.Strange to say, since it set a rule three years, Chuang Ye are all born male baby, and baby girl are all descendants of lijiazhuang.Lijiazhuang girl born girls because not only men, it matchmaker little interested, I had to marrying foreign land.Lijiazhuang because of a serious lack of labor, a long time down large tracts of barren land, the days are getting poorer.The young man married Chuang Ye became a big problem, the other place home girl took the opportunity at exorbitant demands on the bride price, in order to marry a wife, Chuang Ye lot of people willing to sell land sales.They say that it is because they do not have good-neighborly friendship, God gave them punishment.  If this continues, sooner or later, absolutely nothing if the families of Chuang Tzu!Lijiazhuang elders finally wait any longer, tribal elders convened to discuss countermeasures him.Discuss to discuss, and everyone thought only to give up the feud, move across the young man leaves home do-law, it is expected to break the spell of a baby girl born.But now the initiative to come to seek them, and fit face.  We discuss to discuss, finally released, then called leaf village repair the canal bridge on the river port, as long as the bridge can be built up, before talking about marriage thing.  Indeed reached Leaf Village, singles excited, raised stone wood immediately begin to build a bridge.Strange to say, started several days, is not going to play bridge piles.Do’m sorry things?We hope the river helplessly, unable to do anything.  Then a man named Ye Xuan young man stood up and said: I know why the bridge piles to fight on, our main effort is not able to pull together.How can we say that concentrate on it?Ye Xuan says with a laugh: As the saying goes men and women with work not tired, just lijiazhuang girls stood to give the other side we cheer, we used one of the strength, which can bridge piles quasi crushed.Singles a laugh, said Ye Xuan said so right.Just how can lijiazhuang invited the girl to cheer for them too?Ye Xuan smiled and said he has his own way.  So this leaves Villa and the other side of the balance used to come to Mother laundry ogle, has alternate love, but also allow the two sides to discuss more young men and women like them to be Shenxianjuanlv.  They love to say this was actually a red carp do the media do.  On that day, the river leaves Villa coincidence of Huan Yi Heng Niang, at first sight, feeling good.He then network to a pair of red carp, fishing scales glittering, delicate and charming look.Ye Xuan heart can not bear, so they carefully put into the river released.  The next day, the leaves Villa boldly wrote a poem, accompanied by his date of birth, and then wait for Mother balance in the river, to see her and she appeared again, put the poems folded paper boat, drifting downstream want Mother passed Heng.  Paper boat started going to be the water, all of a sudden gust of wind blowing, the boat turned instantly shot.  Xuan Ye is depressed, which expect that paper boat fell into the water at actually drilled two red carp coming, hold up a paper boat, romp to them the tail toward the other side of the balance Mother swam.Heng Mother picked up the other side of the paper boats, can not help heart sprout in spring, also replied to a paper notes, is willing to tell their leaves form a good Qin Jin Xuan, hope to resolve the contradiction between the two villages for many years.That leaves two red carp swam to the Villa, where the balance of your mother relay the message to him.  Ye Xuan excited, flew back to announce his parents.I wanted to go immediately sent a matchmaker to propose marriage, but in order to build a bridge, he put aside his marriage, in order to allow more lovers get married.As for the secret piling, but also to the two red carp tomb messenger.  That day, sunny, Chuang Ye numerous bachelor under the leadership of leaves Villa, have to write birthday with red paper, went to the river to put red paper boat seeking marriage.Now, the river canal harbor moment Piaoqi a large red paper boat, very well looked spectacular.Lijiazhuang the other side of it, a large group of girls arose under the guidance of Heng mother to shore, far lined up, waving a red handkerchief to build a bridge of lads shouting refueling.  A young man who leaves Villa and see if the girls to cheer for them, motivated, which was soon to lay the bridge piles.Even more amazing is the red paper boat floating in the river even as a sudden, turned into a beautiful arch firmly puts up on the bridge piles!Attracted girl guy broke out on both sides of the flood of cheers.  