Grandma Wang Huan

Although my grandmother gave me only ten years of kinship in my life, she gave me fresh and lasting memories. Grandma added a beautiful color to my childhood and made my young heart feel infinite warmth.    I remember grandma often wearing a black old coat with a big pocket sewn in it. As long as grandma’s hand reaches into the pocket, I feel happy waving to me again.! Because grandma’s pocket was filled with some fruit candy and pumpkin seeds that her mother and aunt showed filial respect to her, grandma could not bear to eat them, and almost all of them were eaten by me and my brother.. For me, who is young and hungry, that ordinary pocket is really a happy gourd. For this reason, I often stare at grandma’s hand. Although grandma loves her brother most on weekdays, it may have something to do with her elder brother being the boss, perhaps because her elder brother will coax her old man’s house to be happy. In short, grandma always prefers her brother and wants to give him more food. Since I was a child, I always find little tricks secretly played by grandma and her brother, and always appear in front of them at the first time. grandma was embarrassed and had to give me some delicious food originally reserved for her brother..    After my brother left as a soldier, I was the only one to have my grandma’s baby pocket. Every night when I go to bed, I always like to sit on the kang with grandma. Grandma always rubs her back with a corncob. When there is no place to rub it, I will put my small hand in and tickle her. Maybe it’s the reason why she is too old. Every time I tickle her, I will always leave white dander in my nails.. Granny, who is extremely comfortable, will always give me a few candies from that treasure bag. Grandma’s pocket sweet my childhood, full of the best memories of my childhood.    In fact, grandma’s pocket is full of her life, bad karma’s toiling life.    I know very little about grandma’s life. I only remember grandma wrapped in her feet and thought she was a rich girl and condescended to marry us in the lee family.. As for whether this is the case, I didn’t ask grandma, nor did my father say that I didn’t know grandma’s life until I grew up. Granny was originally born in a poor wang xing family in the village.    Granny was born in troubled times, in the wind, in the rain, and has experienced many vicissitudes of life. During the Anti – Japanese War, our hometown was occupied area, and small devils often went to the countryside to harass people and plunder people’s wealth.. When I was a child, I often asked grandma if she had seen Japanese soldiers, and grandma would angrily say, ” Why not?”? Devils are small, wearing heavy big leather shoes, and have a black and calm mournful face and don’t talk at all..    When grandma married grandpa, her family was destitute, and they were toiling hard to hope to raise children hand in hand, the blind god somehow took away my capable, respected and hopeful grandpa, leaving only four sons and one daughter to the widowed grandma.! Grandma had to pull the young child alone and live a miserable life. In order to survive, she ate up all the hardships and suffered all the sins. I worked as a short-term worker for the landlord’s family and sewed and washed clothes for the neighbor’s family.. My uncle, father and aunt, instead of starving to death and freezing to death, purchased several acres of farmland before liberation and gained a firm foothold in the village under her hard work..    When I was six or seven years old, grandma was already an ancient person. At that time, the parents worked in the production team all day long, and grandma took on all the housework. Her little feet kept wriggling and wriggling, washing clothes and cooking for the whole family, and feeding pigs, sheep and chickens.. The industrious grandmother continued to work until the last moment of her life.    The miserable life not only created grandma’s strong character, but also filled grandma’s pocket with kindness. In the sixties and seventies of the last century, there were often people from Henan and Hebei who fled to our village to beg. Grandma always pulls beggars aside, quietly gives them something to comfort them. Granny still treats foreigners like this, and she is even more responsive to her neighbors and neighbors. Due to her good mind and willingness to help others, grandma’s reputation in the village has always been very high. No matter where she goes, she keeps saying hello..    Grandma has always been in good health. I thought she would live a long life. Who wants to leave us in a hurry one day after her brother joined the army?. At that time, I was still young. I don’t know why grandma suddenly fell ill. Now that I think about it, grandma is already very old, and she misses her brother so much that she becomes ill.. Remember that day of that year, grandma seemed to have sensed the ghost and knew she was leaving.. After getting up, I only asked my mother when she would come back and lay in bed without food until dusk. She died at the age of 88.. Grandma walked so calmly and peacefully, as if she had just rested comfortably after a day’s work yesterday, her deep belly breathing slightly stirred her toothless lips and slowly quietly fell into the most beautiful dreamland of life.. Granny suffered hardships all her life. She was kind to others and died well. Let’s be the younger generation and feel a little comfort in grief..    Grandma died nearly 45 years ago. Although she had already turned into clouds in the sky, many memories are still as clear as yesterday in my memory.. Granny’s old age is just my childhood period. Because of grandma’s love, my gray childhood of hunger and suffering has some bright colors. Because these bitter memories are mixed with some sweetness, I will never forget them..    Grandma, who runs through the river of my memory, is a person worthy of my eternal admiration!