A special love letter

Willow is a magazine editor, in charge of the love story column, she had read all kinds of love stories, and her love story has not yet begun.Is not nobody pursue, but she wanted to have a love story of the beginning of the special.  That day, willow see the manuscript tired, I put down the manuscript, began to fantasize about love.Unconsciously, she thought a few days ago on a business trip, the boy met on the train.  At that time, Willow found a boy on the opposite side sleeper hold a series of her magazine, asked what his favorite columns.The boys thought, said, love story, there’s a love story, each one is so wonderful, so touching.Willow heard this, my heart a happy, exposed bottom.She told the boys, she is the editor of this magazine, this column is the love story she is responsible for the.  Wow!I met an editor, so lucky.I’ve never been up close and edited it.Boys excited, both soon to talk in full swing.Later, the boys want to get off, feeling willow actually some very fond memories, she wanted the boys to leave the phone number, but not the nerve to finally open.  I kept thinking, willow increasingly found that the boy is indeed very pleasant, she can not help but regret.Oh Willow sighed, and began to look at the manuscript.The next one love story, let’s face lit willow.Content of the story is probably as follows: a boy on the train, found on the opposite bunk edit a girl much like a magazine.He cast the manuscript to this magazine, and seen the photo editor at the magazine’s website.The boys want to edit and share what face to face, but was worried about mistaken identity, he took out a magazine, this magazine, succeeded in attracting the attention of the opposite girl.Girl soon became apparent that his identity.The boys did not say that he is the author, only the identity of a reader, and as an editor of the girl talked happily.Later, the boys get off, he found he liked this girl, but do not know the girl’s attitude, so I do not know how to do.  The story I write to you, the author did not continue, but to write such a passage: Dear editor willow, the next part of the story, I do not know how to write.Can you help me finish it?  Watching this unfinished manuscript, willow heart like drinking sweet as honey.She secretly thought: This is the most special love letter I received, my love story, from the start here