In June, we ran aground of our old days

The night is coming, and I have been silent all the time. The bottom of my heart is not aware of the slight coolness..     All of a sudden I thought of you. I don’t know if you are as lively and lovely in the distance as you were before. I love talking and laughing. I don’t know if you can still think of me in other places in your spare time today..     I love you and deeply love you. No matter when, no matter where, I will say so responsibly, because it was you who accompanied me through the most unforgettable time..     Remember, at that time, we always called each other’s nicknames, even though they seemed to outsiders to be alien words, we were still happy to say them..     Remember, we had a meal in a bowl when we had no difference between men and women, no difference between you and me, and we never cared about these small things.     Remember, that night we went out to surf the Internet collectively and didn’t come back until we played all night, just to play a new game with Xiao Xi. Even if we were tired, we would all have to play together..     There are still many things we need to remember, but there are only memories with tears at the moment.     In June, we ran aground in our most beautiful time, leaving us at a loss when facing the road ahead..     Now that we have all entered the university, we have reached the ideal palace that we have been longing for for for a long time.. In fact, at the beginning, we only had a simple idea. Universities have plenty of free time and can contact each other every day..     When time goes by, when we look back on the past, we realize how happy and simple we were at the beginning, and there is no trivial matter in our heads, no need to think about life, no need to think about the future..     However, we can only get together once a year during the winter vacation.. There are too many people who will not give up when they leave, but no one will say that all the world will have a feast..     Because we’re really not willing to give up, we’ve been used to being together for a long time. Who would want to say the word’ scattered’? There’s no such word in our memory dictionary..     I have to accept that we are really separated. Everyone is like a little golden sparrow that has lost its way and is still singing with tears in its eyes..     I haven’t been in touch for a long time. I don’t want to take the liberty to disturb you. I believe you have your own quiet life just like me..     This calm is accompanied by countless loneliness. I’m sure it’s not because my heart is fragile, but because you have settled in my memory and stayed there..     Unexpectedly, it rained outside the window, breaking the peace of the night. This atmosphere caters to people’s mood, ” Hua la” accompanied by light sorrow and deep thoughts in the raindrops..     I like Li Shangyin’s poem ” and a moment that ought to have lasted for ever, has come and gone before I knew”, which should be very suitable for us.     Once upon a time, that was the old time we could never go back.     Gently sigh into the rain accumulated into the small water flow, gradually flow away. At that moment, tears blurred both his eyes and the whole world.     In fairy tales, the ending is perfect after the disaster. If possible, I would also like to write a fairy tale in which the hero is us. We will always be together and never leave each other again..