Cherish what you have at the moment

After watching some old movies on the weekend, I couldn’t help feeling that time is running out..     A call was made to the old colleague and the girl caught a cold again. I remember the same thing last time. In fact, everyone worked very hard outside. Can’t meet, so talk about work, talk about life, talk about feelings, is also a kind of comfort. Recall that when we closed the door to eat together, we always dreamed that we could go to the streets together to say goodbye to the bloody holidays. At that time, happiness was so simple that Crick said it was called’ poor happiness’. Now that I think about it, I should have less, less worries and less worries at that time, so it’s easy to be happy!     The brook said that at that time you always said you would go to play if you had money. Have you gone now? A song said,’ when you have money, you don’t have time. when you have time, you don’t have money.” really, now you have money, but it’s a sad thing to want to go out to the supermarket on a sunny afternoon.? I don’t know how long I haven’t had a meal with my friends and gone shopping.. The brook said, How’s your baby brother? I was surprised to smile: ” Ah, do you still remember that I have a younger brother?”? Crick laughed. ” That’s who you are.”? Friends sharing weal and woe in those days” The heart is warm and rippling. This feeling is wonderful..     However, those things have become’ the year’. In those days, in the place full of rape flowers and lots of water and bridges, there was an ignorant young man’s youth and dream, unyielding and striving. At that time, the lofty sentiments were only a touch of color in his memory.. It’s beautiful, but it’s getting further and further away. Life, only go forward.     It was disappointing to catch up with the rainy day on a rare weekend.. I can’t go anywhere. I can only stay at home. When I was ready to read the book, I couldn’t put it down. The writer is a Canadian woman writer. Although the theory, there are exquisite brush strokes and sensitive nerves, which explain everything to life, work, marriage and make me feel quiet, peaceful and suddenly enlightened, suitable for this quiet and cool late spring weather. It suddenly occurred to me that many years ago, when I was a little girl, I followed my grandmother to make drinks under the plane tree.. Large and small bottles, put chrysanthemum essence on them, slowly add cool boiled water, smell the sweet smell of boiled water, and I wish I could start drinking immediately. Grandma will stop me at this moment, because this is for the busy fathers and uncles, and finally the small bottle for me and my brother.. Ouch, when we drink it in our mouth, it’s sweet. Up to now, I feel more than any other drink. Unfortunately, Grandma can’t adjust it for us any more.. When I looked at grandma’s face for the last time, I knew that some good things can only be remembered.     But life will continue. Just like now, he was busy fighting in front of the computer, and from time to time, I read books and write something without disturbing each other. It was quiet and beautiful.. I like this moment. Even if I had just been in a mood, I wouldn’t feel sad together. Continue and forgive, maybe this is life, cruel and beautiful.     If you think about it, it’s almost five years since you graduated and now you’re working.. At first, all kinds of tension and uneasiness overwhelmed me. I’m not a teacher major, I don’t have teachers’ professional knowledge, and I don’t have all kinds of qualification certificates that teachers should have. I’m full of fear about my work. I’m afraid that leaders and colleagues will attend classes, I can’t arrange classes effectively, I won’t deal with emergencies, and various emotions have spawned pimples on my face. I asked for a holiday to see a doctor, but found out I don’t know where I am when I get off the bus.. Helpless want to cry, thinking about this for only a few days, even the ability to touch the road has degenerated. After getting off the bus, I still didn’t get to my destination. I was helpless and sad.. Very not easy to find a place, caocao took a bag of traditional Chinese medicine and went back. in fact, he did not even know how to fry it, so he went back. Thought: Even if I find it only for such a difficult time, I have to carry it back!     Walking on the road, I feel much better. There is a slight wind, and the sun is slacking off. My heart was full of mixed thoughts, and I also wanted to open a new publicity page for a yoga club. I suddenly felt more relaxed than ever – especially after I pressed down my skirt.. Then I walked around the street with my college roommate. She was still as lively and lovely as before, and all the previous events came to light again.. There are mixed feelings, as if we have not changed. But the fact is, I can’t play like I used to, and I have to get back to school quickly.. But when it was only one step away from the school, the bus and the taxi suddenly disappeared without a single one! I stood on the side of the road and waved vigorously, hoping to meet a kind man as I did in those days. As a result, a car stopped and kindly sent me to school without being late, and the mood was so happy.. Then, I took an examination of the teacher’s qualification certificate. I listened to the class hard and studied hard. A year later, I was successfully graded and finally passed through the darkest period of time..You see, there are times when stress makes us unfamiliar to us and we don’t even know each other, as if we were going back to the darkest of times.. What we all need at this moment is to give ourselves a holiday, to get in touch with fresh air, to meet new people and things, and life may turn for the better..     