Bitter taste

We walk on the same road and often meet each other, but we often brush our shoulders and never talk to each other..   I often secretly watch your vigorous posture on the court from a window in the distance, and watch you feel distressed after sweating like rain..   Often imagine what kind of girl you will like and whether you are like this.   Often imagine what color you will like and whether it is the color you often wear on your body.   I like to walk on the road you walk along, I like to appear in the place where you often appear, I like to look at your back in a daze..   One day, when you don’t see you in the place where you often appear, you will think about what happened to you, whether you were ill, dated or never appeared again..   One day, you wore a dress of your own favorite color. Imagine if you knew that I also liked this color, whether it was for me or not.   One day, the eyes of a casual touch meet, imagining whether you are also watching me.   Hope mood, sweet and bitter.