A story about faith: a receipt on a napkin

A story about faith: receipt paper / Egypt last night, more than 10 points on a napkin, I received a phone call.A strange man, complained pull hook recruitment storm-week business registration and the bad end.  This is what I since 16:00 yesterday received the first 586 (in fact, this figure is I hashed) phone to complain, I apologize hundreds of times on the phone, and teach him to use us yesterday that maze of H5 registration interface.  Finally, he blurting: Ira You do not remember me?Two years ago we talked.  Two years ago?His aging mother or a sister two years ago it Meng?  Yes.Phone there said.It looks like the end of December.  The end of December two years ago, I was alone, Delong three poorest happy when.At that time cafe in Suzhou Street in a small Menlian.I, it is the toilet stench of our first coffeehouse now the most profound memories, on time all the way down the table leg stool legs to climb out every day at 2:00.  At that time, business is very bad.I remember one time a month, we received the brightest entrepreneurs come to chat in a cafe, but nothing seemed undisciplined.The stench in the toilet when the cafe claws, the three of us would rush to the door from where the guests sit less smelly seat.  We feel that the cafe will go bankrupt in the next second.So we are looking for all kinds of poor happy before bankruptcy.We will talk about a variety of ideas a stroll along the Suzhou Street aimlessly afternoon.Remember again to the point of the meal, the three of us and the only brother went to Beijing University cafeteria to eat, and then in the elevator and somehow people did a.  At the university after the fight back to the cafe is already 19 o’clock.Maldron lying on the coffee table playing with the phone, that time he was particularly vulnerable to silence.Just angry, blame his brother should not have been a fight, the other side to buy him back from the US Tiffany chains pulling away.I forgot my time doing, it should be nagging them why men fight.  Then, the hero of this article suddenly played.Lanky, greasy hair.About thirty years old look.We started nobody noticed him.This store will have many of the guests to dress up every day.Anyway, coffee shop are young people coming and going every day this dress.  The man asked me: do you know Xu Xiaoping?He probably thought I was the middle of three relatively Mianshan.  2012, when Xu has been a God entrepreneurial circles.Almost everyone in the cafe are looking for Xu.With a northeast cavity, the cavity Hunan, Sichuan and Mandarin chamber, asking everyone you know do Xu?  Most of the time we have, we will direct disregard.But perhaps just after the fight, bad taste will come up.I scrape up.  We all know, ah, why do you find Xu?I smile blossoming, I intend to take liberties with this little brother.  The man said he had a project, looking for Xu to invest.  What is his specific project, I remember very much, because it is the kind of sounds like holding a high hit, totally irrelevant thing.  Men’s loud, but has been playing with the phone attracted a Delong.He also joined brother molested game.  Xu We know, ah, can introduce to you.But you have to give us a referral fee.Delong stroked down his bald head, joked men.  how much is it?The man asked.  The more he seriously, I meet the more bad taste.Now give me 1000 dollars, I’ll arrange for you to talk to the teacher and Xu.I look like a fair trade.(Of course, is just kidding) man said, I really have no money, and this week I have been overnight at McDonald’s.  I just saw a bad taste and the Madelung.He turned away.  This game probably molested play 10 minutes.We have been bargaining and men.From the press identity card to work in the cafe to get top wages.Two cafes next second would probably collapse entrepreneur, I do not know molesting a tough business, eager to jump into the cannon fodder.  Finally, the man suddenly from carry plastic folder, out of a real estate license.More than 70 square meters of houses, where I remember it was the property of Hangzhou.When I met with Xu Xiaoping, the economy improves, and give you the money to redeem the real estate license.You gave me a receipt.  Maldron said okay, he put his side into the real estate license, and then to write a receipt to the man on a napkin at hand.The man looked at him a look of surprise.  I almost laughed out loud.  Just could not stand.He came back to the real estate license man, told him: Xu schedule is very tight, I can not help you about him.You can talk to me talk about the project.  Men look of disappointment.  I was in bad taste and Maldron own due to extreme boredom generated some guilt.Delong said the investment before you get to the office cafe bar, not a single point, I asked the attendant to provide you Whitewater.I put my own phone number to him.My name is Ella, have the opportunity to patronize each other.  Later, he came back occasionally Cafe.Sometimes we see, will greet.  This silly game, but we have that for two months, the most difficult, most disappeared when done one thing all kinds of absurd.Soon, even the three of us have forgotten their own.  Cafe next second will go bankrupt situation, it has been extended to the end of 2012.  Later, we did pull hook net, by the end of 2013, and a chat with friends, when suddenly talking about just that afternoon, we kick down the frame, take liberties with a new friend in bad taste.  Just say, in fact, helped him to this strange man came out from extreme hardship and confusion.Just say some people for their own belief, no matter how fantasy belief in the eyes of others, but he put his entire net worth pressed in.I think that was the case three of us, although difficult, is still better than this man’s thing.  When alone so calmly and stories, I sat next to suddenly began to sob.Not because that period of time is particularly difficult and boring, nor is it because the thought was to make fun of his own lanky man feels guilty.Difficult and guilt will not let me cry.Instead, just a word, our hidden at the time doing nothing but despair to point out laughing.  I suddenly understood that time, why banlon special silence.Daughter just born, his wife full-time housewife doing, how much life stress ah.  A difficult start and despair, in fact, is a toxin, this toxin so that we did not mind not liver, Hardy to die laughing.We will even take liberties with other equally beleaguered entrepreneurs.  But thanks to this we were sarcastic and molestation.He is a real estate license just come out of the moment, I suddenly understood, everything on it, and in the end what it means.Although I did not say it.  The friend, a look of dismay, looking at the three of us.But after three seconds, he believed the story.Over the past few years, many of my friends on the streets of entrepreneurship, have encountered similar helpless entrepreneurs.In addition to their faith, almost nothing.This group of large and lonely.  Later on, pull hook nets bigger and bigger.Is precisely the pull hook net, lanky man let us make fun of the year is through recruitment week this storm pull hook nets, re-found my.  He is now a small business, with a dozen brothers, began doing their own good at the O2O business, he wanted to recruit people to expand the ranks.  I do not know how he from an overnight at McDonald’s, up to today’s.I do not know how he later forgave us bad taste in the afternoon.I believe that he does not know, in fact, precisely because of his serious and decisive, gently stimulated only three of us waiting bankrupt.  I hope we will become good friends.I hope that this planet is in trouble all the dreamers become friends.Then, we make fun of each other, and support each other, everyone is tough and not despair, weary but not lonely.