Bridge noodle legend

Fifty-eight years of Qing Emperor Qianlong (1793) in March a sunny late spring morning, the scholar Yang Shijie hand carry books to slowly stepped out of the den Ying Sin kiosk not far (later renamed Yingzhou Pavilion) walked.All the way over the blossoming fruit trees, illuminating as heavenly clouds, pleasant occasion scholar has to step tingqian Ying Sin hexagonal pavilion three eaves, Tingding glazed tile shop, kiosks and carved beams, magnificent.(Ying Sin pavilion was built in the reign of Emperor Kangxi 29 years (1690), is the public perception of Mengzi County king guest performance it was built to mark its Citing Germany.) Scholar board look around the step into the booth: distance surrounded by mountains, mountain rolling, like a Long running, one thousand ares near Lake blue, glassy, jade plate lying resembles, Yang Liu Yiyi Lake, swaying , water lotus leaf Tada, sails rippling, clear lake Ting Wai seen at the end, see fish exchanges, the face of such lakes and mountains, scenery, large-minded scholar Yang Chang, overflowing with poetic inspiration mouth chant a poem straight from the heart: good scenery lake in March , boundless expanse of blue willow shake.When then the final Ling Yun, no smile yellow beam dream.Yin Bi, scholar and sometimes have mixed feelings, think I can poetry-year-old, sixteen-year-old set that is familiar with the history of philosophers, eighteen-year-old into the school, wunderkind, turns out to be: too proud Horseshoe urgent!After the fall of the provincial examinations did not want to repeatedly frustrated Quarters, Branch field Cengdeng, so far to the thirties, still sleepy road dead.Life is short, have several times the Spring and Autumn?If you can not early ascendant until Shuangbin grizzled, when grown old, he would not live up to the chamber of blood, full of dispensation, a lifetime ambition!WWW.5aigushi.COM scholar is sad occasion, Ting Wai lake swing over a leaf boat, the boat is old fisherman sang: Feng Xi!Feng Xi!Haddock’s decline?To those who can not bridge, and to those who still can recover.Yi Er, Yi Er!Today the politicians and useless!The elderly, courtesy Younger!CLARK scholar Yi Yi Bao Quan Road.Scholar ah?Naturally, I am reading a disturbing Jun!Old people said where to go, please come over for a chat.The old fisherman boat swing to the shore, to step on the booth.Scholar went up deeply Yi Yi: the elderly to the world outside expert, Younger hear the song conceivable elegant Italian, matter greatly admire!Haha, scholar overrated!But the old lady quack a Diaosou Seoul!Among the marketplace there are some righteous, no mountain lakes Qi Junjie?A phrase from the old noble, How can it be commonplace generation ears?Lao Zhang has also hope to teach me!Old fisherman ask beard smiled: how decrepit the old lady to teach people?However sincere gentleman, disrespectful!Chi gentleman appreciate further?”On Zhijun Yao and Shun, and then make customs Soon.”Younger namely ambition Seoul!Chester also true scholar!However REHABILITATIVE Holy Emperor advanced age, tired of politics, dominated by affairs of state for the right to rape, fear of hard-line carry a gentleman of the blog!”Up and the world economy, the poor are spared.”If hard then this blog, just retired!A good scholar!Although the wife is also old age, hi Jun ambition, and the king is willing to make a friendship between generations or Down?Lao Zhang was able to get friends!Younger ecstatic, dare refuse phase?Please accept my worship!Having scholar kneeling down.I do not deserve this gift!Please hurry from.Old fisherman quickly Chanqi scholar Yang Road, after your good friends to the ceremony party meet.Well, it is according to the old man on words.Ha ha ha Yoshiya, Yoshiya!Since then the two become friends and year-end party.ED old fisherman scholar for advice a lot of eight-legged essay, then watched the fishing boat elapsed between the moist, scholar and then open the scroll up date has continued silent recitation transit, scholar Yang Zhi Fen attack books, has forgotten the belly of hunger.The distant stone bridge, scholar lady Wenjuan portable bamboo blue line to hurry.In the booth to see the scholar studying, scholar lady went.Dear husband, the dinner!what!Lady come?Young scholar put down the book nod and smile.Come on, go eat first!