How to break the curse of the courier industry? Soaring labor costs, gross margin decline

  A courier company in the Wuqing District of Tianjin warehouse, staff are picking Express package。
Newspaper reporter Wang Weiwei photo express industry how to break the curse?  "No one at home during the day, express little brother wrapped on the left below the fire hydrant, causing no sign, express mail is lost!"" When express delivery of some high-end residential, office buildings inconvenient to enter。
Contact recipient, nobody answered the phone always, cause a piece to send several times。
"……Two of the country this year, not only to 'promote the healthy development of online shopping courier' for five consecutive years has been written into the government work report。 Moreover, with the courier related to green packaging, end delivery, courier rights protection, have become a hot topic on behalf of members of concern。   Since 2007, China's express delivery industry, from small to large, rapid development, in mid-2017 National Express business volume over 40 billion, an annual increase of 42% a decade。
Our express business volume has been ranked first in the world for four consecutive years, package delivery exceeds the United States, Japan, Europe and other developed economies, to play a positive role in global growth。
  However, to join in the extensive expansion, the express delivery industry has been plagued by deep price war。 While its rapid development, has entered the era of meager profit, profit only 5%。 In this background, a lot of money courier franchisee not vote, resulting in a decline in the quality of service, creating a vicious cycle。
How to crack the "low profits, the price is difficult," the Word spell, so the courier industry healthy and orderly development of benign?Become a problem。
  Labor costs soared into the fast-growing express pain points, China's express delivery industry, mainly rely on online shopping era of flourishing。
  Spring Festival holiday has just passed, pass and rhyme have announced price increases in the industry caused no small shock, many consumers also expressed concern。 Reporters recently consulting the main city of Chongqing, a number of outlets through courier learned that many outlets have not received notice of price increases。 Yubei District, a network staff, said the new price for the field every single piece $ 12, up 2 yuan。
And rhyme delivery part of the network have been marked, the field member per unit rose 2 million, up local member 1 yuan per unit。
  In fact, as early as last year's "two-eleven" before, through courier and rhyme of the courier took the lead given price plan。
In the price announcement, pass and rhyme have mentioned reason, "labor costs to enhance the"。 How does the actual situation?Reporters learned from the Yuzhong District is located in the company through a network to join learned here couriers average wage last year 4500 yuan from top to bottom this year in general are more than 6000 yuan, but also very difficult to find staff。
Yuantong express a network official told reporters, couriers wages rose to 1,000 yuan per month this year, up almost 20%。   It is understood, express delivery companies a strong impulse from the cost price pressures。 For some time, manpower, storage, transportation and other logistics industry costs continue to rise。
These costs, labor costs is the largest, rose quickly。 Not only that, the logistics industry is a long-term problem of recruitment difficulties。
After the Spring Festival this year, many courier companies do not come to recruit, in order to encourage staff posts, many express courier network to play a raise, plus benefits signs: for example, provoke a new courier, introducer will reward 400 yuan, but also outlets played a monthly salary of 15,000 yuan notices。
  And in the pass and rhyme Dati to the "raw material prices", it is clear that the price of a carton。 By rising raw material prices, supply reduction, and other effects of environmental regulation, such as the recent corrugated packaging paper prices rose more than doubled, and therefore the price of a carton prices?Per month。   According to data provided by Zhuo record information, in 2017 the national average price of 4072 yuan corrugated / ton, up 51% over the previous year of 2697 yuan / ton。
Had electricity supplier companies said, affected by a single corrugated carton prices rose by 15%?25%。   According to the last three years the whole of society express delivery business volume and revenue estimates, within the city express Yuan / piece, off-site delivery to the territory yuan / piece, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions courier yuan / piece, the international courier yuan / piece。
Domestic express delivery business to improve the proportion of three percentage points, reaching%; and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions and international express delivery business to reduce the proportion%。
According to estimates of the express delivery business unit price point of view, as a high proportion of foreign express delivery products continued to decrease, while the proportion of low-cost business continues to improve, express delivery companies in the profitability decline。
