A taste of Shanghai

To isolate ourselves, hidden for three months, during the work necessary in addition to communication, in others it seems I was like a dull fool.I do not know how my colleagues and superiors think of me, all I could think of nothing to do with most of the day job thing, once again plan their simulation should be the way to go, the road seems to be far-reaching enough ambitious, a little off the actual situation.But they are fundamentally strong and full, so I suspect not do this job long, and even resign immediately think of to try to go that way.    I firmly believe that no matter where are all respect to strength, in order to later livelihood for hope, I have repeatedly hard to force yourself to learn something practical point accumulation, and an oath secretly erected a monument, always remind myself daily chores and can not be lost own.Two years of experience tells me that youth is precious, although Sentimental but full of energy, often because this can accomplish much.    Back to the most true to yourself, away from the first misty, chaotic human mind’s desire.A few days ago in the nearby river that has run into Uncle fishing snails, he said he was fishing with snails living in Shanghai, and adhere to ten years, by his simple words, but it is desolate Naiting.Live in multi-age, everyone has their own way of life, some forced, some are reluctant, like the uncle put their big bust inserted into the river, the river flows away ten years of his life time how many sad and helpless behind it, only he himself knows best.At the forefront of modern Shanghai to see such a big tradition tough this scene, who will be moved.I think growing up in the course of the ill-fated, often suffering us develop into unyielding, against the current practitioner.    That day, I suddenly arises the idea of a walk into the city, tightened his brow, then walked under the scorching sun Sheshan subway station by car to the city.Shanghai’s downtown area on behalf of the dignity and struggle, sharp images are full of magic, in the Pudong Lujiazui skyscrapers crown the cloud, under the command Hongkou and Yangpu Ying is the other side of the alley townhouse community, that patina mottled Shikumen, standing in the cramped tunnel, write to make residential community culture of old Shanghai.When I again went to the Bund, Nanjing Road from ten foreign market stroll, all the way to the capital to see all the atmosphere of luxury shops and business centers faction, which Huaihai Road and as representative of the modern and cosmopolitan Shanghai, so Allah (Shanghai people) proud pressure bargaining chip.Indeed, the appearance of the city, cleanliness Shanghai a few business services in various cities in mainland China is second to none, which is why I prefer the direct reason of Shanghai.I live with a truly privileged Shanghai is still out of tune, and very difficult to live, Hao Zhao.It is still quietly continue to erode my youth, I was just here a stragglers, I am still willing to micro-ant attitude to continue to stay here and stick to look.People living here are mostly accepted Shanghai is a very high degree of heterogeneity of urban genres, giving outsiders a sense of mystery, although I stayed in Shanghai before and after nearly a year of time, heart and hands and feet still touch the resulting limitations to its huge body, as to its soul vein, only colleagues from Shanghai mouths simple thing, this time pregnant with the curious questions I try to put some of the old Shanghai of attractions Zouliaoyizao.When abducted outside the White crossing the chain bridge across Suzhou Creek in Huangpu Park, Pudong Lujiazui found from this point of view more clearly lined with tall buildings, modern atmosphere, which is a feat after the reform and opening up.Right now is the Huangpu River and Suzhou Creek confluence of the Huangpu River, also known as Shen Jiang, Huang thanks Chunshenjun break the Warring States period, it said Shanghai has Shanghai.The Suzhou River is also Jiaowu after Songjiang, Shanghai Opening prosperous stronghold, the two rivers have been tied traces the history of Shanghai.Over the Suzhou Creek can see two striking building, Shanghai Pujiang Hotel and Tower, also just people running the nostalgic character.Although ancient building body mass vicissitudes, application in modern business operations, its economic and those extravagant modern buildings is no less than.There are ancient mansion near Shanghai quality reinforced concrete building – Shanghai Postal Museum, words very conspicuous, handwriting style is also very familiar with, is the question of Jiang Zemin.It must be mentioned, I walked in the city, many have Jiang Zemin wrote an inscription in some of the iconic places, it went like to leave handwriting, its significance is not our ordinary people went fine, but I first suspected to be “immortal” the word.    