A super story

A super admitted to the Shenzhen Traffic Police!Soon, I was a work accident after the New Year but reasonable that the news.It dawned on me: No wonder there is a long time to come to our office no A super-DP is a mile.  Unit I is the Pearl River Delta, one township to the TV station, the main responsibility is taken broadcast news.One day, a black thin six months ago, of medium build, looks like a young twenties came to our office, very thoughtful and humble and greet us, saying that we sent several press releases for broadcast.Before the young man none of us have seen, after the conversation, we know he was recruited to the town just a unit of work, is responsible for aspects of the publicity work report.Young people not much hair on the forehead, so we can not help but think of such a thing: busy street not long grass, not long-haired wise head.This person is the A super.  Since then, A super Gesanchawu will come to our office, they sent us all kinds of press releases.A super of the ground, let those of us who work with news of their own can not help some shyly.Every time I come, as usual, will be A super attentive and very humble people of our office to say hello, and then took out the manuscript, invited us to look humble criticism.We also welcome, very honest express their opinions, whether praise is derogatory, A super always looked attentively at the comments of people, listen carefully, nodding his head as if to absorb do everything to ourselves useful things.  Perhaps because of similar experiences, perhaps because of similar thoughts, and I’m quite able to talk to A super.A super send the manuscript to, if time permits, we’ll chat together.A super told me that he is from Henan, twenty-five this year, graduated from Southwest University of Political Science, to work more than two years.I asked A super graduate to more than two years experience, A super told me that after graduation he found a lot of work, participated in several civil service exam, but are unhappy, can be described as being blocked, ups and downs, human well-being tasted the taste.A super I said, things in life, in all likelihood, if they work hard, and you have a clear conscience.  A few months later, that is the end of the year, we each have a lot of things to do, contact our A super was interrupted.Year after work, has no A super original feed, I feel a little strange: It’s not like A super style Yeah, did not he what had happened or they get a new job?A few days later, I came across A super colleague, asked: how not seen for so long over the Arab-Israeli?A super colleagues said: He was admitted to the Shenzhen Traffic Police, back home to the formalities.A super hear the good news, I’m glad I feel a little sorry: an enterprising young man has to leave the circle of my life.  I did not expect that, over a period of time, we went to Afghanistan over the office document feeder.It amazes me: You do not want to go to Shenzhen to work yet?A super said: notification, etc., and some mop-up work to do.After work, I asked A super informal dinner, they eat they talk, I know A super-graduation experience about more than two years: the beginning of school, getting a job A super do not have much to worry about, one of his young, two there is strength, where it can not find a bowl of food to eat!But let A super did not expect that, grim reality than he expected more, hit a lot of walls, but did not find work, once even survival difficult to maintain.In desperation, A super abandon the basic requirements of the job itself and decide to do a cosmetics salesman, running around during the day, shelter ten yuan shop at night, hard busy down, but only adequate food and clothing.Sleepless night, A super feel the same way as before the night confused.  A super adhere to the teeth, waiting for the opportunity of coming.Soon, Henan Province to recruit civil servants, went to sit A super confident, written test results came out, he ranked second.With such good results, when the civil service seems to be the iron nails, A super overjoyed, busy call good news to relatives and friends, we are also happy for A super.After the interview, however, drastic changes, because too much tension, poor A super performance in the interview, a total score fell to seventh from second straight, but the end result is: the admission of six people!So dramatic brutal facts, let A super tears, how much he was looking forward to this success, and that kind of opportunity is at hand!Time to go home, it was already rotten, in the heart of A super anxious, unsure of return, feeling mind than night also sink!  No matter how big blow, how much disappointment, life somehow continues under beggars, A super candidates went to a foreign company to invest in local work, very grand job: Assistant General Manager.But the work soon, A super find, in addition to this is a good thing do not do, what other things are doing business.A super conscience does not obliterate, fled in panic, but after a few days on.Subsequently, A super styled, when people who know the whereabouts of an internship for help, that person keen on the idea, after the no audio.A super cheek to her door, the man had become a passion with added frost sounded, the reluctance introduced a monthly salary of $ 200 to work A super.A super accepted, two hundred dollars two hundred yuan it can always be used for a few days of life.But only for a long time, A super and fled, faster than flying.He can not stand other people face cold.  In the northern hometown thwarted at every turn, looking south toward A super opportunity.The day is not better than the South, unsatisfactory work, the road ahead is unknown, smoldering trouble, no place to talk.One day, very boring A super annoying to go to the river Man fishing, contemplative occasion, several policemen walked in front, will not do temporary residence permits A super into the police car, just put something after the person questioned.A super cry wanted to laugh scold would like to ask: who fell from the mold to, really turbid water are Seya ah!  He faced a series of setbacks, after the initial A super depressed, more sink in the heart, before work harder line.Years ago, Shenzhen A super recruit police learned of the news, and then threw himself into the pro forma.Remarks that time, A Chaogang find a new job, he dedicated the day, busy preparing, reviewing and preparing tense night, reading to two in the morning, three are common, but still work on time the next day.After that hard work, a few months, finally got his wish A super.  A super understand the story, I have mixed feelings.Each of us in the journey of life, will encounter these and other people and things, during which an evil pregnant, there is pain there is music, there is insulting disregard, have successfully thwarted, and so forth.Carefully think about it, these are the norm.A super I said, in more than two years, you have so much experience and perception, in fact, it is a fortunate thing.People at a young age, experienced the lowest of life, the future could climb on the highest point, such as bow, bow to pull the more open, the more arrows may go away.Ah he said, the experience of the past few years just start to feel bitter, in retrospect is clear sky, and a chastened, he is now at ease a lot, matured a lot.  Wide sea diving, sky high the birds to fly.Today’s society has created the environment for the Maxima ride, as long as the hard work, not only forward, stepped on thorns, roses will reap smile.A super soon will go to Shenzhen to work, start a new life, I believe that his way will be wider and wider!