  Chongqing, a courier company official told reporters, the price is the price lever, is a means of regulating the flow of the market before the peak season。
Bulletin issued by corporate headquarters, mainly want to convey a message to the market, understanding customer needs。 Currently prices are to join the system in the form of business, what do not rise up, up the number, the network according to their operating costs, market competition independent pricing。   Courier industry gross margin fell from 30% to 5% "Area where I had wanted to express outlets prices, the result of the same company next door area network know immediately advised me to go to his courier delivery。 The final price is that we have to give up。 "During the interview, Chongqing, a Taobao store executives admitted to reporters, 'price war' between different companies, not to mention, is the same city, the same company in different regions of franchisee, he will be here in poaching over customers。
  For Taobao store, the tact, Shen Tong, Tong and rhyme in the quality of service, and there is not much difference, the key is to see who's low price。
"If there is a price increase, we will not hesitate to go to another。 "Taobao store Chongqing Wang told reporters。
  It is understood that, in the labor force, venue rental and other cost elements rising delivery, express delivery Lanshou oversupply on the market, the express delivery industry is very competitive。
With the main competition means lower prices, express delivery service for many years remain the same or even lower price, express delivery companies rely on "price change" the "price war" way to grab market share, although to achieve the double growth in business volume and income, but to some extent, squeezed corporate profit margins。
  Data show that from 2007-2017 Annual domestic courier industry average unit price fell 28 yuan from 13 yuan。
According to CICC data show, due to intense competition, the courier industry gross margin has fallen from 30% in 2007 to the current 5%。
  How to reconcile the "rising costs, price increases difficult" contradictions?  Industry sources have told reporters that the general courier fees will not exceed 10% of the price of goods。 If higher than this standard, consumers will feel is not worth while buying the next selection line。 Therefore, Taobao customer unit became one of the key factors express industry pricing。   At present, the express delivery industry, the basic fee in two grades: "Stone one up" is a file, cheaper; SF and Post is a file, the price higher。 Under price-driven, most sellers are currently using the "Stone one up", while the lowest price is the choice of tact。 It is understood that if the consumer is not specified, the default choice tact Taobao。   However, due to low pricing, courier commission also low。
According to the survey, "Stone one of" couriers, each send a parcel, they can only make a few cents, SF courier then earn 1 yuan。   China Logistics Association, said special researcher Yang Daqing, around the Department of express delivery companies about 80% of orders from Ali electronic business platform, influenced by the electronic business platform。 Electronic business platform is "access system" Express survival soil, poor soil or not the decision "access system" can thrive。   According to the reporter, the domestic express delivery service industry threshold is low, and less product variety, homogeneity is serious。
In recent years, courier diversified market, fierce competition, especially for lower priced e-commerce rely on strong。
So format the courier service business-to-business platform bargaining power of relegated to vulnerable, low-price competition intensified disorderly。
Under the weight of electricity supplier slowdown, "price is equal to court death", companies will lose orders; without lifting prices, the high cost of making it difficult to digest。   "Industry price itself is not high, has long been suppressed for a long time, always wanted to prices。 "Chongqing logistics industry veteran Shidai Bo told reporters that two years ago, express delivery industry also has set off a price increase of public opinion, but the market rebounded larger, eventually terminated the test water。 But as the market stabilized, we have listed several leading courier companies, industry concentration to further enhance the bargaining power on the rise。
"2018 will be the industry reshuffle or years, you can create a good foundation for quality and market environment for the industry through price adjustment。
"Some industry insiders believe that the government should strengthen supervision, Strict transport safety, quality of service, express delivery industry Forced improve management, hard skills。 In addition, the behavior should be investigated and dealt with below cost cut-throat competition, such as price-fixing cartel law。 It should also provide support in terms of technology investment, industrial land, financing, personnel training, to help companies achieve the transformation and upgrading。