Everything is not what people want

Sick, the mood also became mottled, but I remember elizabeth barret browning’s words: Don’t forget laughter when sobbing.   At the moment, I express a tearful smile in words.   I thought I had a very mild cold, and I was a taboo patient, so most of the diseases on my body are a word’ endure’. This is also one of my life attitudes: a knife in my heart can’t bear to bring disaster to others. If I want to endure for a while, then I can only know that endurance is high.. This is what I carried back when I was a teenager. I have its eyes shining on me in my life footprint, deep or shallow.. Of course, occasionally I get angry.   There is no body temperature, and the hospital has listed the people who look at the respiratory department separately. If you have a fever or not, take your temperature, because H7N9 makes my heart uneasy.   Although we often deal with hospitals, we are still afraid of going to hospitals, and we will always love dearly and feel dejected when we see all kinds of sad faces.. With the unspeakable crowding and clamour, it is like a market, which often makes me unable to have a good mood. Thinking like this, I admire my sister very much. They can handle all kinds of things calmly every day..   There is an unspeakable ache and weakness all over my body. I admit that I am afraid, and I am afraid of being entangled with diseases.. I tried to participate in Vargas & Bull; Lue Sa’s decree dispels my helplessness. Although young Lue Sa was once scared and helpless, he watched his love story with Aunt Julia, saw him break through the darkness of life time after time, saw him regain confidence and hope again and again, and saw him climb to the top of Nobel literature with courage and perseverance, blessing and lamenting for it..   The book dispelled the boredom and helplessness I was waiting for. I know I’m afraid of blood. I used to bite the bullet and close my eyes when I just pricked my fingers for testing.. This time I lowered my head and stared at the ground until the blood collector stopped drinking and my tears fell warm..   To do a computer tomography scan, the short passage made it difficult for me to go. The doctor was worried about my lung problems and thought that I had been drinking and smoking regardless of what I had been doing. He was really afraid that his body could not endure longer years of cooking..   I have used this sentence to comfort myself for years of hard work and reading: People live to contain hardships and hardships.   In a flash, for many years, my body was moving in the world of mortals, and my heart was entangled in words. As long as I had words to accompany me, I would have no regrets in this life..   Just, everything is not people’s wish. Therefore, we must live bravely and face the possible disaster bravely. According to the news, some people in Fudan Graduate School poisoned their roommates. What kind of enmity should they have so ferociously laid hands on them?   The world is not always full of flowers, I only think it is another adventure. I have already lived through 40 years old, and my body is very old compared with Xu zhimo and qu qiubai, who only lived through 36 years old. Looking back at elizabeth barret browning’s words again, I smiled silently and was speechless.