A “sound” of love

That evening after work, Xiao Hong tired lying in bed, it may soon be a burst of strange noise startled to sleep totally disappeared.The voice seems to be a mighty force in the Pentium, roaring, mingled with the sound of fighting equipment, she painfully ear plug.  This day has lasted more than a month, ever since he moved to this house, Xiao Hong’s ears often hear all kinds of strange sounds, and sometimes a tsunami, sometimes sharp, sometimes affectionate man call first, she doubted she had tinnitus, but as long as she stuffed his ears, the sound disappears, it is certainly not tinnitus.  Xiao Hong tears, a week before she was to find new jobs.Before she had put all the money to pay the rent for six months, and also borrowed two hundred dollars to maintain the life of a friend, eating instant noodles to survive on a daily basis.Can absolutely did not expect, the election just rented the house for a long time, turned out to be a haunted house.She wanted to surrender, the landlord can not agree, and rebuked her nonsense, where there will be a ghost world?To fall back, the money will not be returned to her, after all, had signed a rental contract, there is no justification for the suspension of the party to the contract to compensate liquidated damages, any reason to count ah ghost house?Xiao Hong had to endure living in this broken house, broken bike ride bicycles to go to work every day.  Xiao Hong have their ears with cotton group, the result was afflicted ear pain well.Those may sound elusive, often do not know when suddenly sounded.The results will not be long, she will pull out of the cotton group threw.  Hong Xiao Shou Wu was a bit of a limp, felt faint voice that seems to have gone, so she let go of his hand, and sure enough, that the sound of a mighty force of the Pentium and slowly stopped down, pale to the point of not going.But she did not expect that, if one cries in the wilderness of empty leisurely, followed by passing her ear: Xiao Hong, I love you.!  Sound very affectionate, chilling, with her an indefinable Road, unknown taste, great accuracy reached the ears of Xiao Hong, shocked her in an instant.Ever, the first time such a shock to hear the cries of the soul, she accumulated over the years in the bitterness of my soul, the sound is too badly to cry!  Since then, Xiao Hong, began to no longer disgusted that strange and mysterious sound.Sometimes, the mysterious voice will shout her name, her own age of 16 remember that part of sad love.At that time, she was the remote northwest of the small town a deputy magistrate daughter, and her boyfriend love the depth of field is strong, but it is a poor young man broke.He loves music, likes to engage in some strange musical instrument or voice, but she’s parents looked down, they forced them to split up, forcing her son’s engagement party secretary.Apart sad, strong depth of field tell her: I’m going to work hard for you a whole world, let your parents no longer look down on me, I will be fair and square to marry you he has gone away, that is six years, and never been heard.And she does not want the party secretary and son get married, fleeing forced marriages out in Beijing made such a common North drifters.North Dayton drift from the magistrate’s daughter to eat a last meal and worry down, Xiao Hong has no regrets.  This sounds like more than a strong depth of field sound ah!Xiao Hong, listens, or tears, or intoxicated ecstasy she wants, even if it is a haunted house, ghost and she willingly Sleeping.  But After about two weeks, and that weird voice never sounded before, Jingsi disappear like the.  The room was quiet, Xiao Hong heart is unable to calm down, she remembered the past that weird sound.  That day, Xiao Hong way back to the rental, there is a faint trail seen something on, out of curiosity, she could not help but looked down to see, do not look it does not matter, look at this, she was shocked.The ground is black and white photo of an inch, the picture is a pure girl, slightly tilted mouth laughing.This is none other than her own Yeah, this is her strength and depth of field contacts, she gave him.He was like a treasure chest in a baby-like cover, said it would take a lifetime to treasure this picture, photo in others, he died lost photos.And now, here she was found this picture Deep-Xiao Hong, sitting sad and wept aisle.  New Year’s bell soon sounded, a part of the fiery New Year film release.Xiao Hong, a famous director rented a DVD from the store captured the year’s Lunar New Year film “strong wind strong rain”, a man curled up in her dwelling playing on.Flashing switching the screen, did not let Xiao Hong generate a lot of powerful attraction for this mammoth blockbuster, but added that a start armored cavalry sounds, so she transfixed.Too familiar, so many voices, like how she had contact with sound?  When she looked at the cast list printed out, said Xiao played the role of an actress, and my heart could not help a move, the original masters of this movie, and she turned out to be a different word homonym namesake.  Next, the film’s many voices, she deja vu.Hard thought a moment, Xiao Hong, suddenly remembered, just when she moved to this house, the old heard strange sounds inexplicable, and this film is a lot of sound exactly the same context!  Xiao Hong froze, chill rises from the soles of the feet.Is this really a haunted house?Why is she a few months ago, I heard the music of this movie?Six months ago, this “strong wind strong rain” I’m afraid it has not yet completed shooting?  