I really want to have a dream and be drunk with you for a thousand years

If there is no love in the world, it is also a beauty of life to meet you in a dream.! Although it is an illusion, it can also be said to be a complement to human love. The beautiful scenery, wordless table said. I want to have a dream like this, meet with you and embrace for a thousand years. Can drunk a, also don’t waste this life!     I really want to have a dream and be drunk with you for a thousand years!     You, who originally occupied a certain position in my mind, just didn’t come to me properly. I also want to have such illusory and ethereal things. Even if there is no ups and downs of love, can meet chi ping in a dream, also satisfied. Who should have no friend in life and be alone in the world! Who can’t find the right person to fly alone in life!     Dream, every day, see if there is a dream with you. If you were in my heart, dreams would often appear! Dream of you, heavy, cheerful, talking and laughing, share with me. I took your hand and laughed and hugged you. A smile is half an hour. Seemingly in a dream, it is actually enjoying a sweet human hug.. I really want to be drunk for a thousand years, forever and ever!     I don’t see you, but I met flowers in spring, just like I met you. Every season, I pinch a flower and hold it in my chest. I can’t let go of it.. You are actually a flower in spring. The flower smiles, and so do I; Flowers nod, so do I. Flowers and I are always close and whispering. Flowers and I are always touching and friendly. You are a flower and I am the messenger of protecting flowers..     Seeing flowers is a precursor to your coming. Of course, there will be your appearance in your dream! Your smile is a flower for me to enjoy and make me cheerful. When I dreamed of you, how happy was my mood! Like eating a honey jujube in my heart, sweet and soft!     I didn’t see you, but I met the hot weather in summer, just like I met your hot feelings. The heat in my heart is not only surging waves in my heart, but also surging waves and rolling heat waves.. But also keep an eye on your new trends. Of course, there will also be a surge of your dreams. When it is difficult to fall asleep in summer, it seems that you are by my side, giving me warmth and infinite charm.     Encounter the hot weather, is your warm feedback. At night, you often sneak into my heart and teach me trouble sleeping. You are the twine of my heart, you are the concern of my dream, and you are the fetter of my soul. How can I put you down, how can I not always remember you?     I didn’t see you, but I met a warm chrysanthemum in autumn, just like I saw you. Once again, I came to my window to wake me up and teach me to bloom with you. As if you and I were a pair of mandarin ducks fluttering in the autumn wind, stirring together in the autumn wind. People say that autumn is the season of sad autumn! With you alone, I am not lazy, so I will try my best to bloom with you.!     In autumn, the days are short and the nights are long, and your sight comes one after another at night. I can’t sleep, and my eyeful is full of chrysanthemums that stand proudly in autumn.. The fragrance of autumn chrysanthemum is coming, and my heart is very happy.. You are Qiuju, I am a bunch of warm sunshine, we always have endless worries! You need me. I’ll take care of you. How good is it to be together in life and in the world!     I don’t see you. I met cold plum in winter, just like I met beautiful you. You are dressed in bright red and open in the cold. I admire you for being strong and not afraid of danger.. How can you not let me smell the aroma of your plum blossom and miss it?? How can I not dream of you in my dream?Your bright figure in the snow and the angel’s prestige between heaven and earth have been printed in my mind.. Can’t help but make me sigh with emotion! Your glorious scene will always shine in my night sky.     Winter is the coldest season! How can I warm myself without your participation? Even at night, you and I sleep together. I look up at the moon outside the window and look forward to our reunion! The feeling of thinking about your feelings has caused ripples in your heart. Blending with you is a sign of our love. Long love for you is the taste of my missing you. Dreaming that we will be so kind, loving and loving in the dim light!     In fact, I miss you all the year round, miss you all the year round, and fantasize about having you one day. Although the dream is illusory, it shows that my heart has been looking up and thinking about the’ you’ in the distance.. Even if I can’t get you in real life, in this way, my heart is sweet.! It is better to think of you forever in my dream and love you forever.. Dream is also the joy of life. Dreams are also human colors.     I really want to have a dream and be drunk with you for a thousand years!