A Study in Scarlet

This morning, Holmes received a letter for help sheriff’s National Police Agency Gregson.The letter said, last night, Lauriston Gardens 3rd Street there was a murder.Site has a body of a man, dressed in his pocket with a business card, on which è · J · cone primary, Ohio people and so forth.After the scene, neither signs of robbery and did not find any evidence to explain the cause of death.Although the house several bloodstains, but no injuries on the deceased.This room windows and doors closed, long uninhabited.How to go and how the deceased died, police puzzled, he invited Holmes to solve the case.  Holmes read the letter, he invited Watson to go with the scene.  Stop, the driver, quick stop!When the carriage drove away from the scene of the accident there are about one hundred yards, Holmes insisted on getting off.Carriage had stopped, Holmes and Watson slowly away toward the garden walk Lauriston III.  Lauriston Gardens 3rd Street is the seat of an empty house, on three rows of windows facing the street close to the leasing of posts.There is a garden in front of the empty house, during thorn, separated from the house and the street.The middle of a small garden with yellow trail paved with clay and stone.Last night at a night of rain, muddy everywhere.  Holmes in no hurry into the house, he walked on the sidewalk, while watching the ground, while they stare at the sky and the house opposite, and Mucha on a low wall, as if thinking about what.  Then, Holmes still leisurely onto the garden path from grass beside the sidewalk.His head down, staring look at those messy footprints on the trail.  At this time, Gregson sheriff came from the house over there, he firmly hold Holmes’s hand, said excitedly: you come, it was very good, everything here is maintain the status quo.  Holmes simply ask about the case investigation Gregson few words later, he strode into the room, went straight to the location where the crime restaurant.The restaurant is a large square room, opposite the door there is a fireplace, stove end of the period stood red candle.The house is only a window, dimly lit.  Deceased lying on the floor, he looks forty three or four years old, of medium build, broad shoulders, black hair, a short beard hard; who wore thick black dress shirt and vest it, filled with white collar and cuffs, light-colored pants.Deceased fists clenched, arms stretched, legs folded, like a dying.Covered hat on the floor beside the dead.  Holmes went before the corpse, knelt down and concentrate on checking the.  You certainly do him no injuries?Holmes asked, gesturing to the surrounding blood.  Does not.Gregson replied..  Well, these must be the blood of another person, perhaps a murderer.Holmes spoke, he carefully examined by hand unbuttoned the dead.He leaned down, lips, nose sniffed the dead, and tilted his head and looked at the soles of the deceased patent leather boots.  Inspection is completed, Holmes said: You can send the bodies buried.  When the four stretcher-bearers lifted the corpse, a ring rolled from the dead body to the floor.  Gregson from the deceased to search some of the things to see Holmes, in addition to the ring, as well as a necklace, a few business cards and some change.There are also two letters was sent to my primary cone dead, another letter was addressed to Stan Johnson Festival.Meanwhile, still on the wall found a German text written in blood: rache.  Holmes very carefully measured the distance between the marks on the walls everywhere, and with a magnifying glass to the wall of a blood word letter by letter observed again, and picked a handful of gray dust from the ground and put in an envelope.  After Holmes asked the police found the body of the address of the first, before leaving, he turned and said to the people present: According to my observation analysis, this is a murder case.The murderer was a tall middle-aged man, wearing a pair of thick leather boots square head, his right hand nails long, smoked cigars in India.He is the victim and ride together to the wagon.  People looked at each other, revealing a skeptical look.  Then the murderer is murdered him what it means?Some of them asked..  Poisoned.Holmes categorically finished, the door strides, and then added back to, in the German, ‘rache’ is meant Revenge.  In the carriage, Watson asked Sherlock Holmes: how do you know the murderer and the victim is a ride in a carriage to get there?  Holmes replied: Once there, I would see the first signs prescribe wagon wheel beside the road along the stone.Since one week before the rain last night is sunny, so, leaving deep wheel tracks of the carriage must have been there last night to.  It appears to be very simple, Watson said, but the murderer’s height and how you know it?  A person’s height, most likely know from the length of his stride.I dust the house and on the Measure that distance in the individual pace of clay on the ground outside the house.Then I found a checking my calculations are correct way.Most people writing on the wall when it is natural to write in place and the line of sight parallel.Now writing on the wall just six feet off the ground.  That his age it?Watson then asked.  Well, if a person can effortlessly stride four feet and a half, he will never be an old man.The flower garden as wide corridor there is a puddle, he clearly be a step in the past, but it is taking a detour of patent leather boots, boots square head is from the top step of the past.What you do not understand it?  India fingernails and cigar it?Watson has demanded..  Wall word is dipped in the blood of a person with the index finger of writing.I have seen with a magnifying glass wall when writing some powder was scraped down.If this man nails trimmed, never like this.I also collected from the floor of some scattered ash, it’s very dark in color and is undulating, only India cigar ash is so.A competent detective will not let these minor details of the place.  When they were talking, a car unknowingly came to the entrance of the alley.Holmes found last night found the body of the police, who said he was to see this uninhabited house with lights only go in to see the.After the discovery of the body, shouting out companion when he met a tall drunk, drunk and describes the features.  The drunken man you met last night, is this mysterious case clues, and now we’re looking for him.It seems you missed the opportunity of soaring.Holmes said to the police.  On the way home, Holmes, Watson could not help but ask: police officer said the drunkard and features that you can imagine criminals coincided, but I do not understand why the return of the criminals it?  Ring, he is to come back to this thing.We can now take this ring as bait, so he hooked.Holmes confidently say.  So Holmes Designs Post a particular street finder ring lost property advertisement in a newspaper, read: Brixton Road, this morning between the White Hart pub and the Netherlands woods Lost gold wedding ring a.Who lost to please at the Dr. Watson Baker Street 221 b receive eight o’clock to nine o’clock tonight.  Unexpectedly, came to claim the ring was actually a bit old woman.After some conversation, Holmes hinted Watson returns the ring to her.  The old woman said many thanks, then later, the ring wrapped into his pocket, then went downstairs to drag.  She just left the door, Holmes immediately put on his coat, hurried to say: I want to follow her, she would take me to the perpetrators go.You do not sleep, waiting for me.  Approximately 12 o’clock at night, Holmes is back.Watson see from his face that he did not succeed.  Holmes told Watson that the old woman did not go out and walk, called a passing carriage.After seeing the old woman on the train, he also followed jumped into the rear carriage.  When approaching the destination, Holmes jumped off the wagon.Curiously, the coachman to stop the car, open the door, but no one do not know when the old woman had decamp.  Is that hobbled the old woman can escape hidden from you and the driver in driving the process it fled jumping?Watson asked in surprise.  Holmes said seriously: the two of us it is an old woman, people actually suffered such a lie.He must be a competent young man, was a great actor, I’m not prepared to take, jumping slipped away.  The next day dinner, Watson was heard a messy heard footsteps on the stairs and hallway.  Holmes said: This is the Baker Street detective team squad.Voice hardly ever saw six at street urchin rushed in.  It turned out that Holmes had instructions to Wiggins group of children led by snooping around news, they had come to the complex life.Holmes reward them a shilling apiece, they in turn sent out.  Soon after, Holmes received the message, found in Section Stan Johnson had been stabbed in the heart and died, his money punctuality, his face was written in blood on a rache in a small hotel, the bed had a little box, there are two pills.Came to the scene, Holmes said this is the primary cause of death cone poison, he brought water to dissolve after a dog eat dog died immediately dead.Holmes said that according to field observations, research and comprehensive analysis of the situation in Scarlet, he already knows who the killer is.