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[ Introduction ]A small courtyard planted with loofah will naturally have the convenience of’ getting the moon before the water floor’, picking off a few or three loofah and cleaning them after peeling them gently, and a dish of fried loofah, or fried eggs of loofah, or fried beans of loofah..       Today, while the soil was still wet, I took down a large old loofah hanging on the windowsill of the backyard, took out the loofah seeds inside, visually selected full seeds, mixed with a little compound fertilizer, and added a large shovel of chicken manure as base fertilizer, so I planted a dozen loofah seeds on the corner of the backyard.. As the saying goes, ” Before and after the Qingming Festival, grow melons and beans”. Think carefully. It’s not too late to grow melons today! Luffa does not have’ deep buckwheat cover, shallow wheat cover, and soybean only covers half of its face’. After the foundation fertilizer is laid, it is only necessary to cover a layer of soil gently, but when Luffa vines begin to climb, it is best to add a thick layer of fat soil around Luffa roots to ensure the nutrition of Luffa all season..     I remember planting loofah in the same place last year. When the temperature is right, the melon seeds will sprout in about seven or eight days after planting. Wait until a few real leaves grow to make sure that the seedlings can survive, then remove the excess seedlings and leave four or five plants, so as not to absorb too much proper nutrients and cause loofah to reduce production.! At this time, a proper amount of farm manure was poured on, and after a few days, the seedlings grew to a foot in the backyard.. Looking at the enchanting posture of the seedlings, quickly take out the bean rack ( batten or bamboo ) placed in the small attic in the first year, insert it into the soil from several inches away from the loofah seedlings, lean against the wall, and let the loofah seedlings climb up the top of the chicken ring along the bean rack. In July and August, when the heat hits the head, the loofah vines and big triangular or nearly circular leaves climbing on the roof are the central air conditioner for the natural cooling and heat prevention of the chicken ring. Lead a few melon seedlings along the other bean racks to the wooden rack net already prepared in the small yard. All summer, the lush towel gourd rack is a happy paradise for me and my son to have fun with. The flowers of loofah, though not as graceful and rich as peony, not as fragrant and fragrant as gardenia, and not as proud and respectable as wintersweet, can also attract butterflies among the greenery, making the yard full of vitality. ” The vines twine around the vines and tie up Qian Qian knot, and the flowers’ are the most true portrayal. In the hot season, at noon in the sun, under the melon rack, my son and I spread a mat on the ground and lay comfortably on it, counting the loofah, one root, two root and three root falling overhead… We don’t even know when to go to sleep. We don’t even feel surprised when my mother-in-law comes to pick loofah for dinner. In summer, loofah on the shelf witnessed my son and I sleeping in a state of embarrassment. In the evening, after taking a bath, the family basked in some toilet water to prevent mosquitoes and moved out of several chairs. The family grew up in a short family under the towel gourd rack and talked to their neighbors. Only when the room temperature in the family dropped did they return to their respective rooms to rest.. Song Dynasty Du Beishan’s participation in the singing of loofah ”’ Lonely hedge households entering the spring sound, not seeing the mountain face is also self – clearing. Days of rain and clear autumn grass grow, and loofah grows along the upper tile wall. The scenes of life related to loofah in the farm yard reflect the beautiful poems of the ancients, with scenery in the poems and scenery in the poems!     A small yard planted with loofah will naturally have the convenience of ” getting the moon before the water floor”, picking a few or three loofah and cleaning it after peeling, and a dish of fried loofah, or fried loofah eggs, or fried loofah beans, or fried loofah tomato egg soup, etc. farm dishes, though not comparable to the full banquet of Manchu and Han, are delicious, but can also demonstrate the noble character that farmers can create a better life through labor.. I’m proud to tell you: Luffa is a treasure all over the body and can be used for medicine. It has the effects of cooling, diuresis, promoting blood circulation, dredging channels, detoxifying and beautifying. Luffa contains B vitamins to prevent skin aging and vitamin C to whiten skin, which can protect skin and eliminate patches, making skin white and delicate. Luffa juice has a special function of maintaining skin elasticity and can beautify and wrinkle. Therefore, Luffa juice is called ” Beauty Water” and ladies who love beauty, so don’t miss such economical and practical food.! Women’s eating more loofah also helps to regulate menstruation. Luffa is rich in vitamin C, so it has anti-scurvy function and anti-virus and anti-allergy effects.. Women with irregular menstruation, tired body, cough due to phlegm and dyspnea, and puerperal milk shortage are recommended to eat loofah more, while those with weak body and cold inside and diarrhea are not recommended to eat more.. The old man in the family told me that using the old towel gourd beaten with frost, mashing it into paste, steaming it in a bowl over water, adding white sugar to eat it three times a day, and taking it for several consecutive years in the same season has obvious effects on patients with bronchitis and chronic cough.!     After 90 days, the towel gourd vines severely beaten by frost withered in the autumn wind, standing on a small square stool, picked off all the old towel gourd hanging, hung them on the windowsill in the backyard for natural cooling, and also prepared melon seeds for the coming year. Later on, the peeled reticular old watermelon pulp was used to wash dishes and farm houses to make happy housewives sing the theme of low-carbon life.! At the corner of the courtyard, planting a few loofah trees can really cope with your whims in the summer, whether you eat or use them! It is the favorite food of domestic pigs to cut off the lush melon leaves and cut up and cook the inedible loofah with a proper amount of rice bran.! There is a beautiful article praising loofah like this: ” The grass roots are the same as the spring and autumn period, and the natural and unrestrained feelings prevail over princes.”. Wandering around the small garden to find poetry and not compete with the rich and powerful. ‘ Luffa, wisps are sentient beings, wisps of Hui Wanjia!