Althea on cuffs

That year, the university campus is very bright purple hibiscus flower bloom.Her face was in the midst of afterglow, the two bright red.He asked her to spend the tree: “You know the language of flowers it Althea?”She shook her head.He said: “Although Althea in the opening evening off, but it haircut, not love downtown.It represents the faithful, eternal and beautiful.Just like you.”She smiled.He went on to say: “Althea bloom so grand, more like a love and give everything, without reservation.”Early autumn, he fell in love with her.School in the outskirts of town, they often take time off to run out.She sat in the back seat of his bike, cross your legs, the pink skirt fly up like a fluttering butterfly.  On one occasion, I do not know from where he got a motorcycle, deer wildly leapt to her seat, clutching his waist, flying in the streets of the town.That time, the sky was clear, the wind has a sweet fragrance.  That day, he put out the money from the cost of living will fall in coming out, bought her a white shirt.Silk-smooth, soft white shirt, worn on the body, winds, carried away.She could not bear to wear, tightly in her arms.He laugh at her silly.His clothes caught in the back seat of a motorcycle.He wanted her arm around his waist, tightly.  To the school, her blouse shake out, but discovered there was a small hole on the cuff.He pulled over to look, to the chagrin of his head – is a motorcycle exhaust pipe hot heat.She wanted to cry wronged.  The next day, he put the white shirt stuffed into her hand, cuffs even more a purple hibiscus!It turned out that he traveled the streets of the small town, finally found a clothes repair shop.Instead of a patch with a flower, a shop sign.However, they never embroidered hibiscus in to his plea, a purple hibiscus falls on the white cuffs.She put my clothes on satisfaction, between raising his hand, like there’s a purple hibiscus in Feifei yo.  She wanted a boy, to have such a fine mind, must be gentle and considerate.Upon graduation, she was duty-bound to follow him to a remote town where he taught.In the heart of the city and the home time to say goodbye, she did not head back.  Three years time, is Huakaihuaxie.She put more time into work.One day, she was buried in preparing lessons, he stared at her in the light.He said: “I no longer love you, we divorce it!”She smiled, thought he was joking.”Stop that nonsense, but also to class tomorrow.”He hung his head:” Is it true.”She did not know what to do, in front of him, strange as if she never knew, she stared at him, he did not look up, saying that because of the involvement of another girl.He repeated many times, “I’m sorry”.  It is not much of it?He is like a high-handed rebel, a captive to her, threw a look deserted and cold place, then a person unsympathetic to leave.This small town, only he loved her.  His house, savings, together with all the memories, all left her, out of a person bidet.She felt empty heart.She embroidered purple hibiscus white shirt out, worn, long daze.She felt like a portrait of the show dancers, fight a passion to just jump old, last, and the rest, just a pair of faded red shoes, how bleak.In this way, he sent a life?  She did not want to return to parents’ home.She has put youth gambling in the here and now lost the bet, but also how turn back?Love closed the door, windows live, still open.She rallied and began struggling to work hard in life.Small town, as well as her students, friends and colleagues, she was not alone, she wants to stay.  Ten years later, she became a small town well-known figures.Her excellent results on their own, made the principal focus of the town’s high school, and later the position of Deputy Secretary for Education to do.Her students everywhere, living a full and satisfying.Her in his small town, take root, earning himself a Road aura, he has become increasingly dim.She occasionally pulls out that piece white shirt against the bottom of the Althea on the cuff, has been fleeting wash faded color.She picked up, there are faint of heart pain; down, and my heart is faint empty.She did not know my heart is not there to hate.  She thought he was the train of her life, she wanted to take her into the arrival of a place.She got off, he went to the.She reached the destination of their own, since no association with him.That station, she is to go through.(Text / Maya Wei)