She myriad of thoughts, a reason no clue.At this time, the film has played to the screen on a prairie, two sprint over Jijun, launched a fight.That sounds mighty force, so that Xiao Hong palpitations, she really did not remember correctly, she was really hear over the sound.If you guessed it, another moment, the actor affectionately call should be the name of the heroine.Sure enough, after a Canshi everywhere, a man sent a loud cries of grief choking: Xiao I love you!  This is more like a strong depth of field sound ah, Xiao Hong thrilling at the same time, but somehow created a sense of attachment, do not know is the film or the sounds or the room.  But she thought that an indefinable apprehension, depth of field and strong if anything happened?Why she could hear his voice?She wanted to find him, be sure to find him!To Beijing, for him, for so many years, she never forgot him.  Unexpectedly, Xiao Hong’s mother removed this day do not know where to find out her phone number in Beijing, called to the: Hong Hong, come on home!  Mom how do you know my phone?  Your friend’s find out, and she said you life was miserable in Beijing.Hong Hong, go home, Mom and Dad I’m sorry you should not stop your depth of field and strong together, I can tell you that he is dead, long ago had come back to your depth of field strength, we say you go to Beijing, I heard he went back to Beijing, the result of a car accident died on the way home, Hong Hong, a person you stay in Beijing, what use is it?  Xiao Hong’s phone almost fell to the ground, turned out that he really is not in the world?Suddenly, Xiao Hong crashing collapsed down, supporting her belief is not, and she did not understand what the meaning of life!Xiao Hong feel tired, she suddenly want to go home, the parents then how is his biological parents, family will always be my home.  Booked in advance the ticket, the back room, things are not what she wanted to clean up.She lived out of this year’s hut, she kind of hard to explain the anguish intersection.  Passing the aisle, she saw a figure slowly approached the man walking head down what seems to find it, Xiao Hong, walk straight past, but in an instant the man raised his head, Xiao Hong, a suddenly scared jump, staring at the man to see, suddenly exclaimed: deep-man looked at Xiao Hong, also shocked, long time before he burst out words to: Xiao Hong, a familiar voice, Xiao Hong, suddenly started to cry, today, she not only once again heard the cries of a strong depth of field, and saw him appear.She has been kept auditory hallucinations, but today, she actually had hallucinations, illusions how can such truth is ah!  She mournfully hand, want to feel strong depth of field, I thought it would feel empty.I did not expect a sudden strong depth of field to hold her tightly in his arms, burst into tears.Xiao Hong deeply felt his body temperature was so warming up, she was surprised to ask them: you’re not dead?  At the same time, with a word popped out of his mouth a strong depth of field.  Suddenly two men laughing and crying, Hong Xiao Qiang told depth of field, he went back home, they go home to find her, however, Xiao Hong’s parents fury will cast him out, and said that their daughter because he has too sad, not long ago the world, and sad, he had to return to Beijing.However, only six months ago when he moved out of photographs rental, Xiao Hong inadvertently left him lost, he had looked everywhere to be found.After coming back from home, he suddenly remembered once a rental, I thought, the photos will not be out of it here?So he ran back Xiao Hong, too, that parents lied to her.Can at the moment, she has refused to think too much, and asked the depth of field is strong: you have to live here too?  Strong depth of field, nodded his head, he said, since to Beijing, they rented a house here, but then he found a job in a cast, most of the time lived together with the crew, a rare back.  Xiao Hong, told him that he had heard the sound of his breathing, and other strange noises.Depth of field strong laughed: Honey, you tinnitus does not appear, it is indeed my voice.  Depth of field Qiang told Xiao Hong, after he came to Beijing, job hunting, and later saw a crew hiring Foley division.I wonder Paoqu Wen, the director told him that Foley is a division of the sound generated by the film simulation, because there are many voices while shooting, while recording is not very convenient, so finding Foley division with the film sound.He was curious to see another division foley work crew, I saw the man with a variety of props to simulate the sound of the film came out, could not help laughing child he was particularly sensitive to sound, with a special kind of ventriloquist, do not have any props, you can make all kinds of sounds.  He tried to use ventriloquism to Foley, let it phase of director.So, he successfully became a division Foley, spare time, he did not forget to practice ventriloquism!  Gosh, you had been living next door to me, in practice ventriloquist, I hear voices all come from your mouth issued?Xiao Hong cried out.  Depth of field to smile at her: Yes, ah, we actually lived together for so long, actually do not know each other.Fortunately, we are together again now, perhaps, we are all God’s love moved Talking, strong depth of field and closed my eyes to Xiao Hong.According to Xiao Hong said he closed his eyes, slowly, she felt the tide of ear ringing sound, like being in the sea.She opened her eyes and realized that the tide is sound and strong depth of field from his mouth issued to.  Strong depth of field Yongjin her: I am now, though not before the poor boy, but did not have much money.But I can give you the sound of the whole world, so you have the feeling there is a whole world of Xiao Hong, head buried in his arms, crying of happiness!