A sum fire

In the past, Leshan spring door wharf, there is an old couple opened a teahouse.Kind-hearted old married couple, forming popularity.Just teahouse is located on the waterfront, with doors and windows and bad, winter, north wind blowing in, blowing people trembling.Because very few people drink tea, cold business, the old couple had ridiculed a full meal to pass the day.This year’s winter, came a monk, he did not drink tea, but according to the late arrival of the tea house to discuss a fireside seat, saying it was very cold.Good-hearted old married couple, dedicated to the monk burning fire pot roast.By the time of closing, the monks got up, do not leave, go straight to the river.A monk was about to leave, Father wait any longer, pulled the monk asked: Master, so late, this is where you go back ah?Monk does not speak, hand Gun Hill pointed across the river.A grandmother surprised.Said: this dark night, they received a crossing, past master how ah?Monk said: monk own way.Drifted away.The second night, the monk again.He took a piece of paper, paper drew a word.He said to an old married couple: a donor, I am now going to go out, thank you for your help.Pinseng write for you a web nave you hung it in this court room, the package you are no longer cold.After the monks left, the old couple skepticism that the word hang in the house.Oddly enough, not cold night.It turned out the light on the wall that became a pen word poker, shine.Breaking past the cold hut, even in the spring cozy.So, spring teahouse door fame, even the Sichuan opera singing team also moved to sit here playing friends to play a.For a time, patrons of friends to play sold-out, the old couple’s business boomed.People say: This rare ‘a’ word ah!To the beginning of winter frost, especially cold tender.Several days of heavy snow, icy Minjiang River, pedestrians can walk to the river from the ice.JiaZhou magistrate dare litigation forum cold during the day, night quilt cover three large teeth and beat shake.His wife said to him: an old married couple opened riverside teahouse, had a treasure, hanging on the wall shine, warm, such as raising.You as a parent county palace, why not ask them brought honor honor, so that his aging mother also sell light stick?The most henpecked magistrate, after listening to that dare not comply.The next morning with a group of runners came to the door spring tea.He looked a long time that the word of the wall of an old married couple say: open teahouse, the county recently lady cold, especially to lend you this’ a word used with.Next year you also dog days.Father begged the magistrate said: adults, the ‘a’ word is the sum of the fire, ah, this twelfth day, thanks to it to attract guests, adults if taken away, we intended to take off, with no way out way out ah!Magistrate laughed and said: Well it easier to handle.Wang year to sell the old lady fan inscriptions, business is booming, today the county personally write a hall for you, pack your patrons to his door.Said called followers brought pen and ink paper, brush brush to write four words at home.Father without hesitation, magistrate eyelid becomes angry and said: Bushitaiju villain, the county Liu single-handedly authentic body, are not as poor monk-like dog paw ‘a’ word it?Whether he would be willing to an old married couple, called runners took the word go.Poor old married couple on the night of broken tea incense.The magistrate had the word nave, treasure, when he handed his wife, also sold a while good.Nipped lady magistrate tickled to death, immediately ordered the maid hanging in the room.That night, in bed magistrate Liangkou Er, and really warm and cloud love rain means I do not know how happy.But did not sleep long, the couple felt heat up.Three quilt cover shall not cover two, two stand on a cover, a change also hot and blankets.Later, the blankets will not cover the simply do not cover.But still warm, had to move out of the summer sleeping mat, lying naked naked.While, on the mat and soaked with sweat.The magistrate said to his wife: Forget it, or go to the teahouse it, it seems a blessing we did not endure this fire.Magistrate wife look at that word, red flashing cute enough, how willing to take away, and quickly said: devil, you have to Shoubu I’ve had, a little hot is better than cold not good shake.Quickly get the fan to fan to hit his aging mother, cool off.Magistrate can not, only to find two large fan, everyone one, you are one, my one, kept fanning.Violently violently, magistrate wife goes as far as a fan of the bright red word fan burning the.Coax to cry, son washed from the flames ten feet tall.Blink of an eye, the room full of smoke and fire, kindled the fire.Shocked when they heard the magistrate channeling couple stumbled out of bed, wearing their pants too late, closed the door on Vulcan.Kochi is a corrupt, unpopular.Yamen fire, and all the people stand.They saw a dragon out of the flames, to fly to Gun Hill.The next day, people find a pair of men and women in the field of rubble have been burned.On the third day afternoon, the monk came to the door spring teahouse, and give a word nave.Since then, no longer dares ask this sum fire to an old married couple.So, people talking, saying that the monk must have been a big Buddha Gun Hill.I believe that everyone has a way to make the world a small step closer to a better.I believe one thing: you, is power.Watch horse weathervane side, the spread of horse style side views!