Takeaway market reached 204.6 billion yuan: Why Baidu accounted for half hungry after merger

Recently released 2017 annual third-party Chinese takeout restaurant than of consulting market research report。
The report shows that in mid-2017 full-year take-away market transactions exceeded 20 billion mark, users amounted to 300 million people。 What hungry and Baidu takeaway total to more than 5 percent of the share in the first place, to maintain that lead。 The report shows that 2017 annual take-away market transactions reached 204.6 billion yuan, an increase of 23 over last year.1%。
User scale growth of 300 million people, an increase of 15 over last year.4%。
From the competition perspective, hungry after it merged with Baidu takeaway, takeaway on the market position of absolute dominance, the total share of 51.5%, the US group takeaway to 40.Thereafter with 1%。
The two platforms share of more than 90% of the total, also means that the take-away market Hutch hegemony pattern is formed substantially lower Matthew, resources will continue to focus on leader。 Users in coverage, with 42 hungry yet.6% topped, US group and takeout takeout respectively Baidu 38.32 and 9%.Thereafter with 2%; based on December Takeout APP monthly active user list, the same data is hungry it in the first place, up to 4674.70,000 monthly active users takeaway US Mission to 3749.80,000 people, compared with 1504 Baidu takeaway.70,000。
Data show that in mid-2017 user takeaway sinking further distribution。
Although first-tier cities accounted for the transaction is still up to 40 users.1%, there are 25 second-tier cities.8%, but relative to the previous year, both the proportion has declined。 Users thirty-four city is a significant increase year on year, respectively up to 18.And 15 6%.5%, shows great potential for development。