A star fall

Early autumn night in mid-1979, the County Cultural Palace stadium lights, the East team at the top of the men’s basketball team headquarters and gold men’s basketball team, engaged in a wonderful friendship Cup championship game, the stands filled before the court fans to watch.Gold on the other side of the court is particularly active in cheerleading basketball game, it was all those Shiba Jiu, big girl early twenties, the lead is mine rose red flower sister, 22-year-old, she was seven meters tall, well-developed limbs , physically robust, willow waist, chest is soaring, Apple face, shoulder-length hair, eyes like bells, talk like a gong, bold and forceful, is the famous Sai Jinhua, no matter which party goals, he always reported with warm applause and cheers, cheerleaders who have followed her command, the excitement, active.  Basketball troops fifth, one meter tall ninety-five very handsome, he called Guo Renyi, 23 years old, Shandong Yanggu County, because it is the hometown of Wu, Guo people called him brother, he was quick vigorous action, accurate shooting, won the fans fancied a few games down, cheerleading girls, in love with him, whenever he score a goal, rose red lead shouted: AA I love you, I love you brother Guo.Game atmosphere is very warm.  End of the game, where the team Guo brother to win the Friendship Cup, Rose Red jumped on the podium, Guo brother gave a deep kiss, her phone number written inside to photograph Guo brother , from that time on, rugged path, flowers left the shadow of the men and women under the moon.  Not far from the barracks of a piece of land covered with tall corn, lush foliage, it is a good place for their love tryst, from time to time heard bursts of laughter flirting waves, after several meetings, they love upgrade the.  8 18 afternoon, rose red handle with thick corn when set piles, bending Bottom, Guo brother standing practice, revealing a red rose in the joy of chatter: you are so flexible on the pitch, into so powerful and accurate ball, people looked cheering for you, so fun, so you do it but you are so clumsy, that Aura gone?  Guo brother Han Han smile: I’m sorry, I was for the first time, do not understand the rules, please forgive me.Kicking up clouds of red roses aloud: joke to tell you, I have been very enjoyable, and thank you for your efforts.Something complete, the two broke up reluctantly, rose evacuated from the north end, Guo brother detour from the south end, return to barracks.  When approaching the edge of a red rose, two encounter a thief in the corn, a bag house filled with a whole bundle of yuan.Seeing red rose, not a good thing, she turned and walked to the side direction, a man took a bunch of money to catch up: big sister, do not go and meet up points by half, to give you a bunch of frightened pressure pressure.  Do not, nothing, reap.Red Rose said while walking, never looking back.The man rushed to the money with care in the bottom of the dagger, according to her is back several times, rose crashed down in a pool of blood, the man rose red pants cut open with a knife, a roll of RMB beeped her lower body, the two men fled the scene carrying stolen money.  The next day, holding a shotgun shooting rabbits inside edge of the old man found the bodies of red roses, report to the police, the county public security bureau rushed to the scene, were detected.Soon confirmed that the deceased was gold rose red, died between four and five o’clock in the afternoon yesterday, know her little sister, where she and force the fifth men’s basketball Guo brother is in love, and from the army informed that this Guo brother no time in barracks, have committed crimes, after extraction on Guo brother’s shoes and high-heeled shoes dead end with the same soil, and later through DNA testing of semen is the lower body of the deceased brother of Guo.After hearings, Guo confessed brother had sexual relations at half past four and rose red, identified the sex scene, but he denies killing Rose Red.  When the scene could not find other clues, investigators identified as Guo brother as a person, Daxing wait, torture, forced admissions, sentenced to death row, then twice Guo brother of Appeal, the High Court for lack of evidence commuted to an indefinite period imprisonment, a playground shook star disappeared from.  Three years later, with gold theft burglary murder successfully solved the case, the perpetrators confessed fall of 1979, August 18 afternoon and saw the killing of women spoils in a cornfield, court rehearing Guo brother rape and murder, that it is the love Shun rape, sentenced acquitted, but Guo brother’s body has been severely deformed, the passage of time, a train potential basketball star has fallen forever.