A sunny top spot

Shibusawa got into the top spot of chief manager.This is a great power, very many benefits of jobs, is known as a sunny top spot.However, he was in this position is very casual.The original manager Corey had called the clerk Hirakawa Paul died suddenly suffering from acute disease, discovered in doubt when he took over the books, in little time, actually has more than 280 million in false expenses.Shibusawa chief on as manager, of course, continue to pursue shoulder the responsibility Hirakawa Paul embezzlement of public funds, which in contact with Paul’s widow Hirakawa Hirakawa Sumiko had more, Sumiko every piteously to Shibusawa Hanyuanjiaoqu.The face of a beautiful young woman’s tears and flattery, Shibusawa actually move the heart again, this wild mandarin ducks to a remote tourist resort.After washing strike Thalasso, Sumiko interest big time, requirements and Shibusawa a photo taken together, as souvenirs.Shibusawa has always been careful, but he fail to beat Sumiko feelings, and taking into account that tourism is not an acquaintance, it agreed to the request of Sumiko.Who knows their group photo, the photo studio as a sample in tourism to display for a while.And just to be a classmate named Araki and severe when the school saw Shibusawa.Araki managed to reprint a photo, and then to her door.For the first time just a friendly talk kindly.The second on the vaguely talked about the photograph thing.The third is proposed to Shibusawa small favor: I borrowed a sum of money to the bank, that bank guarantee required, I think your company.Shibusawa flatly refused: The Company from the guarantor is not.That I knew.Araki said, I just want to ask you to open a company promissory notes lend me, I just want a bright light these promissory notes, the banks know that I have business dealings with your company, credit is not a problem.Shibusawa or Dodge: I do not have so much power.Araki confidently said: It is a matter within the issuing postdated checks chief manager of the terms of reference.Shibusawa because photo handle pinch in the hands of Araki, but also think of a promissory note to borrow little relationship, they agreed, but honestly care: Do not sell promissory notes.Things just decided, Shibusawa always feel uneasy, on cue, the next day Araki panic again, that goes promissory note has been taken to the bank as collateral, the bank actually received You can go after any transfer.If so, Shibusawa company will be losing a large sum, tracing up Shibusawa will be subject to severe punishment.Shibusawa angrily asked: how you can entrap me?I had no alternative, I assure you, I have overdrawn several million in the bank it, my days are also sad than you na!What should I do!Shibusawa discouraged.You come up with two million yuan to redeem the promissory note!Where am I going to raise this sum it?The chief manager of redundancy payments more than two million yuan it?This means Shibusawa will lose this chief manager of the sunny top spot.He would also like to struggle, but Araki said coldly: losses may bring a picture bigger than this it?Shibusawa nothing to say.Araki left, he drank stuffy wine meal, then stumbled up to Sumiko home.Sumiko is makeup, he met with warm hospitality, drunken Shibusawa lost its former grace, he looked at Sumiko nines think: If we had not shot goes damn picture, how would stir up so much calamity?He Yibalaguo Sumiko, his hands tightly grabbed her neck, spluttered: noxious, 2,000,000, noxious, 2 million!Sumiko have been tapped breathlessly, however, repeatedly shouting: fast to let go, I come up with two million yuan.How you have money?Sumiko break free from the hands of Shibusawa out, opened the safe and took out 200 million to the Shibusawa: My husband is Hirakawa Paul took more than 280 million, 2 million yuan will now give you the rest of the money, as my cost of living, but you these keys back to my house.Lost Sumiko, Shibusawa course was not without regret, but finally saved this chief manager of the sunny top spot.Unexpectedly, did not last long, general manager of the company passed to the Shibusawa, the Shibusawa of all secret things shake out.Originally, the general manager was a crafty person, although he put in the position of manager, chief Shibusawa on, but learned a lesson Paul Hirakawa corruption of Shibusawa every move is monitored, Shibusawa and Sumiko and cohabitation private issuing postdated checks things, he rests in the hands.But he still cited without hair, the aim should be investigated for corruption Hirakawa ensure that sum was now Shibusawa took 2 million yuan out of thin air to redeem promissory note taking, after tracing, Shibusawa can no longer deny.Chief manager of course, also substitutions.