Cool breeze and white clouds

The light wind suddenly has a refreshing feeling on the face, relieves the fatigue and heat of the day, not only relaxes people’s mood but also relieves the pressure. in this modern people’s comfortable life, enjoying the sunshine makes the world full of warmth and joy and become a paradise on earth, giving life a poetic painting. in this wonderful environment, people are busy but full of joy and sunshine and joy in their hearts.. Not only changed the quality of life, but also changed some people’s ideas. People showed their ability to do their duty, formed a habit in constantly improving themselves, and formed a harmonious atmosphere in unconsciously influencing the people around them. Laughter kept pushing people’s lives to a climax..     Living in this happy state and attracting the envy of the white clouds also came here, floating overhead like a naughty little ghost, changing different shapes to decorate our lives, sometimes like a naughty child in trouble, covering up the blue sky, smearing the dust with clean air and forming a storm attack, but the crops are enjoying flowers and you hear their thumping sound of drinking water showing their urgent need.. After a rainy day and a sunny day, a rainbow appeared. The sky was cleaner than before, and the earth was bathed in hot water to make all things look brand – new, green leaves shining brightly in the sunlight.. As green as jade and green as oasis, patches of white clouds on the head are like Aries eating grass comfortably, lifting their heads from time to time to shout, enjoy a well-fed life and laugh like people..     Then there was another breeze, bringing the fragrance from far away here to meet the new mission, and giving the gift to the lover, who never tires of looking for the couple and cheering for the bad karma mandarin ducks. To build a bridge for them to renew their leading edge and create favorable conditions for them as far as possible in exchange for a beautiful marriage, so that people enjoy the charm of love, remove obstacles in lovers’ hearts and clean up dust in their hearts, and like a dustman who is busy getting up early and getting dark before returning to eternal cleanness. More detailed detergent is washing away dirt, changing the long-lost appearance, people have not forgotten the support and love of the people behind the scenes in excitement, they are diligently decorating the glory of the stars, people behind the scenes have never complained to do their duty, their life is ordinary but radiating dazzling light, their efforts move every member, although there are no flowers and applause, but the heart is as gorgeous as a garden, and those singers respect these ordinary people with their actions and repay their hard work.. The sweet smile and singing moved the people behind the scenes, there was no distinction between high and low, and they always got along so well.. Never mind your own gain or loss, there is always a warm smile on your face. When singers are frustrated in their practice, they can hear their sweet words, and just like the spring breeze, the newly-built sadness is swept away, revived and ignited.. Re – enter your own stage and re-show your elegant demeanor. In fact, the people behind the scenes shoot their gas stations, more like their food, and the singers in this harmonious family are experiencing any challenges, but there is always a force in their hearts that supports the peak of the stage..     pack up