Every tomorrow is hope.     No matter what kind of hardships people encounter, no matter what kind of difficulties they face, we have to face them frankly, because after today is tomorrow, and every tomorrow brings new hope to people..     Spring is the hope of flying geese in the south. Autumn is the hope of farmers. Rain and dew are the hope of drying up the land. Flowers are the hope of all soil. Children are the hope of parents and the hope of the motherland. The future is the hope of the present . Ah, hope, an immortal lamp in life; Hope is the catalyst for people with dreams to turn their fantasy into reality. Hope is the long-lost light in the heart of the blind. Hope is the constant pursuit of people in setbacks and adversities. Hope is a tender bud in the winter and the star of the long night … ah, as long as there is hope, it is possible for us to realize our dream!     Some people always hope to be full, but they always reap disappointment. Some people calmly face everything in life, but they are always lucky to bathe in hope. Some people pursue continuously all their lives, but they always miss hope. Some people regard fantasy as hope, and hope eventually becomes fantasy. In life, fantasy is always a fantasy and can’t be a hope. But hope sometimes becomes a fantasy in desperation!     In the face of hope, we always have too many illusions, so we always miss hope. In the face of disappointment, I always hold too much sadness, but I can’t see any hope in the result of disappointment.. In the face of fantasy, if you can stand at the right height and no longer look up, maybe fantasy can one day become hope.     Optimists always see hope in life, but pessimists always see hope as disappointment. As a result, hope always cares for optimists and disappointment always falls on pessimists..     Hope is the best. Therefore, the cruelest thing in the world is to kill hope.     Everyone has a hope, and everyone may also be the hope of others. Just like Bian Zhilin’s scenery: ” You stand on the bridge and watch the scenery. People watching the scenery look at you under the bridge. The bright moon adorns your window and you adorn other people’s dreams.”. Lu Xun said: ” Hope is attached to existence, and there is hope if there is one.”. Hope is light. Facing the desperate situation, we must keep hope and keep looking for hope. Only in this way can hope be born and live forever in disappointment..     People, can’t have no hope.     Grass asked the earth: Where is hope?     The earth replied, ” Hope is on you.”!