A survey of primary school fence

Fence, we see every day in the streets of every city, if not the store room, there is always a wall (or fence) of varying lengths.Gray, white, red, in addition to different colors, who found nothing to do research?One primary school students use the summer to do a serious investigation.She is the Xicheng District, Beijing Wang Temple sixth grade four classes of Jiang Yuchen.In 2011, Jiang Yuchen family moved to Beijing from Changsha.She was very fond of Beijing, but also found that Beijing’s air is not as good as home, home is not as trees and more.One day, she walked on Taiping Bridge Street home near the stadium in eight road on the west side of the fence covered with flowers on the street, was both cool and beautiful, but the east side of the road is long wall of white walls in the sun is very harsh.She thought, if there is also a nice green it.From this point feelings start.She began to pay attention to the roadside fence fence, found that most did not properly greening.She further thought, if every fence walls are green, and on Beijing’s air quality and the environment will benefit.So she decided to do a survey.Jiang Yuchen lucky, was a Beijing Xicheng Science and Technology Museum two teachers guidance and parental support.She bought a tape measure, borrowed rangefinder, measuring only alley downstairs from the provision, a street, a measurement up an alley.Spent nearly a month’s time, she finally to the Xidan area 2.30 within one square kilometer street, alley wall green fence all been measured.The result: no green fence fenced area of 17,400 square meters, has 5520 square meters of green.Green was 24.1%.What are the benefits of green walls?Under the guidance of a teacher, she has to borrow or buy a noise meter, hygrometer, compared measurements.For science, the measured data is recorded every 3?5 data, averaged to compare.Noise measurement data once every 5 seconds, taking the average of 100.The results showed that: green fence fence has a surface temperature lower 0.3 ℃?0.5 ℃, humidity is about 5% higher, noise reduction 2.3 db?3.9 db.What can kind of do?She checked the online information and “Beijing Flora” and found creeper, wisteria, climbing rose, hyacinth vine, honeysuckle and so more drought, cold, suitable for planting in Beijing.She also did a survey to residents, distributed 200 questionnaires.99% of the results were in favor of the green fence fence.It gave her a lot of ideas.Jiang Yuchen the survey reported her findings to the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Parks greening, has been fully affirmed.Next she also intends to put up a proposal by CPPCC members, Xicheng District.In this process, Jiang Yu exhibition to learn methods of scientific research, training a rigorous style, increase their knowledge, but also exercise their own will.Scorching sun, there have been several times tan she wanted to give up, but eventually persevered.These gains, in her lifetime will MAD.More importantly, she saw the problem, not the blame, not on the sidelines, instead of waiting, but promptly put their own efforts.Jiang Yuchen to Beijing only two years, the young master who says she is not yet in Beijing.