A spanking chicken

My dad downstairs do not know when they moved to a less agile legs and feet of the old man, he rarely greeted with people every day to drag an old deck chairs under the shade, next to them a teapot, helped himself hungry buy twenty-two buns, out of a day or two, it is estimated camped used to, at first glance do not adapt to live in the building.Later, the uncle did not know what did you get to play a chicken, neutral looks special, especially due to mouth and saw a child just learning to walk chasing people peck, uncle limped behind stalk branches tossed shout, thrust on it will be wrestled to the ground, like a thief caught with.Many days go, go, that chicken has been blossoming into Tate’s husband, and a hair can see it across the body of sinew meat, with Sampras like there are a few hair also total closure on the neck with a much like.Wings significant degradation, to whom I stick with a half-like, short and thick, a walk on the shoulder end.This chicken burly like a sugar triangle, no tutor, as long as it wants to crow, pull the neck and called, never regardless of dawn does not shine.Grandfather talk every day with the chicken, sugar triangle standing next to him, seldom far away, unlike those poultry uneducated, come out the trash or molested Diao ants, which eat human food.What the old man to eat, something to throw to the ground it is enough to eat.Sometimes sugar triangle made temper, picky eaters, the old man can not cure it?Chicken necks to catch a surprise turn it wrestled to the ground.Uncle on this trick, enough for a lifetime.Bel sugar triangle under him, last as long as an owner of Nu Sheng scold, immediately lying on the ground, you do not have hands, people lying down to eat their own crooked neck, Grandpa is not the speaker, it can not stand up.Sugar triangle lying to eat into a scene, often with children begged uncle to let chickens lay down.Sugar triangle also blame bad luck, sometimes hot day to lie on the ground for half an hour, taking into account the performances had pretended to be dead, they can close their eyes half closed.Start all very fond of sugar triangle, because it looks really not very popular, and confident, you look at it, you look at it, it is estimated to strike up a conversation with people talking early on.It has never glanced errors eye dogs, in its eyes that are some small fry, anyone who dares to pee on its site so did not rule shit, sugar triangular wings shaking violently call within five short stature on the washed up, take myself as big Eagles, and the dogs were scared to walk around the building door.One day, I went to my dad there to get something, and one in the funeral, a large canvas support from the shed after seeing our floor, Pengwai stood two stone baidunzi, most strange thing is a big arrayed on each baidunzi cock, looks almost triangular related to sugar, it absolutely must not move in chickens, with sculpture-like, I wonder what this has done too well that the specimen.Our mouth floor, just to see uncle dragged loungers to go out, I helped him put a good chair branch, no words accosted Q: sugar triangle (the nickname I gave the chicken has spread in the community) which went crazy?Grandpa said: former House do not have a funeral, the lent to wake up.I heard, sugar triangle now OK, ah, have to go on the road signing.Taking advantage of novelty, I ran a wreath in front of people went to see the sugar triangle.That children do not look around, I Zhi Zhizhi shout it for a long time it is not reasonable, it is both paws two ropes fixed in stone.Really dedicated ah, it was estimated that sobbing cry it can kneel, movie actor Pizi.Probably because well-informed, sugar triangle began to self-expansion, the pendulum is not correct position, often when people take their own.It is the way to go, followed by bicycle, car horn shake bells useless, sugar white triangle back at you, then go and never step aside.Takes a group of people are confused in the back of a chicken, but it looks especially your eyes spanking.Estimate is the prototype class is also a bully, a fat trace dragon painting phoenix.These days more than a sugar triangle problems, do not pay attention to see the old lady dressed to chase after people suck back heel, which makes those old woman called Ya Ya side while jumping, sugar triangle just behind the wings proudly yell.Those old lady dresses body spray a little perfume, his face creases more than I miss it grandmother, aesthetic seriously flawed.There are insane in front of the children to sprinkle over the sugar triangle rat poison, sugar triangle is eating rice grown grains child can see on those colorful stick?These days do not even eat rat.Some people want to take it to a brick shot dead chicken, but the sugar triangle of intelligence in addition to not speak, have in mind what you can not catch it.Sugar Triangle are still spare time to show the neighbors pretended to be dead and lying down to eat unique skills, their eyes still so spanking.