A spoke this life, this love an idea off

Always dreamed of can open a coffee shop in a place near the water, no swagger, no bustle.There are some old, some of the thin, slack business, even forgotten, these are not important.As long as there is so, then a guest, in the lazy afternoon sun, a person would love to inadvertently.So let me say sorry for forgetting personnel heard, from Enron corner, undisturbed.- Wen: I think you fence off the sparsely future there will be a bright future, and I only hope that when you think of me, there is a touch of mouth can laugh, I will be satisfied.Should lifetime we will meet again, I hope that time we are all alone.So, then no matter how old we are, how much gray hair, the teeth out of the number of stars, I will have the courage to gently take your hand.    Many times two people sitting so quietly, surrounded by dead silence, I suddenly began to understand that such a dull, doomed love we have dissipated over time, is not because of time together too long, has no sense of ear heat heartbeat had been unable to find the original words of romance?Now, I really want to forget the original happiness, love and hate entangled, love and resentment are intertwined, really want to write off, no longer have to tie him down.Looking back, found himself in the mirror gaunt, came to understand a truth: that will not hurt people, I do not feel the parting is suffering, so I was the only person ever silly moths to a flame, will it be enough trails torment.    There is a trace of nostalgia, there is a trace of care, but the vicissitudes of life, but only a moment away, had a chance to tell their thin, edge has Jinmie.Perhaps the origin of everything is just a chance, and we in the earth pass, turned and want to, when to seize the share edge, only to find it had disappeared trail.Fate this thing, a wind unpredictable, the bustling place, at the time of desolation, unexpected.The event to see, is a blessing, but not the event is missed.Everything is not seeking, go with the flow, and nothing more.Serenely indifferent, perhaps it is the best state of mind.    At once full of happiness, we will always be that one coming ever touched.That is, short of a concern, one I think of you, let that uneasy experience to comfort.Do not need another location such as navigation-like position, just need to tell you when I’m busy, you remember when idle, is enough.Time did not let me forget you, but I think you get used to.Miss become a habit, care can become a habit, a habit understanding, tolerance may also become a habit, reluctantly becomes a habit, heartache can also become a habit, everyone is for himself and habits I do not know accustomed to the habit of love or companionship, sometimes hard to tell because after love or love to get used to get used to, care, tolerance, heartache, I do not know because of you or because of his habit and habits.    A man quietly sipping vicissitudes, sad words, haggard I had a clear contour, a sheet of paper filled with words of sadness, I was tired after the rest of helplessness and despair.Originally we move forward together, through thick and thin, but very often strangers, eyes are covered with a sad way, but the hearts of love such as Oasis as you pass by my world, but I can not wait for a v. Zhongchang.    Year in January, down toward the DPRK since, long Red, walking in the pool this earthly city, between the fingers of those lost in the pale wash of passing time.Used to be so hard to find those who have, and those memories are watered down time, also always want to ingest a little meager in memory of those remaining in warmth.But, time slip their path, leaving with sadness or of Spring.Bliss presumably it is true, Bliss inside skelter, goodbye and gone, ultimately just a wisp of smoke.    Those in the past gone, not to look back, nor is it to oblivion, just as a simple existence, not to care who had come before, who had gone, although only rub shoulders moment, will not be staying lifetime.Things slim, vaguely year old dream, already turned into innumerable Fallen flowers.    Run to miss an acacia flowers, sometimes a vein deep feeling of hopeless waiting, sometimes that is missing man, his face showing a trace of a satisfied smile so simple, shallow.After the road, perhaps very long, I can not predict my own future, I can not feel myself tomorrow.    I leave you in order to watch a person forever, probably will be very lonely, but when alone become a habit, the habit I did not have to consider the next time a starting point, even upset, even if there is no one to accompany, I will go remains firm!To feel I’m a wonderful person, a person I forever.    Ray of sunshine through the afternoon, I bathed in the sun sinking restless heart, to hear the voice of flowers.Only wish the simple four seasons, the wear Su Yi coarse and dull a person, grow old, bald Meet.A spoke this life, this love an idea off.    Fences sparsely QQ: 766314719.[Murdoch] [fireworks unbearable cut all the way terraced rice paddies, a falling】 anthology published, as well as numerous literary friends of the collection of this “fleeting whisper” [Collected Works need to buy a friend, please contact my QQ]