Brother – in – law is back

On the evening of September 4, 2014, I just returned home from the construction site. Three aunts said to me, ” Your sister’s home ( brother – in – law ) is back, you go and talk to him.”. I was surprised. However, after 189 years, at this time of Mid – Autumn Festival, brother-in-law can come back to see my parents and my sister. Anyway, I still want to meet my brother – in – law. When the car was pushed home, it went into the yard where parents cooked and saw brother-in-law standing in the yard.. He said, ” Brother, you’re back.”? Then stretched out his hand and brother-in-law hands together. This is the first time in my life to shake hands with my brother – in – law. Then said, ” elder brother, come and sit in the house! A little later, my sister also came to chat with my brother.     It has been nearly 20 years since I saw my brother – in – law. I heard my sister say, ” Xiao Rui ( niece ) ) divorced me when I was 14 years old.”. ‘ Listen to your father again: ” When you got married ( on the eve of New Year’s Day in 1996 ), your sister’s family also drove back to welcome you.”. Later, I gave him money and he said nothing. However, I don’t know when he divorced your sister. Sister is ten years older than me. I remember when I was a child, when I went to grandma’s house with my mother every Spring Festival, I saw some awards my sister received on the wall of grandma’s cabin.. Remember those testimonials or top three students or advanced workers. I also remember my sister telling me to study hard when she gave me two or five cents or one yuan of new year’s money..     When I was older, I didn’t know that my sister and I were the same mother and different father. According to my father, my sister’s father is my grandmother’s door-to-door son – in – law. When my mother was pregnant, he thought my mother was bad and bad. He wanted to divorce her on the grounds that my mother was lazy and lazy.. But mother firmly disagreed. ( In fact, he is holding the mentality that if a mother has a boy, she will live a good life, and if she has a girl, she will divorce. ) so the marriage lasted only a few years. When her sister was three years old, her father divorced her mother. My sister was raised by her mother. My mother washed her face with tears all day. Later, my aunt’s father-in-law came forward to find my grandmother and set up a match between my father and mother for the media.. My sister lived in my grandmother’s house for several years, and when I was a teenager, my sister’s father had to leave without her knowing her father and mother.. ( Because the elder sister’s father has had several more marriages during this period, but none of those women gave birth to a man and a woman for him. ). ) ) if it weren’t for a few years ago, parents heard aunt complain that her sister didn’t know how to repay her kindness, ” the sister’s parents-in-law and father didn’t go to her aunt and uncle for help until she became a city official job.”. Retired now and old-age pension. ‘ The reason why my sister was taken away will always be a mystery. In this way, my parents have been kept in the dark for decades. My father was angry and said to my aunt, ” Even if I am not Mingzhi’s biological father, is your sister-in-law Mingzhi’s mother?”? It’s ok not to let me know, but you shouldn’t hide from your sister – in – law. ‘ At first, I came to my sister’s house around 1983, when my sister and brother-in-law lived in the north of the present Yuzhong textile factory, in the family yard diagonally opposite to the leather products factory at that time.. A row of low-rise red brick and tile houses is also small in area. The sun was shining in the quiet small courtyard and some unknown flowers in the courtyard. I asked my sister to know that there was one pot called asparagus and the other one called mimosa.. There is also a basin called clivia. At that time, I heard for the first time and saw these flowers for the first time. I also went to my sister’s house several times with my brother.. In April 1989, because the work had just been distributed for less than a year, the unit efficiency was not good either. I can’t pay for more than half a year and I’m in a low mood.. So I want to ask my sister for some money to buy a radio. At that time, no consideration was given to her sister’s family situation at all. My sister lived in an upstairs on the south side of Xuchang Thermal Power Plant and on the north side of the cement plant. I went upstairs on the welding stairs outside.. After explaining the reason to my sister, she gave me 20 yuan. The environment there is very bad. What is striking every day is the fly ash on the poplar leaves on the roadside and in the brick joints of the house. The sky is also full of dust and the blue sky and white clouds are not visible all day long..The elder brother took over the project of the company’s dormitory building in 1997 because the building was close to a nearby family, and later learned in a chat with the owner of the family that her sister had divorced at that time because her brother-in-law had found a younger sister outside.. When we first heard about it, we still didn’t believe it. After asking elder sister, elder sister said the truth, and also let hide from mother, afraid of mother so sad. In 1998, during the period when my wife was admitted to the hospital due to childbirth, I was very moved when I saw my sister arrive at the hospital early in the morning with a lunch box ( inside or cooked chicken soup or other food ). I’m thinking that when my son grows up, he must know how to treat his aunt. It was not until 2002, when my sister got married for the second time, did my mother know about it.     In 2006, after her niece had a baby, her sister has been living in her niece’s home. At that time, I didn’t know my sister was divorced again. Two marital setbacks have caused great harm to the sister’s body and mind. I don’t know when, as if in 2011, my mother said, ” Now I have a lot of forgetfulness and I can’t remember where I put my things.”. So money and other things are not lost less. On several occasions, your sister came back from Zhengzhou to buy something, either on the train or on the bus. Sometimes I get lost. ‘ at that time, also don’t know sister has appeared brain atrophy. People who had suffered from brain atrophy became unhappy and unfriendly.. My sister lives in her niece’s home. My niece and nephew’s son-in-law are busy working and not at home during the day, and my sister is even more lonely.. My niece is also very upset about this. Therefore, this spring, the niece sent her sister back to our family. I hope my sister can live happily and livelier in the love of her parents and our siblings.. After her return, although living conditions were not as good as those of her niece, her sister could go to vegetable garden activities with her parents during the day, see all kinds of vegetables growing in the garden, share the warm sunshine and listen to the birds singing in the trees.. In the evening, you can also talk to our brother, sister and several sisters at home, or talk with your parents about things you can remember. In order to get better as soon as possible, my sister keeps exercising backwards, independence of golden rooster, or playing with walnuts, all of which are beneficial to brain activity and promote brain microcirculation..     It was unexpected that brother-in-law could come back after nearly 19 years. Later, I learned from my sister that the reason was because my niece kept chatting with her brother-in-law about WeChat after watching the movie to participate in the return regulation, hoping to influence her brother – in – law.. I also heard my sister say that her brother-in-law once came back a few days ago and left her two thousand yuan when she left, but her sister, mother and sister were adamant not to do so.. My sister said, ” What my sister needs is not money, but affection and love. You can always come back to see my sister, better than anything.”. Sister and brother-in-law are nearly sixty years old. I don’t know if brother-in-law has had a good time over the years. I only hope my sister can get better as soon as possible. I only hope my sister can have a happier and happier life.!