as warm as spring

The cold wind once again attacked the town, setting off too many memories. Buttonwood leaves catch up with winter’s footsteps, leaving behind a confused figure, provoking pity. I don’t know since when, I slowly like the weather here.     In every abnormal change of weather, memories are raised, which is like an agreement that was born with a label for a lifetime.. The warm and spring-like heart quietly blooms in the winter, and can feel her fragrance, which can’t be forgotten like a light one..     In the middle of the night, the yellow light shines slightly on the campus, and stars can be seen when the window is opened. The rest of the dormitory was quiet with their breathing mixed unevenly, like the sound of raindrops trickling down the roof..     The wind blows on the leaves, and the leaves and leaves dance vaguely, warming each other at night, so pure as not to allow any impurities to seep in, and at a certain moment they stand out unusually.. Turn on the desk lamp and clearly see the dust flying in the air. The air feels frozen in an instant without any cracks..     No matter how the shadow changes, my mind stops here with the air, thinking of the phone call from my mother in the afternoon, and constantly telling me that you should wear more clothes when it’s cold, don’t catch a cold again, and your body is so poor … Ah, although she was very tired of her nagging at that time, my heart was still warm and unspeakable warmth.. In an hour in the afternoon, the mobile phone was filled with more than ten text messages, full as if in a mood.     Those are just words of blessing, simple greetings, but enough to warm me in this season. In the passage of time, some people always stand out in a special time. I suddenly thought of what a friend said to me. Time is a light that is getting stronger and stronger. As long as I can see a little light, I have hope.. Warm, also is so simple.     Shallow breathing, light end. One breath ends and the other begins. The part of the heart that suddenly shrinks or enlarges may only be remembered in a long and long dream, warm and warm. The palm of the hand is cold, hot water is poured into the empty mineral water bottle, the hot air rises at the bottom of the bottle in an instant, and the whole bottle slowly shrinks by half, the warm distance. Everything needs a carrier. If it wasn’t for the cold wind, I couldn’t detect these warm feelings.