Bridge on the left

The left side of the bridge memory, always under the snow. Back to childhood, to see you face. I do not know but not the face, I still hang around here. The day before the Ching Ming Festival, I came to your window in silence, accompanied by the moon, the night. Then could not bear parting, just pull me alone. Traveled far apart, remember to stop yesterday. Snow north of the eaves, boat Fang lights obviously destroy destroy, condensed into the sea the moment, hepatobiliary ice into snow. I had all revel, persevering edge obscure word. Fly snow lingering, difficult to pull Guyan dreams. But also a sad season, Qingming rain slender. I saw, snow bridge on the left, as if everything has not changed, you and I went back to the past. Bright hibiscus, peach scattered, bamboo execute its festival, the villain child breakdown elegant leaf. Baiyun want to fly free fly thousands of miles apart, do not read each other. Mountains and seas, rivers and lakes children, laughing. Suddenly, persevering, longitudinal my house I dust, you have turned into forever. Like a calla lily, withered in the summer. Bridge on the left, into a butterfly snow, white sky, I have Acacia Jinmie [Editor: Rain is also odd].