A sunny window

Taiwan mountaineering circles spread a story, a beautiful and sad story.    Legend has it that a young mountaineer, climbing once when accidentally dropped in the ice; decades later, his wife climb to that area, have been frozen the chance to find a husband for decades in glacier.The young man buried in the snow, also holds the appearance of his young age, and his wife in the earth because there is already a grow old temples Feishuang.    When I first heard this story, he shook up the entire chest, it is so short, so powerfully revealed who is in space and time, determined to be small, and there are just as many opportunities in dozens of coincidence years after the couple met in glacier.    Many years ago, a movie called “Lost Horizon”, there is no time and space, people lived a carefree happy life.One day, a young man lost in mountaineering, and broke into Lost Horizon, and fell in love with a beautiful girl in there; the girl longing for human love, young girls eager to take back to their own home, they despite everyone’s objections, across the Taniguchi horizon, through the snow and ice of the frozen earth, arduous journey before returning to earth; are not intended to turn back the moment the young, the girl is already a silver-haired, wrinkled, foot in the grave.The story then opened a sad ending in the elegant music and pure white snow.    Originally, the loss of life in the horizon of this love couple, their love is sincere, but also have the courage to create the future, why they can not have a happy ending it?Problems in time and space, a space-time flow at a constant in time and space, pulled away at the moment they met, and space, can not help but fall into a sad fog.    Recently, the Taipei premiere in the Novels “Peony Pavilion” adaptation of the stage play, read a few of my youth, “Peony Pavilion”, only that it is an ordinary love story, age longer, reread the novel, actually product a deep sense of helplessness.After decades of change, it is not just a woman for Love gone hua thousands of memories of girlhood, but after the sadness of the human circulation space and time can not be the.Time and space where the flow of irresistible, to actually make the final once the spring to make the old roots, flowers killed two people do not know.    ”Time” and “space” for the two road shuttle tapestry of life, their shuttle to come and go could be so heartless.    In Greek mythology, there is a hill immortal ageless immortals live, Yamaguchi has a large checkpoint, guarded this hurdle is the “god of time”, which the rheological time blocked in the mountains outside, so that those gods can eternal youth, may the sun and moon and mountains and the same immortal.    As we mortals, the gods did not like luck, looked up every day, stand and walk around to see the wall clock ticking hurried footsteps, even sitting on the balcony meditation, can also see the sunrise, moonset, the wind had star Shen, from far outward through the day.One day, we even encountered juvenile playmate, he found a few stems slightly gray hair, and our mood micro approaching middle age, the.One day, we suddenly found in the yard of lilac flowers, but a trip back, but the petals off the floor.One day, we see the old house before the house demolished, but before long, they built a new building.one day.We finally noticed, transfer the passage of time and space which is ruthless and overbearing, there is no room for negotiation.    Chinese folk fairy tales also often describe such a scenario, there is a man in by chance to the sky, or swim underwater, ten days after his return to earth, found Renshiquanfei, know what to do; because “day in heaven, earth a year “, he play a dozen large, the world has passed more than a decade, a decade of change in how great it?It can be as large as you return home, but can not find their own door, not recognize their loved ones.Zhizhang of “Returning Home” where it can express this feeling: “I left home boss back, no change mane bad accent; children meet strangers, asked the passengers where to laugh?”Decades away from home, you can even make it easy to potential host and guest!    Buddha said, “Hue is the magic, the world of impermanence” is really fathom the true time and space, let us see a bud will soon bloom, and soon have to tone it down a.    Author of “Water Margin,” the Shinai is a short passage in the book’s preface: “Every word Frankenstein, person A several-year-old earlier this.Several of her husband, while the plot of that.Today the plot in its year-old sort of?Preferably the sum of the NO?I have learned the past visible change off.If so restless, I books so far sentence, the sentence has been previously changed destroy disease, pain is also available.”(I often say to people ‘person A is now several years old’ surprised some, is piled up and you can save the meaning of, and now he’s at the age where it accumulates?You can count out?I have seen in the past disappeared completely changed not only the way I wrote this sentence, the sentence before the time has change soon disappear, this is the most painful.) It tells a great novelist sorrow of time and space.Ancient China’s great novel, as long as we pay attention, it is talking about almost all of time and space have a profound question, “Dream of Red Mansions,” the gentle bustling syphilis wealth, eventually went dead time and space to Water Margin “heroes Shigeyoshi commit suicide, Finally, the fate of desolation; “Three Kingdoms,” the big theme is “the world trend long period of division, together for a long time to divide”; “Golden Lotus” is a fantastic color and phase of the scattered off; “flowers in the mirror” is the water of the month, the mirror of the flower; “Strange” is the power of God ghosts, all is vanity; “the West Chamber” is emotional separated displaced; “Travels” is more obvious tells: “I’ve watched him rising up, he saw the building collapsed.”Our literature almost without exception, to say the people in time and space in the tiny, but no one depth discussion from this point of view, otherwise it will find Chinese folk thought, grading of time and space have a very sensitive sense of touch.Western proverb: “You have to always be happy, only to find pain inside.”Right way out of the space and time and the contradictions of life, when we feel happy, not always biased, nostalgia does not go, and ever is that boring stuff – this is on the edge of life from time to time make fun of our time and space.    Plato wrote a short poem two lines: You look at what star, my star?    I am willing to sky, to seeing many of you people can use how beautiful sentences, how to write beautiful novel of life, but we can not be the sky, the stars can not be eternal, only looking at the stars fade away sentimental part.    There are many happy memories of the past, with the old man wished he could meet again, wished he could stop queue for Love, in fact, it is distant horizon, it is Time is fleeting, even if really one day meet with old friends, and I feel like frozen in polar ice , can not help being shot in time and space and endless sad it!Modern Japanese poet Izumi Shikibu there is a well-known short poem: heart miss the people, saw fireflies on Ze, also suspected soul out of his body sleepwalking.    I like the mood of this poem, in particular, “Firefly,” a metaphor, we remember who it not a summer fireflies convulsively suddenly off, or in a dark sky to turn away, and even their own soul also sleepwalking can not keep up, time and space to really ruthless deep sentimental.