A man once said, ” I am your rice sand.”

I am not mo wake up, nor is su nianhan, no one will be my salvation, and no one can be my doom. – Wedges I stood wandering on the road, blazing sunshine grilling the earth, and a slight smoke on the asphalt pavement.. I stood on it barefoot. Its temperature quickly spread to my whole body. At that time, I remember someone once said to me, ” I am your rice sand.”.   It was a little full of sadness, and the weather was still a little cool, but sometimes hot air blew in, causing a crisp itch in the ears.. At that time, the electric fan was always spinning with a shout, causing a sharp pain in the eyes. I always stand in the dark corner and watch those arrogant people proclaim their happiness loudly. I heard their laughing voices trembling in the air, and those voices kept hitting my face with the hot wind, cooling half of my fantasy.   I’m like don’t wake up, a person hiding in a corner complaining about himself, seems to see through everything in the world, a person living quietly and haughtily.   On that night, when I heard me crying, the only one who comforted me said to me, ” I am your rice sand.”. At that time, the moon was far away and big. The sky was dark with no stars. Only a large cool breeze blew on my face, cool and cold, and then wet, falling on my lips and flowing into my mouth to be salty..   In the hourglass regulations, Misha is Mo’s best friend. As far as I am concerned, rice sand is a stabilizer when Mo wakes up and flushes. They are all children played tricks on by time. I seem to see the black sky in the distance torn by a tear, and a few tiny white lights are leaking out slowly and continuously from the inside.. They spread rapidly, from that opening to the whole sky, and the whole world began to shine and dazzle me.. This is clearly a strange world with breathtaking beauty and stunning beauty..   I began to publicize my happiness without restraint, and I began to ignore the surprised eyes of the people around me and constantly exaggerate the root cause of all my happiness worth my while..   Was I too naive or too stupid, was I too stupid or too stupid at that time?. I even stood in front of her with self-mockery and repeated his kindness to me loudly and continuously.. At that time, I ignored her gradually cooling eyes.   I attach importance to repeating a dream. I always dream that I am standing under a buttonwood tree with a white scarf. The leaves on the tree are turning from green to yellow gradually.. They are constantly swaying in the wind, they are shaking and falling, but they are caught in the footsteps of the branches and cannot dance in the wind.. The wind hit it. The voice of’ Hua Hua Hua’ constantly haunts my ears from light to heavy, from heavy to light. Constantly fade in and fade out. I sat on the bench under the tree, and the fading light gradually lost its original glow in the distance.. Suddenly all went out. I saw a dim figure in the distance by moonlight. He came to me, but suddenly turned away. The heavy pace of’ dadada’ gradually disappeared.   I always wake up in panic in the middle of the night. There was only darkness around and I was the only one with heavy breathing. I walked out of bed and drank the hot water in the cup, cup after cup, never tire until the water in the cup began to cool down. I began to wake up, then leaned against the head of a bed until I fell asleep.   I was wrong after all, but I still couldn’t beat fate.. Division has become my reason for complaining about the weather. I stood in the corridor on the second floor and looked at the 3322 crowd downstairs. I sighed and self-mocked my sadness.. God always pulls you to the edge of pain when you fall into a happy mood. I have no courage to tell myself that distance is not a problem. My fear always fades in my mind at some time.   This is my greatest skill – moaning without illness and feeling sentimental. Strangeness is a word that I dare not face again in my life. He is my sensitive source. Even if you don’t touch it. He is also like a brand, engraved on the bottom of my heart, can’t forget it.   Please forgive me for having to choose to give up. Because in this world, in the eyes of others, I am a monster, only suitable for a person to live humbly and only know the ability to cherish his sadness..Then one day, when I really die of happiness, others will start pointing at me and mocking, ” You see, she doesn’t like loneliness, doesn’t she like sadness?”? Now, this is the price of self – righteousness. At that time, I became the representative of those who have nothing and the model of strangers.   I still remember that cool night, those heavy words were vaguely engraved on my heart. I want to wait until I am old, I will still sit in my garden, and a person will indulge in these memories printed in my heart, and occasionally the wind will blow on my face, just like the night that gave me hope..   Chuci said: The greatest pain in life is to be separated from one’s beloved life, and the greatest joy in life is to have a new confidant..   As far as I am concerned, this is indeed the greatest pain in life.   If I hadn’t been so stubborn, would we end differently! If the time was different, could we not!   A man once said to me, ” I am your rice sand.”. There was a moment when I admitted that I smiled and tears fell out of my laughter.!   I would like to pay tribute to those beautiful memories and rice sands that once ceased to exist and are now truly engraved in my mind.!