After a left outside the White Bridge Road north extension line extension, Sichuan, Shanghai area the road is a lot of legislation named after a foreign concession, from north to south to all the provinces to name, to the provinces in the east-west cities named.The famous Sichuan Road in Shanghai on the large, this road is very long, I do not know how long to go to see the edge of the road or street number identifies the Sichuan Road, see the logo of the Toronto Road along the street.For Duolun Road Shanghai already heard, it is a cultural street, my heart just fork into it from Xing also in the intersection.In Toronto lengthy road small walk in a circle, in fact, this street is not long, deserted popularity, feeling somewhat unexpected.According to the wall text blurb says this street had lived in a number of domestic influential writers, Lu Xun, Ba Jin, Guo Rou Shi, Ding Ling left-wing writers, on the green grass under the shade of a few small shrubs stand a few literati statue, but also along the street cafes, painting the facade, in addition to those I do not see their sense of taste characteristics.Duolun Road is a corner of a downtown alley, after there had something to eat, look at the phone high moral map, know that is near the Lu Xun Park.Shikumen out Duolun Road, over a side street, there are a few tourist buses stop there in a roundabout roundabout, original dial side of that door is the door to Lu Xun Park and asked to come out of a little girl, said is a free of charge.I Mengran went in, babbling song filling our ears, arm in arm under the trees in groups of elderly pair stroll jump dance, in addition to my Caoxi Park, Jing’an Temple Park, rarely seen in Shanghai so intimate scenes, unlike Guangzhou each district has a large park and lake, seniors can spend all day long in song and dance, which is the construction of public places of entertainment elderly, many cities in the country, Guangzhou are doing better feeling.After Lu Xun Park Lu Xun Memorial and visited the tomb of Lu Xun out from Hongkou Football Stadium, and watching to see the viaduct is not street side, all the way to live in peace.Suddenly feeling great Shanghai can be all-inclusive, I was just overwhelmed during a small molecule, and a lot of people walking confused as to live obedience.    Walking in the streets of downtown Shanghai, there will always see those buildings to imagine the former Shanghai Concession picture.In my opinion Shanghai Far East in modern times is to act as a city, Shanghai is located in the Jianghai exchange, the special geographical position among North and South, Shanghai took the opportunity of competing in the colonial powers divided the country’s poor and weak people, thus creating one kind of Shanghai New culture – Shanghai culture.Shanghai Peace Hotel first floor of the Far East, the Far East prison Tilanqiao prison, the Far East Yue Paramount ballroom, Far East Sheshan Catholic Church and other churches Shanghai this created a mestizo city.With the development of the times, sundials gradually shift, when the concession has now become Shanghai’s most bustling commercial area.We constantly rewriting life, the same city are changing every day, in the past many have been transformed into today’s mainstream, the city trying to copy only the pursuit of speed overlooked features, when our lives are busy and full of the high-rise bridge when covered, these have long turned a blind eye, dull, then often expect to play some crossing.Those rustic nostalgic always make people slow down the pace of the times to feel the gap of baptism and stimulate.And what are the characteristics of the indigenous in Shanghai?I do not know, I know that it is still a few local elders heard of mouth.Old Shanghai specialties, in the diet, as the birthplace of Shanghai local cuisine Dexing Museum, Laozhengxing as well as in Shanghai Yuyuan old hotel, according to colleagues that there are only three authentic Shanghai in order to eat the local cuisine.Unfortunately, last year the leadership of the plant to stay in Jiuting Xianheng hotel Bai Yan, those thick red oil sauce dishes that are authentic local cuisine, ask the waiter to eat downstairs finish, she said softly, with a smile dish on the table Shanghainese are cottage version.While listening to unhappy, can not, not out of their own money, no right to speak.Until now I did not eat authentic local cuisine, I thought if someday you really want to leave Shanghai, and still did not eat the local cuisine be regrettable.    Shanghai, is so evocative of the city, Sun Yat-sen proposed Greater Shanghai Plan, it is estimated Shanghai now so large and old leaders also plan a little association.Remember, people around hours mention Shanghai, it is a city with a mysterious aura, when many people in Shanghai is a piece of my heart magnet too hot, take the time to personally Shanghai is a glorious thing in life.Now open, and all kinds of material civilization up, he walked into Shanghai is not a difficult task, but to their own lives is not easy to stay in Shanghai.I like Shanghai, but it’s real life and I did not have much relationship, so I always felt that Shanghai is just an inn, retirement is inevitable, but it makes me time Nanfennanshe.    July 28, 2013 in Shanghai Sheshan Industrial Park: