Different business models, different results

Speaking from the bottom of my heart, I didn’t pay much attention to the business model before. I always felt that this thing, which I don’t need to learn, can be used by anyone, just like selling vegetables, is a stall. If we have money, we can do a wholesale or we can grow vegetables in a greenhouse ourselves..   But in the previous stage, the group of coffee came here and we talked. I really felt the importance of this.   In fact, in the early days, even before he entered the group, I knew that he was doing very well.. In the first three days of Taobao, he registered his own brand, built several Tmall stores and made car supplies, which he did in front of the industry..   But in my impression, he has done so well, which should be the result of accumulation, local tyrants, and has nothing to do with the model.   When talking to him last year, he said he was studying business models recently.   I was thinking about where to go to class and was brainwashed. But this time he came to Fuzhou to chat and know the importance.   He said that he is also a person. One is to lay the stalls and the other is to do the wholesale of stalls’ products.. Who is more likely to earn a million dollars. I don’t even have to think about it. It must be wholesale, because I have set up my own stall and I don’t earn much money..   But many of our groups are wholesale. It is normal to have hundreds of thousands of them a year..   He said that this is the business model, different models, different results.   I said, everyone understands this, is there anything deeper.   He said that the business model can be copied, but once implemented, the different models will be very different.   He said that there is a small store with two couples, which can earn 300,000 yuan a year, but what if you want to earn 1 million yuan a year.   I said, this is simple, everyone understands, and open three more. Then please, this is 1 million.   However, he said, my model is the most common one, but the risk is too great, and it is difficult to open three stores to manage, hire people and have capital.. I said, then you say your model.   He said that he would find some people to join him, but the headquarters would provide resources, guidance and partnerships.. But the materials and everything must be imported from the headquarters. In this way, the risk is small, the capital is small, and the quantity is large, so the supply chain is cheap..   For example, a kilo of vegetables would have cost 1 yuan, because the quantity was too large, it could have turned into 7 cents.   And it can be copied quickly. There’s some truth in thinking about it.   Speaking from the bottom of my heart, if we open our own business, we will encounter many problems, and the money alone cannot stand it..   But many people want to start a business without fear of failure, and no one guides them.   We use our model to give them, so this is really a win-win situation, and the most important thing is that we can enjoy ourselves.   Think of this, I think, in fact, we also have a person in the group is the same as him.   What does he do. Do everything. But it can only be said that only one point is to be a brand.   He registered many brands himself. And then produce some signs, other people’s products are his brand.   Then he sold himself in Jingdong, a large foreign platform.   So how much can he earn a month, not by month, but by day, how much, 30 thousand a day.   How many people, 4 people.   Maybe a lot of people don’t believe it, but if they come into contact with him, I believe everyone will believe it. This person is what I once said in my talk. That’s the brother of the man I’ve been talking about who earns fifteen million a month.   Will bear a nest, which I have been saying for two months, is the man who has made the underwear industry the number one in Jingdong.   Why is it that his model is also very good.   Because he doesn’t need to do anything by himself, don’t need to deliver goods by himself, and the artists don’t need themselves, and don’t need anything. He doesn’t even have a warehouse. As long as the operation is in charge, the artists are all outsourced. His wife was originally an artist and was also laid off..   So, model, really important. According to the general pattern, we earn 40,000 yuan a day and more than 10 million yuan a year.  Investment, one billion, two billion is not too much.   We didn’t realize this before, but under careful association, it is such a principle.   The most important thing is that the business model can be copied. If you understand it, you can copy it to many industries.   Like the man above, he was originally a woman’s dress, and she copied a woman’s bag behind her, which is also the underwear industry..   Speaking of this, speaking of coffee, he has a driver and he has two secretaries. He said that things must be done by a secretary, one of whom is in charge of life and one of whom is in charge of execution.. He said that all this money will be spent in small amounts.   Coffee said that success is too slow and also a failure.   At the beginning, I really wanted to write an article, but I didn’t write it later. The theme of this article is to spend money on time.. What does this sentence mean. Is a person’s life is not long, don’t do anything yourself.   To know how to give something to someone else to do it.   The one who went to see coffee with me that day was a brother of mine who made taobao guest. That’s what he said above..   For example, he is an accurate person to be a taobao guest, and it is certainly not enough for him to do so himself, so he will think about how to contract the task of adding people to others, because he will think about how to contract the business to others when the salesman is so tired every day..   So he made himself comfortable and comfortable.   He used to do insurance. Insurance companies had a basic salary, but few, but they had to hold meetings every day, deduct money when they were late, and deduct money when they failed to achieve their performance.. As for him, he asked if he could not ask for a basic salary or not to attend a meeting. His manager said he could.   But he will deduct 500 yuan a month, he said, it’s okay, give you 6000 yuan at a time. Don’t call me a whole year.   Why? He gave me the analysis behind him and went there every day. If nothing else, the parking fee alone is not more than 500 a month..   When it comes to this model, one of his friends is more fierce. His husband is in a public institution and his wife also sells insurance. As a result, they earned more than 10 million yuan in 2 or 3 years. This is mostly understood. Even the monks in the temple bought them from their friends and wives.   So, if you don’t think about a lot of things in your head, you really can only open a shop with yourself and another one..   But if you know how to use your own model, you can do it very well at once.   Therefore, considering the system from a model point of view, the success of coffee actually makes a lot of sense. For example, up to now, his management base salary is still 500 a month. Other profit dividends are calculated. Employees are desperate for profits. He is leisurely and must also have money to earn..   Different models are really different results.   A lot of things, when we go deep, will really feel different. The pattern is different, life is also different.   A lot of local tyrants are really not born, nor do they rely on hard work. He has something to do with a lot of things.   Such as this model, business model. It’s up to you whether you can or can’t do it..   My QQ: 838504315, welcome to add.