A village that is slowly disappearing

The spacious and straight cement street was built when the village was connected. It was a few years ago, when no one would believe that the village would disappear slowly and raise funds to build the cement street.. The narrow hutongs left traces of the village before repairing the water and mud roads. The poplar trees lined the streets rustled with the wind, gray walls and red tiles on the houses were located in orderly courtyards.. This is my village.     I was born in this village and graduated from primary school to middle school. I never left the village. The village is lively in my memory.. Winter is the most carefree day of the year. When the sun comes out, the men, women and children in the village come out to bask in the sun. After lunch, I walked out of the house and chatted in groups.     Women don’t have leisure in their hands, some have sole, some knit sweaters, chatter and chat, and work in their hands is not stopped. The topic of women is nothing more than who does delicate sewing, who weaves sweaters with beautiful designs and novel designs, and sometimes they say who adds a new dress..     The men brought their children together to talk about the eastern parents, the western family’s short harvest, Kan Kan’s one-year harvest, the changes of each family, and who has a daughter-in-law for the boy and a husband’s family for the girl.. Or talk about how to celebrate the New Year. What kind of new year goods do you do.     The quietest ones are the old people, sitting next to a warm haystack or against a wall, narrowing their eyes and pulling up two sentences one after the other to show off their past and look forward to the future..     The happiest thing is that those children who are at home on Sunday play and play together, or gather around adults to listen to adults or let adults tell stories to them..     The glory of the past is no longer today. There were 1,000 people in the village. Now there are not a quarter of the people living in the village. Young people have gone to work in the city.. They settled in different cities, their children went to school in the city, and they didn’t come back to be reunited until the New Year holidays.     The middle-aged and elderly people living in the village, who work at sunrise and rest at sunset, grow their own acres of land. Solve your life. They have cultivated the land which has never been deserted. Now, it is winter again, the village has become deserted without the lively atmosphere of the past.. Maybe, when they can’t farm, they will go to different cities to join their children.     The excitement and laughter of the past seem to exist only in my memory. Maybe I have forgotten the laughter of the past, and maybe I will never have it again!     A few years later, with the process of urbanization, the village will slowly disappear.     Every time I stand at the entrance of the village and look at the distance, the unspeakable melancholy spreads in my heart, for the distant relatives, for the village that has gone into the sun, for this village that has slowly disappeared. I feel very deeply.     No one can stop the process of urbanization. The only thing that slowly disappeared was my village.