99% of women, the two most likely to commit mistake in marriage

99% of the woman most likely to commit in marriage both wrong ▲ Click above to subscribe in blue text / night intelligence Source / pour our best to live (wanqingdepingtai) ▼ past few days, very good spring, early spring flowers open at one another, and the warm spring breeze, titillate popular in itch, this season, if you stay at home do not move, it seems a pity, then, a friend suggested that Wuyuan canola flower was very nice , as traveling by car on weekends we play day or two!This convention is that we have a very early, when the slogan is: forget that baby, forget the husband, this is the party between a woman and a woman.If you took my husband and baby, noisy, private savings will not be able to say the words, but not the freedom to play.Soon, my friends immediately responded, have said they can go, and I also intend to write emerald and temporarily put off, go out and let in the wind, naturally, I am going to abide by the agreement, non-family.Turn to a friend?F position, she hesitated to ask: Can I bring my husband and children to go with ah?Our hearts are irresistible, NONO outspoken to say: it was not ready yet say?Without my husband and children, this is a gathering of women, but a few years time, it is two days only, it is also not very much??F: I know ah, but if I go, the two of them how to do it?▼ NONO went on to say: how what to do ah?Let your husband take the kids on weekends too, ah, you have children in school, and are not waiting for breast-feeding, I still do two kids, than your home is small, it is going to let their son the day they’ve had three.?F said: our family situation is not the same ah, if I go, I can not find my husband even socks, he was taking care of children, I do not worry ah!NONO depressed to say: he would not be thanks to you ah!I really do not understand this in the end is your husband or son ah!Do you not he will perish with hunger!?I send private messages to NONO, I told her do not say, even if?F reluctantly went with us, she was also the husband does not fit, do not enjoy playing also playing, it is better to forget.?F is also proposed, as into family gatherings Well, you no one responded to her, because for us, family gatherings opportunities abound, but when unmarried and friends traveling together, looking for opportunities in the past years, but It is getting a rare.In fact, we are unlikely to be seen?F-style treasure house wife husband, if reluctantly go along, and also illegal and screen.Finally, F husband chose to stay home with the children, I’d sigh of relief, NONO was not very happy, and I could not help but say: I just do not understand why women want to live like this?We get married is it for a man to do when the mother?Three meals a day for food, clothing, everything had to wait thoughtful?She tired ah?I know?F will be tired, but she was tired but happy, when she said her husband and children can not do without their own time, not a performance out of boredom, but a satisfying sense of being needed, perhaps this, her own are not aware, but I know that this feeling of being needed, it is the lot when the mother of a woman in marriage the driving force behind.▼ this role dislocation of marriage in our society really is everywhere, and the saddest thing is that many women do not think that there is anything wrong, such as a man and a woman to be married, her mother always said to his son to her, and later told his wife to take care of her son and daughter often vowed to guarantee that we’ll take care of her husband, to be a wife and mother, so-called wife, in fact, it is the mother baton transfer.The contrast is that many women want to marry a man similar to his father.I remember some time ago the popular online you can love and Mr. Zuo, but must marry Mr. Right, Mr. Right I looked at the standards, says bluntly, is not that required it to his father?Even said that many fathers can not do so ah!Later, against a lot of articles, mostly you are eligible to choose Mr. Right left Mr.?But few people asked for Mr. Right who set this question.There were a lot of girls ask me, like it or not Mr. Right, tell the truth, I do not like Mr. Right who set up, if I was a teenager, I might like it spoil my boundless men, but in my now at this age, I certainly would not choose such a man.Because the so-called Mr. Right, although care of everything in life, but along with the harm is clipped your wings, hindering your growth, warm boiled frog-style put you slowly turn into a giant baby, you no chance to experience their own frustration, and then grow; you have no chance to experience real life, the kind of feelings and get paid; you have no chance to reach the real society, always living in each other to create a mirage for you, do not own thinking and assertive.If one day, he was tired of you, you need a separate face all the time, waiting for you in the way, only two: one is more painful than average growth transformation of the road, there is a completely reduced depravity of the road.Mr. Mr. ▼ left and right of the stem just ended, and came out a resonance: you must marry a man when her pet.These articles have been many women agree, in fact, it is not difficult to see that many girls are subconsciously refuse to grow, they put their own position in the little girl, spoiled needed, take care.Remember watching a sister, smiled and said to me: how I think the girls of our country, not like a man when the mother is like a man to do when her daughter?I feel the same, it seems that few people realize that, in marriage, you really should do is a wife, a grown, independent personality, independent spirit of a woman.But do not let men continue to take your pet when her daughter, accustomed to seeing your temper, no one accustomed to seeing your ability, spoiled your life, no upgrade your wisdom, in the end, bear all the consequences, or do you own.A woman, when the mother hopes to return to the formula of pay dependent on men, and when her daughter-like request to pay in exchange for the men, the mind is not mature performance, how, when a woman his own mind is not mature, how well handled all kinds of problems in marriage, how can we take to spend the rest of the agreement?Truly qualified partner, not everything can not do without you, but not everything instead of you, but when you step by step toward a better life, staying always holding your hand.As a woman of us, and that they should clearly understand this, learn to take the initiative to grow, rather than teaching to promote their own growth.▼ remember the year before I got married, my mother said to me after marriage must be diligent little, a little better temperaments, something happens forbearance and tolerance, although my mother is very virtuous, but her life has been dedicated to making me very virtuous but the power of examples is endless, so I do not virtuous.My aunt said to me, after marriage must be smart about it, put her husband’s money and people watching live, not to take advantage of another woman.These words, as I have heeded really deep impact on me, it was my brother told me, he said: married, you have to remember two things, you are not his mother, he is not your son, you’re not his daughter, he is not your father, you two are husband and wife relationship, equality of personality, the spirit of independence, or whether it is to take care of the growth, is mutual, do not ever mistake their role.I deeply remember these words.About the author: Late Love: writer, screenwriter, Emerald cloud Yixuan founder, author of “bald and with a total Wife,” “ho marriage” and other books, the book “just doing a good woman: do not cling, will not “is [email protected] Microblogging late love nest, individual public platform: pour our best to live (wanqingdepingtai) background replies, “Good morning” greeting ↓↓↓ daily check point to read the original to learn more