Feeling of pain

[ Editor’s Note ][ Participation ]Pain Feeling Regulations show that people only realize the existence of family ties when they are ill, and realize that the journey of life is like physical pain, passing through, tasting, hurting and hurting, only then can they feel calm after recovering from a major illness, know to cherish their own body and cherish the plain happiness they have.. When I clearly felt my existence, it was noon the next day. My husband said that I had been asleep for nearly twenty hours. What’s the matter with me? Didn’t I get well yesterday?? I want to sit up, but I don’t have any strength. After sleeping for so long, I don’t know what children eat or wear. Sir said, ” if you don’t get sick, you don’t get sick. if you get sick, you frighten people to death.”. Lie down and don’t worry too much. Did you know that you had a high fever last night and said you couldn’t, you must go to the website and say something to your pen pal, or they will miss you and worry about you all the time. Mr.’ said this in a relaxed tone, but I recognized his pain. He added: ” I am too busy. You have always looked after me. I will treat you well in the future.”. I understand why you still sit in front of the computer without turning on the computer, because there are your works and pen pals online, that’s all your emotional sustenance! Hearing this, I had the impulse to cry impudently, how much moved and how much guilt poured into my mind at the same time … Ah, the summer sun is pouring violently into the earth, and the eyes of the stabbing people are aching.. Hot and dry air mixed with the smell of dust came head – on. I took a few deep breaths and felt that all this was no longer fidgety and much more comfortable.. I haven’t been ill for two years. The disease has really come down like a mountain, making people feel vulnerable to human life, especially for people like me who have potential health problems.. Life is like a spring at any time, so I have always cherished my body and the ordinary life of every day.. Yesterday, I was already ill. I thought it was too hot and I would be fine in a few minutes.. After coming home from work, I used to sit in front of the computer, chatting with my friends while writing articles. I have already felt the ache of all my muscles, my head is giddy, my heart is stuffy and I can’t breathe. But the pen pal said, long time no see, hope to talk. I don’t want my friend to be disappointed, but I still sit there and talk seriously and tell about my illness. But my friend may be busy answering other people’s words, and he even said ” well” several times.. I suddenly felt that this virtual world was really boring. Who would treat a person wholeheartedly like me. Perhaps when you sit straight in front of the computer and talk about your true feelings regardless of the pain, you are only in the corner below in his computer, waiting for him to click at will after he is busy.. Suddenly feel very tired, said goodbye off the line. The pain made me too late to turn off the computer and go to the living room drowsily and fall asleep on the sofa.. At first, I also felt that the study was too hot. The cold air in the air conditioner here made me feel much better, at least it could be lifted up. Soon, the pain in the whole body intensified and the whole people felt floating.. Did I really have a serious illness? I knew very well that I couldn’t wake up. I only felt my body was placed on a volcano, and the raging fire was burning me, tearing me apart. It was extremely painful. That kind of flesh and blood pain. I really can’t stand it. God, let me free, either put out the fire or let me quickly turn to ashes. Don’t torture me.. I don’t know how long after that, the familiar voice sounded in my ear: ” mom …” mandy … ” I heard it. it was Mr and daughter calling. I tried to open my eyes and couldn’t see anything, but the tall and short figure must be Mr. and my baby daughter. ‘ Why don’t you call me? It’s all burning like this.” I heard the husband talking and my daughter crying. At this moment, my tears can no longer help but pull down and flow down my neck along my ears. No matter how strong and capable I am at ordinary times, I still depend on my relatives at this moment.! At ordinary times, I always feel that no one loves and cares about me. I really can’t afford to be ill. What kind of pain will I leave them! My husband and daughter scrambled to get me downstairs and took a taxi to the hospital. Check blood, measure body temperature and hang liquid. The tall and short figure has been shaking in front of me, saying words of comfort. I really haven’t had such pain for a long time. A full life almost made me forget the hidden danger of my own body. It was not until this morbid fever and the huge pain of my own flesh and blood that I frightened myself and my family.. The final conclusion is that a viral cold is not a blood problem to worry about. This just put the dangling heart down. By the time the liquid was lost, it was already past twelve o’clock in the evening. I couldn’t hold out in the hospital. After returning home, the fever had subsided, but the tearing muscle pain was still torturing me.. The large bed allowed me to toss and turn, with two small hands feeding me water from time to time and two big hands touching my forehead from time to time. Later, I heard his father and daughter say that they would not burn any more before turning out the light and sleeping peacefully.. After the second infusion this afternoon, I heard the doctor say that there is no need for infusion, just take the medicine for a few days.. When I was sitting here banging on these words, the painful feeling had left me, but my body was still fatigued.. Night is coming again. Sir, you’re sick like this, or you can’t leave your words, don’t be too tired!I know I’m really tired! When I didn’t contact the Internet, I still felt relaxed and happy when I occasionally saw my own words appear in newspapers and periodicals. But since I posted articles on the Internet, I haven’t left the Internet for a day. It is already part of my life.. If you don’t order this page for a day, you won’t have the spirit, and you won’t be able to eat and sleep soundly.. If you don’t see it in a day, you will feel like every other world. A friend told me when I first got online that you, a serious woman, had better not play online and you will get hurt.. I didn’t understand it at the time, but now I feel confused, confused and miserable day by day.. Perhaps this is the law of the world. When you get something from one place, you will also lose something from the same place.. As a matter of fact, many mental processes are like physical ailments. They have passed, tasted, suffered and injured, followed by the kind of calm after a major illness, which will make people feel relieved, such as getting a new life.. Cherish your body, cherish the plain happiness you have. It is also a great happiness in life to cherish all the love and soul movements in the bottom of my heart, and to take them out and enjoy them sweetly on the bright night of the moon.! But one day, I will really face death. At that time, I will proudly say to my loved ones: Goodbye, because you have no regrets in my life. Because of you, I am truly happy and happy to live this time. If there is an afterlife, we will still get together![ Responsibility Editor: Butterfly Love Flowers ]