Bridge and river.

She is a pleasure Qing Ling river, slowly flowing, light passing.Looking up at the blue sky, white clouds, laughing flowers dotted on both sides, this world is so beautiful, she can not help but played a hymn melodies with Buzz.She love the feel of it, as the sky, no matter where we go, always feel relatively gentle all the way and walk away, never lonely.  Hey, why the head of the area of the sky suddenly dark up?The original went to the bridge at that dark green.This bridge already exists for a long time, a long time that even the river can not remember when he’d come, what is almost drowned when Moss.One thing can be very clear river, she does not like the bridge, because he cut off her blue eyes caress, and he is always so deep, dark, as it constituted a block of stone, seems to have lots to talk about sad and sorry , the weight of the stream of breath.So every time the river through here have picked up speed, rapid walk through.  Finally one day, the river put her mind to tell the blue sky, blue sky and the river in order to help untie this knot, the rise of a large wind and rain, the river jumped up high spirits, rushed violently toward the bridge, again and again, a wave another wave; this on the dilapidated bridge and finally could not help but impact Creek was crushed.I do not know why, fallen bridges at the moment, there’s no trace of the river happy and satisfied, but the pain a bit faint heart.  The days passed, although the bridge has been broken, can not stop looking at the sight of the river, the river can each pass next to the bridge always tempted to slow down, habitually looked around, there is no bridge, life What seems missing.And because of the collapse of the bridge, people on both sides had to wade walk through the river, there are innumerable river or stepped body large or small feet in disorder, completely broke the quiet of the river every day; some pins are also times dust and sludge.  The river began to miss the bridge, and this deep heartfelt thoughts every day.During the day people are coming and going debilitated body and mind to the night can only sigh in silence; she could not in the mood to go on, as the blue sky, flowers kiss.There are only remorse and lament over and over again; So she prayed to heaven, looking forward to be able to bridge back to her.  Just then, there has been an auspicious clouds in the sky, while sitting on the clouds to see what the river dreaming of Buddha.Creek quickly Buddhas talk to his remorse and expressed his desire.After listening to the Buddha said: I’m sorry, I can not help you with this desire, I do not want to help you, but I can not help you..Creek looked confused kindly face of the Buddha, how would not believe the salvation of the Buddha actually rejected his request.Buddha sigh of relief, said: I’ll give you a story, the story of a creature Chilian.Creek have a feeling this story is certainly to do with themselves, so listening attentively.  Buddha said slowly: do not know how many years ago was covered in morning glory on the wall of the walls, there is a very naughty little morning glory, the old want to go outside the park to enjoy the scenery.She tried to grow, and finally got his wish crossed the walls, she was very happy, every day bloom bright.But she did not know she was supporting her behind the walls fell in love with this unique flower; and has been quietly supporting her weak body, but she also failed to look back until dying at him.He was not willing, then let him pray to Buddha reincarnation and then meet with her.The second world, small morning glory reincarnation made a small fish, but the Buddha satisfy his desire to give his reincarnation as nourish the fish of the lake.Fish in the lake grow happily, looking at her happily cruising, he or that happy; always softly embrace her feeling made him special satisfaction, but he knew the fish was inseparable from the water, so he thought she would always remain in his arms, never leave.But he was wrong, the fish grow up with the undercurrent to explore other worlds, and he only anxious Buddha paused, looked at a river, the river’s heart almost jumped out, although full of questions but I will not dare to ask.Buddha sighed again, then said: I have been crossing the world, had never seen such a lovestruck creatures, you know he was a total of how many times I pray to you??Creek afraid to answer, like the Buddha said to himself: I will no longer bear to see him so tortured, but he refused to give up; this is the first 500 times, the last time he came up to me, I promised him give him one last chance; this is the last time.Buddha looked straight into the river, said: I think you already know, then you’re more than that small morning glory, while the bridge is the silence that I support you, love you, you pursue the walls 500 of the world.  Creek hearts set off a firestorm; one playing the hidden undercurrent rapid roll, so she could not breathe and think; I do not know when, in the hands of the Buddha there was a small Yuping, the Buddha said: I am here today is also something to you, there is a time to ask me when he shed tears, every time I have collected a drop, there is a total of 499 drops of tears, that is, those tears flow for you, it is returned to you together!; Then, the Buddha Yu Ping river to blows, Yu Ping River falling to the heart, bottle scattered scattered tears, the heart is ready to burst up the creek.Suddenly, she saw the situation of each of the world, to see how he loved her, as she Acacia, waiting for her, for her joy, her loss.So he is on I of the forest, her buddies buddy; he was always like a big brother care for her, to help her regrets; and maple Nao Yixian when she wanted to give up, he always dissuade her, to comfort her ; Creek puzzled, her courage to ask the Buddha: You say he loves me, why would he want to persuade me and maple and maple good without the opportunity to replace it??Buddha replied: tell you the truth, I have asked him the same question; he said: hundreds of the world after this pursuit and sentiment, he felt love for you has become an irresistible habit; you care his heart became only mission and responsibility.He loves you, but not want to hold you; but to make you feel more happiness and joy.Do you know why he is willing to do thousands of people step on reincarnation, people riding the bridge it??Is to protect you from intrusive people can live happily calm.  River could not hold back the tears running, and jumped up with a soft body desperately want to lift up the broken bridge.Buddha could not bear, he said: children, abandon it, so you do is useless, you look at him in the middle of that heart has been completely broken, then how do you not help ah.Creek sobbed and asked the Buddha, I have had opportunity to see him do??Buddha lovingly looked at her and said: I’m afraid to die, he spent all of reincarnation opportunity to meet with you, this is his last chance, he can not be the reincarnation!  Creek trembling body over and over again caressing the shore broken bridges; and said softly: I also choose not to cycle, always be with him.Buddha sigh: this is why you do, I just want to tell you, cherish what they have, do not wait until then to lose repentant; cherish the people you love, be kind to love themselves before they can leave less sorry na!!Creek Moran said: I know, I know how can I do.  Day so a day flowing, just like the waves of the river bridge leaned forward as dull and persistent.People finally tired of the hardships to cross the river every day, decided to repair a bridge over the river.Decided to get involved in the day, people are surprised to find that the river suddenly dried up, and the shore was abandoned bridge but like Smart With life-like, shiny up.Curious people walked over to check it out, did not know what time, in which horizontal stone actually filled with river water that also gently Yang Zhao, as if in front of people smiling.So people have to move the huge collection, and gave him a nice name agate water tank.  Finally, water stone often dependent, not separated forever!!