Dumb mother

Once, a good friend and I drank wine, and when the drinker was drunk, he told a story about his own experience … Ah, my mother was deaf, and my family had originally lived in a very remote countryside.. There are two brothers and three sisters in the family. And I am the youngest in the family. Although I was the youngest, my mother was the only one in the family who hurt me. As soon as I was born, I had a large blue-purple birthmark on my forehead. This was a very’ unknown’ sign in the countryside at that time.   After I was born, my mother had no milk. Later, I heard that there was a cousin of mine in nearby liu village. She had a lot of extra milk. My mother hugged me three times a day to ” ask for milk.”. This has been going back and forth for several hours. Because of this, my mother didn’t have much work to do at home, and she was often scolded by her grandmother and father.. Such a happy time is not long, and soon the seriously ill father left us. The burden of the family is completely on my mother alone. From then on, the family hated me even more because I was the’ unknown’ thing that killed my father in their hearts. It was also from that time on that none of the children in the village played with me any more, and everyone was hiding from me. Grandma tried to throw me away several times, but every time my mother found me again after asking for forgiveness..   Remember that winter, I had a high fever and was burning all over my body.. Mother thought of many ways, but none of them worked. Later, my’ silly’ mother was wearing only a thin dress herself and then stood in the snow, holding me in her room when her body was particularly cold, hoping to get rid of the fever for me in this way.. However, this still has little effect. So the mother finally went to ask uncle and uncle for them. But they wanted me to die early! Mother knocked her forehead with blood, but uncle never promised to send me to the hospital.   At this moment, my stubborn mother resolutely carried me up and quickly ran to a hospital dozens of miles away from home. along the way, her mother did not know how many times she fell. Fortunately, my life is really hard. The doctor said that if I came an hour later, I would really’ go’.   Later, I started school. But since the time when I was called a monster by my classmates and cried not to go to school again, the poor mother made an amazing decision again: to take me to the provincial capital for an operation and remove the large piece of blue and purple birthmark on my forehead.. I still remember my mother’s tearful smile after my operation. But I learned later that she and my brothers and sisters paid a heavy price for this in the future. The mother then slept only a few hours a day and found several jobs outside, getting up early and getting dark every day, resulting in complete exhaustion and serious illness.. My second brother and elder sister took the initiative to give up their studies and go out to work because they did not want to see their mother so tired. The other brothers and sisters are frugal, concentrating all their love on me at home.   Later, I finally went to college and then went to study in the United States. In the second year of my study abroad, my mother was not only diagnosed with advanced lung cancer, but also with diabetes and gastric cancer.. My poor mother, God is so unfair to her that she did not live a safe and happy day.. Until the hospital issued another notice of imminent danger, she still refused to let several older brothers and sisters tell me that she had done so, fearing that I might worry and delay my study.. Later yisow finally felt sorry and secretly called me. she said, ” bro, if you don’t come back, you won’t see mom again …” I hurried to the hospital and saw her seriously ill lying in bed. The illness had already completely tortured her out of shape. But when my mother saw me come back, she smiled at me very hard and tears in her eyes.. When I saw this scene, I could not bear my emotions any longer. Tears finally came down. I immediately knelt on the ground and cried loudly to Niang … Niang … Niang … she couldn’t hear me all my life, as if she had heard my call. She held my hands tightly, just as she gave birth to me 26 years ago and raised me with her hands. That was silent maternal love. That was the echo of the heart of love, and that was the beginning of her suffering..   As long as there is love in this world, life is immortal.     Author Li Yuliang