Now, my life and work are progressing smoothly step by step. There are also more different understandings of life, life and happiness.     Just two days ago, I just came out of the mineral spring and was thinking about what kind of essential oil I should use at a later age. Suddenly there was an ugly but very loud song behind me.. The in the mind secretly scolded 1” mental derangement! ‘ but I saw a famous man riding a tram with a girl flying past me. My mind immediately flashed that sentence” would rather cry in a BMW than laugh on a bicycle. I thought this young couple was the best retort to this sentence. Maybe they will fight for necessities and vinegar when they get home, but at least I saw their happy side. Even if they are really discouraged by everything in the future, they will not be able to give up remembering the joy of singing together on the tram? Of course, I also don’t feel angry, there are people who love each other in BMW, who work together and become famous. Even if I feel sad and cry in BMW for a while, I will be moved by the hardships of working together.?     In fact, whether it’s a BMW or a tram, as long as you have love in your heart, it’s Cinderella’s pumpkin coach, carrying two people together towards happiness. After crying, laughing, crying, laughing, crying and laughing, the days passed. As long as they have each other in their hearts, crying or laughing is life, love is both inevitable and impossible.. Sometimes I think it is a good choice to cry and laugh like this in this life and spend it safely..     Like a fish. In fact, fish is like human nature.     Accompanied her husband to fish, feed machine roared. And he was sitting in the feed station not far away. I was thinking about how I could catch fish when all the fish had gone to dinner.? But I saw my husband lift the pole fiercely. I saw a big fish billowing clearly on the hook. Because although the food under the feeding stage is delicious, there are always fish swimming to one side. However, most of the fish caught at this time are not large. The husband said that the big fish all went to the feeding machine to grab food and eat. I thought to myself, if I eat fatter, I will still be served as a delicious food. It would be better to rise to the bait so early and save the suffering of overcrowding.. The same is true of people. Even if the scenery over there is unique and there is plenty of food and clothing, there will always be people who choose to leave and choose a wider and more tolerant world.. What about our current career? By contrast, we don’t have a high income and may not be able to afford luxury food, luxury cars and beautiful houses, but here we have the loveliest children to accompany us, and we have given our children the most complete childhood, which is also a kind of happiness.. When we are old, Tao Li can tell our children on a bright afternoon or a bright morning: ” who is this? who is this? but my students say he was” as the principal said, choosing a teacher is choosing a life.”. I think, this kind of life has both scenery and helplessness, and do it and cherish it.     Recently, my friend’s brother opened a restaurant, which is idyllic and lovely, so he began to ponder over the time to sit down. A person.     In some places, it has always been felt that only one person can go. A person, elegant, or leisurely, or free. For example, Tibet, a person, a bag, a hat and a camera, just go. Look at the bumpy road like a devout believer worshiping at every step, walking to the gate of the palace step by step, listening to monks’ prayers, touching the flying sutras and silks, and turning around the little things in the hands of the old man, and realizing the joy of reaching out and touching the sky.. Such as Yunnan border town, such as Dali. Prepare enough long flowered skirts, big wide brim hats, comfortable flat shoes, and carry on like a machine. Just go. Shopping in small shops, walking in small alleys, drinking small drinks and looking at handsome men, which is not a kind of enjoyment? Like this restaurant, just go. I want to burn a large roll for this restaurant, buy a skirt full of broken flowers, find a window seat, sit down with a skirt, sleep with a lovely cat in a basket, ask for a cup of black tea, some delicate snacks, turn over two pages of magazines, read two novels, one and so beautiful.     The road to life is short and long, cherishing the family’s happiness in family life and enjoying their own comfort and independence. Don’t run away when you should strive, don’t be demanding when you should relax and miss the past, but don’t falter. If you choose, go on and cherish it firmly, just as I said, ” Dear, stick to it, it’s a good life.”. ”