Beauty is fleeting, and love is precious

Cherish the spring often afraid of early spring, what’s more, countless red.     In late spring, I accompanied my sister to do hair and look at the two similar faces and eyebrow eyes in the mirror, but one is still young and the other eye is full of ripples that have blown over the years.. It feels as if the trance is still a young and mature one. How can be time sneak attack, changed shape?     Vaguely remember – when I was a child, I always followed my sister like a small tail, and a face of adoration kept asking questions.. At that time, my sister was not only the embodiment of beauty but also a synonym for wisdom in my eyes.. Remember when my sister got married, I hid behind the door admiringly to see her rosy face full of happiness, then took my mother’s hand and asked when I could grow into a sister! Now, I have grown up, but my sister is getting older. She was once omniscient and often needed me to help her decide. I love to talk about all kinds of troubles in my life. Unconsciously, we seem to have changed places. More often, I would like to stand in front of her and hold up a sky.. Whenever this happens, I feel happy and sad in my heart. Happiness can share her sorrow. Sad time’s heartless, beauty is easy to die.     The years are in a hurry, and when we look old, we have only sighs in addition to laments.. How long can I stay young in the mirror? It’s always the enemy’s sword of time, but it can’t make people old.. Only hope, at the most beautiful moment, some people cherish it and others appreciate it, and finally they haven’t missed the beauty of this blooming season..     If there is no one to admire the flowers, they should also be swaying, leaving fragrance curled up and blossom into a beautiful beauty..     Finally changed a fresh hairstyle, sister suddenly looked much younger. Holding up her sister, she walked out and bought a beautiful dress to help her recover her lost youth in her confidence..