A successful man “coax wife” prescription

I played from the sea that day, his wife quit her job to do single-mindedly wife and mother, my business grew and grew higher and higher heart qi children, slowly found her not quite what I said she did not know what to think she did not understand, but her temper more and more irritable, while suspicion increasingly heavy, and once I was in a meeting, she kept a cell phone, I shut down, she hit the real plane this trouble and loneliness in yet it is unspeakable.I doubted their marriage, but there are concerns.After all, my wife and I have feelings for so many years through thick and thin.    Wife thought this is mainly because they are now all these years her world and my only son, and now the son of a boarding school, an affluent life, and the days are idle, lonely emptiness she inevitably cranky, long time psychology will naturally go wrong.    Next, I started a plan.His wife was a medical student, I was in a friend to open medical device company to get her the job of a salesman, first she refused to go, so that we can be afraid, I told her: you are already a successful wife and mother , but you can also do a successful woman.    The clerk has been working for almost a decade spent at home wife is indeed a challenge, not that hard, but also to deal with various kinds of people, it is inevitable that by the time people watch others face contempt.In those days she comes home every day, he said: quit, not people doing this job.However, the next morning I was still forced her to get up, watching her go out three times a day to call her encouragement: Do not be discouraged, try again the next one, chances are it negotiate!    I’ll never forget the scene to talk to his wife to go home at first pen list.She a door into my arms, straining patted my back loud cheers: negotiate, I negotiate!Haha her eyes sparkled, my body filled with an active vitality so happy my wife for a long time no see!Originally the home of lifeless atmosphere suddenly was activated I think she has gradually come to understand the thrill of working to bring people let them go, and I also infected her passion, work up the spirit of times, so that employees have asked me: Shen total recently What a happy event is not met?    Late last year, his wife got a considerable amount of commission, she invited me and my son use the money to play with a trip to Sanya.By the sea, his wife happily humming the song: Grandma’s Penghu Bay beach by the waves coconut sunset, she looked so beautiful and moving, that moment, I was really happy for her.    But this is not enough.University school of those things the wife has forgotten, out of date, so I gave her a reported English courses Foreign Language Institute, said that more and more foreigners in Beijing for her to master English in order to do business with them.    In order to arouse his wife’s interest in learning, I set a rule at home: every day after dinner is a time to say English, who say Chinese inattentive to fine doing sit-ups 20.To this end trouble a lot of jokes.One night his wife was on the toilet, suddenly heard the rain and wanted me to go to the balcony the clothes back, but the moment they can not think of what to say in English balcony, only called me in the past, he kept a finger balcony I froze for a long time before blurting: you want me to jump?Anxious wife of Chinese blurted out: stupid!The result, not only to her own clothes to go back, have obediently cook 20 sit-ups.Such several times, my wife and I not only improved the English also exercise the body, they do not do both.But his wife learn English is the biggest gain can communicate with many people, learning English are young, teach also all foreign teachers, she often interact with these people, a lot of eyes open minded nature, large the international situation small affair can discuss about it, and then like before day is full of short Li Zhang parents, bored people feel restless.    Later, I gave his wife bought a computer, taught her on the net, Oh, great, she do business with people on the Internet, learn how to cook the Internet, read the news online, make friends online, become a veritable geek.Have a friends wife also launched a campaign to pursue, but also poetry is flowers, really made me nervous for a while, his wife is very proud: Look, I’m still quite attractive bar!    To do business, learn English, the Internet, and friends, now his wife could be described as colorful, just before I have to go back a little later, she would be a person full of resentment at home, but now they called me and said she often: tonight I want to come back late, you eat out of it.As a result, I had more free time, and you can drink and chat with a few buddies children.    Now, my friends and I have what party or what activities the company will join with his wife, introduced her to everyone, his wife now becoming more and more beautiful, cheerful, clever, generous, and she really became my half of the sky, whether in life, career or spiritually.    Wife, 36-year-old birthday evening, we eat Western food, flowers and candlelight, music, wine in Rogers, in infection romantic atmosphere, I hold his wife’s hand and sincerely say: Thank you for all these years for me and the family to pay, although I rarely expressed, but I hope you understand: I love you.Wife suddenly froze, long before choking back tears to say one sentence: I should thank you for the care and thought.Has the world’s best husband, what does not satisfy?    When you enjoy travel to the cause of the sky, do not forget to also bring his wife to let her fly with you, to withstand wind and rain baptism, share magnificent world together.Marriage awe, with happiness Juanqimei, you’ll get double pleasure.