A greeting for ten spring

Turn on the computer and see a message” Kim, the card number is sent. Your birthday is coming soon. ‘ I’ve been busy recently, and I didn’t even realize my birthday was coming. When I saw this message, there was a feeling of perplexity. Tears slipped down unconsciously and condensed into ice on both sides of the cheek, saying that it was tender and gentle, but at the moment it kept a different warmth all the time..     I have known her for more than 20 years and have always regarded her as a friend and confidant.. When I was a child, I often shed tears because my parents didn’t let me go to her house to play.. When they grow up, they are far away from each other, maybe a year or a few years before they meet again. In the past, a mooncake from her hometown was delivered to her every Mid – Autumn Festival. Unfortunately, it was not available this year. I’m really sorry. It’s just tonight’s message that makes me irrepressible to recall in my mind the happiness I had with her every moment before.. Really, it’s not my tears, it’s the tears of the night, it’s not under my control at all, but it’s a warm drop. I suddenly wanted to give her a call, but I endured it again. I think, what will she be doing at the moment, will she be disturbed to rest at this late hour.     The air was filled with warmth, like lilies, faint and fragrant. Your greeting is better than ten spring days. And I just want to say to you in silence: ” No matter how hard and rainy you come, I will pick you up.”. ”