Back to’ Home’

[ editor’s note ]catkin elder sister, in fact, you have never left this home in our hearts. you have to leave temporarily because of the change of work. we also know the helplessness. after all, the time and energy spent by the editorial department is not what ordinary people can imagine, especially a good editor who is so serious and responsible as you are.. This reminds me of the busy and full days and nights I spent in the online haunting of prose. I really feel a lot about it.! Catkin elder sister, remember: the door of your home is always open for you, and you are more expected to return to the’ back garden’ and continue to work with everyone to build a better home.!   I don’t know whether this is home or not, and I have been away from prose online for several years. I remember when I first established this website, I buried myself in this world every day because of my love, for three years, because some changes in work and life had to leave prose online.. But today I unknowingly walked into this home that once took most of my time and energy, and my mood was also very complicated..     I’m glad my name is still on the web page, but I forgot my password when I entered again, and applied for another one again. I entered the ancient self as a tourist, with scattered words in the space, which made me feel a little cold.. I haven’t started writing for a long time. Some friends said: Your pen should be rusted. Actually, my mind is really rusted..     Some familiar faces, more new faces, still flickered on the front page. After browsing line by line, I feel like I’ve returned to my family, but there are many members in my family, many of whom I don’t know, so I can’t help feeling a little lonely in my heart..     I think I am really attached to this place. After all, it has also given a good time and filled many gaps in my memory. It has also made me know many friends and grow up myself..     Home is a place where wounds and masks can be stripped off, a place where you can be isolated from the world, a place where you can miss no matter how long you leave, a feeling that makes it difficult for you to give up. I am in this mood, so I am back to’ home’.[ Responsibility Editor: Chloe[ Original ]