Father loves deeply

When I mention the word’ father’, such a picture will appear in my mind. In the vast field, father’s left hand plowed and his right hand raised a long bullwhip, swinging a crisp sound from time to time in a graceful arc. With the noise, the hard and solid land will be ploughed one by one, and the land will be completely tender and soft, like stepping on a carpet..   The healthy cow trained by her father to understand’ command’ is as obedient as a loyal soldier. Although she walked slowly, she was full of vigor. Her father, with a happy smile on her face, formed a poetic farming map in the sunset. Every time she went home to meet her father, I would stop at a distance and appreciate the moving scenery in a debt of gratitude..   Today, such scenery has become a passing smoke cloud, which is rare even in remote rural areas..   Therefore, every time I go back to my hometown, my father will talk to me about ploughing the land, and often at this moment, his seemingly calm eyes will immediately become bright and bright..   Talking about this matter, my father was like telling a feat, or the most brilliant experience in his life, very comfortable, and then, like drinking a cup of strong wine that has existed for many years, the whole people were drunk, even I, the observer, seemed to follow into that special era..   Appreciating the smile on my father’s face bursting with satisfaction and stroking the thick veins of veins stood out made by years, my heart became particularly heavy. For so many years, my father has lived in obscurity, working at sunrise and resting at sunset … Ah, think about it, we owe him too much as children..   After enjoying the joy of the one-act play, I also grew up slowly, and then grew up slowly. In an instant, I also became a father..   As the saying goes, only when you are in charge can you know how expensive firewood and rice are, and only when you have a son can you know how hard your mother is.. Accompanied by the crystallization of love, education for children also came along with children’s cries..   The daughter was born a boy, not restrained, with a loud voice and a very naughty voice..   In kindergarten, when the teacher was writing on the blackboard, the little guy either took the children out of the classroom secretly or went down to the table to play toys alone. The teacher said softly, she didn’t listen and criticized a few words. She grabbed the bag and said she would go home.. Or climb up and drill through the air, make some dangerous actions, make the teachers nervous, regard her as a’ living treasure’ general key guardianship, for fear that something will go wrong as soon as they leave the line of sight..   As a result, parents became ” scapegoats” and were invited to ” classes” from time to time by teachers, to repeat such words, the child was daring and could not be educated, and so on.   The child’s temperament is very clear to my wife and I, and for this reason, I also beat her several times with my face, but after a few days, it still remains the same..   So three transgressions, again good temper will also be angered. Without me, even a wife who has always been gentle has become my ” eye – catching” and ” eye – catching”. Love to see the daughter who participated in the Water Margin Regulations, in private, simply used the nickname ” Break Fire Qin Ming” on her. In the child’s voice of ha ha, she seemed to dismiss her wife’s ” admonition.”.   Fortunately, because of my work, I don’t often stay at home, and I can’t see the net..   My wife worries a lot and always complains about it when she comes home. Because they have been together for a long time, the child slowly finds out the habits of her wife and scolds her every time. Her wife has just said the first half sentence. She will say the next sentence you want to open your mouth for you, making you smile hard..   Sometimes I also play some small tricks: ” Mom and Dad asked you to take me to the park this Sunday.”. Then, he quietly fell on his mother’s ear and said, ” mom, dad said he would go to the park this Sunday.”. ‘ On one occasion, my wife and I quarreled over the lock of our lives, and she shouted ” Stop.”! You two are still not good friends? I found out that father is better to his mother, and mother is not doing well, while mother is better to his father, and father is not doing well.. ‘ A” Battle” and’ Fighting’ so let her get yellow.   Similar examples abound. For this reason, my father said less than 100 times that this is a ” son of a bitch.”. Although he said so, his father still liked her very much from the heart.   Every time I go back to my hometown to visit my father, I dream. I often wake up from my dream in the middle of the night, get up clothed and stare at my father’s picture. I always wonder, is this the tall and burly father of the past? However, reality has forced me to admit the cruel fact that my father is lame! Father is old!   Father was strong in physique when he was young. Listen to grandma said, once, the father of village soldier company commander led murakami men, women and children to dig the jiaolai river. At that time, there were many village people together, and everyone was unwilling to lag behind.. My father, who was strong and strong, stole the show on the’ battle’ field and left a deep impression on many people in other villages.. Up to now, from time to time, people have come to talk to their father, looking for bits and pieces of that era.   Often when the chatterboxes were opened, they were out of control, spitting and laughing, and smoking everywhere. Someone shouted for dinner at the door and had to stop in the reluctant to part..   