Do yourself a good job without applause

The applause from the world is very powerful. For those who need applause, it is moving, grateful, encouraging and sympathetic.. But to many people, applause is a kind of negative fatigue and also a kind of injury. There are too many people who like to give applause, and if there are too many applause, they will become a pair of chronic poisons.. The applause that others give you today cannot prove your tomorrow.     There are so many people who are pursuing their own success, but they are not diligent in applause. Although their soul is lonely and their heart hurts, their thoughts will be broad because of their depth, their steps will be calm because of their sureness, and their hopes will be imminent because of their training.. Indulging in applause, such as gambling addiction, what will you lose tomorrow? Sometimes I don’t even know myself.     A piece of praise, sometimes blinded awake, a compliment, and will forget to abandon themselves. Only when you are awake can you find the right direction and see the way forward. When you face yourself all the time, you have grasped the world, kept your soul from escaping, and kept tomorrow and hope..     There is no one but a dusty world. It is difficult for us to grasp the fate of others. We only have to be ourselves. Unfortunately, we often cannot live calmly.     Indifferent is a true fix, no one can really do it easily, because few people really go to fix for it. For those who repair, they must calm down to cultivate one’s morality and cultivate one’s character, and repair one’s heart and ease one’s feelings.. The path of repair is like a secluded path in the woods, quiet, broad, fragrant and plain, but few people walk and few people are traveled by.. The world of mortals is rolling along the road, bustling and bustling, and the people’s congress has crowded into this boundless road, just for the sake of a little name or benefit, big or small. Some people sent, some planted, some stinked, and some were squeezed out of the gutter. Some people stole the reputation of others as a generous family, while others broke the dust of the yellow sorghum dream.. . Ah, successful people to squeeze, to earn, to rob, for their flag-waving people also to squeeze. Chaos world, how many funny people, how many sad people, there are still a few poor people left? And not to earn not to squeeze people, from the side of the road light body walk, only smile to see that a group of crazy people, I don’t know why to squeeze, the road is not also a road, not also leads to the front?     It turns out that those who squeeze to earn all think that is the struggle of life, but look at those who pass by and laugh at the fool in the world.. So people crowded on the road became more crowded, and everyone worked hard to’ squeeze’ together, couldn’t see the road ahead, didn’t know to turn around and retreat, crowded all his life, and ended up with a happy empty scene.. People who don’t go to crowded places have already gone to the future, seen the most beautiful scenery in life and picked up the most precious happiness along the way..     The big hermit is better than the common world. He listens to the tea, remembers the past and sends it far away, drinks the taste of life and observes the world quietly. The little hermit, let alone the hermit, went to the mountains and waters to find a clear ratio, to melt a cup of delight and sweetness, to look up at the azalea and look down for wheatgrass.. What are you not willing to do? Express willingness to do it? Why bother to find trouble?     Greed, Chen, chi, can’t let go, can’t see through, he missed himself.     Can’t see through, is sad, see through is mature. With the growth of age, I have been hanging out in the world for a long time. I think I can play big cards by playing face to face, but some things can’t be seen through, and you are still childish.. Because the mind has nothing to do with age. Be open-minded when you are a person, because a mature person does not ask for the past, and what he sees is tomorrow..     The same is true for readers. Having a mature mind is more useful than having a great fortune.. If you are not good at reading, don’t force yourself, because your life experience is still shallow, and don’t hurt yourself or yourself at will.. Being able to understand others is a kind of wisdom, being able to understand others is a kind of moral character, and being able to know oneself is a wise man.. Sit still and often think of yourself, and chat with others. Some people always feel that they are despised because they have no weight in themselves and because they have a psychological inferiority complex.. So above people, we should treat others as human beings. Under people, think of yourself as a person. To treat others as human beings and pass on happiness to others; Think of yourself as a person and leave happiness for yourself.     People want to live simply by tolerating themselves more, demanding less from others and demanding too much from others. In fact, what they leave behind is pain.. Don’t want to be such a lifetime person? It’s not necessary. Many times, we take good care of our own life, which is more important than anything else.     The simplicity of living still requires us to be ourselves. Often you dew point innocence, someone said you act young show, not sincere enough; If you are sophisticated, he also accuses you of being too shrewd and frightening.. You always feel that it’s not right or wrong to be a person. It’s too difficult to be a person.! There are many noisy people around you, most of them come to seek fame and reputation in order to destroy others and lift themselves up.. You must not care about it. We must care about ourselves! Exhale the worldly fetters, break the shackles of worldly wisdom, and return to nature. I am me, the real me.Having a detachment and free and easy life is better than being’ long – term and long – term’ and aboveboard, whether life is wonderful or not, but the heart is flat and honest.     Only when you are indifferent can you be clear – minded, and only when you are quiet can you reach your goal. Name and profit, power and wealth, and wealth are all ethereal things outside. Everyone wants to own them, and only a handful of people are lucky enough to get them. We don’t need to make every effort to earn a little bit of what we earn, but what we lose is the beauty and happiness we have with us.. It’s better to take off the disguise, live with frankness, and have a true temperament.? People are human beings. What people actually do is a kind of realm: in beginning of life, looking at mountains is mountains and looking at water is water. People are not confused when they arrive, and seeing mountains is not like mountains, and seeing water is not like water. People will be old, looking at mountains or mountains, looking at water or water, feeling happy in nature and returning to simplicity. Only by doing so can one be really wise.