Because Lee leaves two families intermarried recovery signs, we put arch bridge called marriage.Heng Niang sat red sedan, married into the family leaves Villa Fengfengguangguang from the bridge, the same village was the envy of those bachelor watering, wait for one can immediately get married to marry a girl lijiazhuang.  But lijiazhuang elders saw that if the hole opens up, but not on our side saw out back, your problems are solved, we are supposed to be here?When the moment wants to go back.Elder Lee announced on the bridge, in order to balance your mother married sex moves of the past gave birth to the first baby.If a boy, be rid of the curse lijiazhuang only offspring born woman, intermarry before they can proceed, and must let his son surnamed Li.After regeneration of both men and women, can surnamed Ye.Leaf Village desperation had promised.  Ye Xuan and balance your mother married young couple happy, sweet, but Seeing several months, the value of your mother’s belly has been no movement, two Chuang Tzu are beginning to tense up, do it through marriage, men and woman It is not to come out?Everyone was talking about.Mother purely psychological balance exerted pressure on the thought that they can not conceive, not only hurt the leaves home unrepeatable, and even make two leaves Lee once again into the family situation can not marry, she cried and begged to divorce his wife remarried leaves Villa.Ye Xuan divorced wife could not bear it, to comfort her say we are young children to Japan, longer.  So took another few months, seeing married almost a year, the value of your mother or not signs of pregnancy.  She was extremely upset that this individual went to the marriage bridge Sky, recalling the past, pain now, Chouchangbaijie, spur of the moment actually jumped into the water to say that leaves Villa, gone back to work from the outside, his wife, and father and mother and villagers together around looking, but not anywhere to be found.Seeing dark, leaves Villa suddenly remembered the marriage bridge, he desperately ran to the river.Port River canal darkness with only a faint moonlight on the water, dressed in white balance your mother floating in the water, under the body turned out to be a large carp!Snake!Xuan Ye jumped into the water, pick up the balance Niang, only to find her body cold, taken aback and lay mind.He held Heng Niang foot deep shallow kick home to catch up, mouth could not be called to the mother’s name value, he started to feel her body warm [email protected] I love the story of the night brought in a network Ye Xuan doctor to balance your mother for treatment, but was pleasantly surprised to find that balance your mother was pregnant after doctor pulse.This is a big good news ah, Ye Xuan night holding poor value for your mother, she finally woke up to see.She heard her husband told myself pregnant, and balance your mother looked startled, Dear husband, undefined status is a matter of infertility feel guilty today wanted to commit suicide.5aigushi.COM on his deathbed, that there have been two red carp, one after they drill into my mouth, I suddenly had the strength to see you again, I’m hard to swim ashore.At this time a large group of fish swam hold my body, saying the shore to send trained, trained, crying.The couple agreed that since we do not catch fish, no fish life.  Pregnant woman, balance your mother give birth, everyone frantically outside the delivery room full of leaves, Li family two villagers, nervously looking forward to the upcoming birth of a child.Gave birth to a baby girl is born!Ye family rejoiced, but the Lee family was very disappointed.  When he tried to disperse us, Suddenly there midwife called on: how there is one, and a male baby born!With two children crying, leaf, two Serbs Li cheer jump, really happy at this.Heng Xuan Ye ask your mother what name to take the child, a baby girl called Ye Ye Meng Xuan said carp, male baby, surnamed Li, Li called it fish.Heng Niang happy smile, even boast to get good name.  This Chinese New Year, many girls married lijiazhuang leaves Chuang, Chuang Ye males and more took the initiative to settle lijiazhuang when the door-law, bridge greeting sent bustling.New Year’s Day this day, the leaves put on a large family dinner hundred days, in order to give the children pray, leaves Villa and balance your mother bought a lot of red carp, released to the marriage bridge.  Ten years later, Ye, Li Zi only two men in proportion, a flourishing population, but also rich.Started to bridge the fish released each year has become the custom here, passed down from generation to generation, the passage of time has also been renamed the marriage bridge Bridge released.