I remember one time, my father led us to plant willow and poplar berms on the repaired Jiaolai river bank.. When carrying water for watering trees, my father carried a bucket in addition to two buckets of water. He happened to meet commune cadres to check the construction situation. He saw his father walking along the road without shaking his feet, carrying three buckets of water, immediately stopped and said, ” You are a half – labourer”. From then on, ” half – labourer” was called out by everyone.. Since then, whenever there are large-scale construction tasks, father has taken the lead in the war. If father is absent for a while, commune cadres will ask ” half – labor”? That’s the nickname that inspires the young father. In what era was he simply saved his life.   Father’s leg began to limp from the year of the flower nail: it was difficult to walk, and it swelled as soon as he walked more than once.. Later, the bone was in the wrong position, and he limped even more.. Despite spending a lot of money and many years of treatment, it still doesn’t work. The doctor said that this was a root planted in youth that could not be cured, but was resisted by taking medicine.   My family and I both think that the disease was caused by the people who led the village to dig the river, and many villagers said the same thing..I also asked my father, but he always said that I had no choice as a communist party member and he never regretted it..   Father is telling the truth. My great grandfather was a ” miser”, but his family was solid. According to the old generation, my old grandfather hired a short-term worker when he was busy farming, and all the people who walked to the market with their hands on a row and a half streets came to work, because fame was not afraid of not paying wages..   Great – grandfather’s family, can be said to be mules and horses, cattle and sheep full circle, at that time was a great ” big rich man”. But such a rich man is a miser. People call him ” poor calculation” in private..   His family law is very strict. He has to have a look at what he eats at every meal. He can never let a person eat and starve to death..   However, the good times were not long. Soon, the Home Returning Corps came, and the great grandfather was turned into a landlord, and all his possessions were confiscated. In this way, he praised the old grandfather for his life’s possessions. He became a pauper, and soon the old grandfather died..   Because of this, my father did not know how many times he had stood the test when he joined the Party.. So father, who has struggled to step into the party’s door, cherishes this title very much, which may also be one reason why he is willing to do his best when working?   Fortunately, my father is still a very optimistic person. At least he has always been strong in front of us. Just like when I was a soldier, my father sent me to the leader’s hand by himself, saying only, ” Do well in the army and don’t be returned.”. ‘ just don’t look back to go. At that time, my mood was very depressed. I watched other parents, relatives and friends around talking and laughing while I was alone. I could not help but shed tears and even hate my father.. My mother was supposed to send me, but my father did not let my mother come, saying that when a boy grows up, he will learn such big words as independence..   In this way, more than ten years ago, I envied somebody else and hated my father for stepping on the journey of becoming a soldier, and the feeling of home was also disappearing day by day. My comrades Xinbing even cried and homesick. I didn’t even have that idea. Therefore, the ” careless” Xinbing monitor also set me up as an example.   The rising warmth for home began one month after the next. Mother told me: Your father was afraid that his son would be sent back in the army if he couldn’t stand it! At that time, the son of a branch secretary in a neighboring village was returned because he could not eat in the army, and his father could not lift his head when he saw people.. Therefore, a father with a low culture can only cut off his son’s attachment to his family in this way. My mother also said that during the Spring Festival, my father, a strong man, secretly cried and even filled a bowl of dumplings on the table during the reunion dinner … In June 2000, I was ordered to go to Fujian Channel Station for an internship..   Shortly thereafter, the medical report of the mother’s terminal cancer was presented to her father.. In order to reassure me of my studies, my father kept the news from me until my mother died. I didn’t even see my mother’s face, which became my regret for the rest of my life.   I resent my father a little, but I understand that his father, as an old party member, has his own unique views on some matters, although sometimes he is not understood.   Sure enough, my idea was confirmed. Once I went home, I saw my father studying the ” Three Represents” theoretical study book. His father studied very seriously, not only writing circles in the book, but also making reading notes..   In my notebook, I found my father’s ” secret”. Under the persuasion of neighbors, father went superstitious for his mother for the only time, but he didn’t ” beg” for her life..   My father has been deeply regretful about this matter, and he wrote: knowing the laws of nature of life, death and illness, I, an old party member, would also ” stumble” in this respect, which is blasphemy to the party. I really can’t forgive myself..   Pen emotional surge, father’s dribs and drabs in the mind. Think carefully, how many feelings in life should be brought by the father, and how much to be loved is the father’s love? Father’s love is deep!   Leisurely, a poem emerged in my mind . Ah, father is a boat?   Carrying our harmony, warmth and dreams?   In the midst of the storm?   One oar and one oar shake away the difficulties of the years?   When the boat was worn out?   We sailed into the sheltered harbor?   Father is a history?   Wrinkles engraved with humiliation also have brilliant?   White hair is sweet as well as hard?   Hands full of calluses?   What holds up is a brilliant tomorrow, and we grow up?   Father is old?   . Ah Tong Lian: Liu Yudong, Secrets Department, Municipal Construction Bureau, 251 Dongfeng East Street, Weifang 261031