The Healthy Atmosphere of CNKI

In the first ten days of August, I wrote an irrigation post to participate in the dragon – receiving game regulations and posted it on Kaidi, Zhejiang and Zhongzhi websites.     This is a pure entertainment version of the word game irrigation post, without touching the sensitive content of political views at all. Considering that the premise of this character – linked game is happiness, happiness, relaxation of mood and pleasure of body and mind, I relaxed the requirement of the character – linked game so long as the last character can be linked to the previous character, even if it is different in pronunciation and character, it conforms to the rules of the game and is not subject to the restrictions of idioms, even the words of four Chinese characters conform to the rules of the game..     My original irrigation post is naturally carried out according to my personal wishes.     It’s not surprising that five-hair molecules in Kaidi’s website are common to stir up posts.. However, for this pure entertainment version of the irrigation game post, five hair molecules did not come to stir up the post. Only the popularity of participating in the entertainment post is not high. After a few days, the post will naturally sink to the bottom of the sea. Surprisingly, I met a self-righteous’ intellectual’ person in Zhejiang HowNet, jumped into my game and started to fight with me with great fanfare, making offensive remarks, vicious invective, personal attacks, criticizing and interfering with the dragon – joining game. It was not like a’ intellectual’ saying from a university campus at all.. His performance is better than the poor performance of the low-level wumao, and his image is disgusting and despicable.     In order not to cause trouble and stir up trouble in this post, let the pure happy entertainment post suffer the bad luck of going against its path, happiness becomes angry and relaxation becomes tense.. So the editor, with my approval, deleted the post and did not appear any more, lest someone should always have a bad heart and play tricks of fighting and pressing people. In CNKI, it makes me feel at home. After this post was released on CNKI, I was extremely happy and happy, because the release of this post has achieved the purpose and effect I expected to be relaxed and happy.. Not only did no one stir up the posts, but they also received active attention, active participation and strong support from China Knowledge Network Super Moderator Long Xing Tianxia, Moderator Shepherd Girl, and other netizens such as Life’s Five Flavors, Old Well 1, Gun God, Zhiluo Laozhao, Embracing Happiness, etc.. Until today, this entertainment version of the game post is still showing the momentum of enthusiasm, with people showing their talents and connecting high-level words every day.. This makes me heartily happy. The participation and support of my friends are the greatest encouragement and help to me and make me feel the joy of living in this atmosphere.. The text docking of netizens is so wonderful that they are dazzled and dazzled.. They are quick in thinking, brilliant in writing and impressive in writing.     In the positive atmosphere of China Knowledge Net, I feel a fresh mood of warmth, friendship and heart-width and body – peace. The words written in this atmosphere are the process of enjoying life and the environment. People who deal with words don’t want to be disturbed by the attacks and invective that are filled with smoke. We want a quiet life, a healthy and happy life and a good and upward life.. I feel this kind of atmosphere is a kind of sunshine writing environment with pleasant spirit and pleasant facial expression, dealing with words, and this kind of atmosphere like CNKI is recognized and welcomed by us..