1 million yuan in the world to buy a house, to see me cry

1 million yuan in the world to buy a house, I cried after watching the attention of this number, [] reply within a number to see the article!  [1] erhu county party secretary was removed from office because he raped Art.[2] Zhong Nanshan: Most people are not die of old age, not dead, but.[3] Titanic banned content, you absolutely can not think of!  [4] three academicians warning: 99% no signs of thrombosis, a word can make you remember life without bolt!  [Five] article on the USA Network is delivered crazy (highly recommended) [6] immature people five characteristics, very accurate!(Highly recommended) Source: Sina gateway to rate tier cities in China, many white-collar workers have said the elusive, so if you have 1 million yuan, the world, what kind of house you can buy it?Xiao Bian feeling to see the last cry.1.Chi Libya in the ninth district dollar price: $ 110,000 three-bedroom three bathroom house in Biarritz town, surrounded with a world-class field.  2.South Africa Eastern Cape Jeffreys Bay dollar price: about 15.$ 20,000 five bedroom three bathroom in the house has a barbecue, garden, he was one of the best surf spots from the world close.  3.Portugal Alliant Teru Ai Evora dollar price: about $ 150,000 two-bedroom a bathroom that the prescription live in Vienna Baoalieti sweet village.  4.Croatia Islamic Terry subwavelength Rick dollar price: about $ 150,000 three-bedroom two bathroom all this is a three-room apartment, only three minutes away from the beach and nearby yacht.  5.New Zealand blessing nemesis dollar price: about 12.$ 50,000 Four-Bedroom Two Bathroom This is a stylish 4 bedroom.  6.Second and third largest city in eastern dollar price China: 150,000 US dollars (1 million yuan) (without traffic jams) about an hour’s drive from the city center.100 square meters of rough housing.  Press two-dimensional code Follow us over many exciting content, good-looking not to be missed!