Beginning with appreciation and ending with sadness

I like it, everything, let nature take its course. Work, don’t be too tired, live, don’t want to be too noisy, emotional, don’t be too strong. Occasionally, the moon looks up to the wind and occasionally refers to raw flowers. Chang ‘an, smiling and having a good time. The exterior is calm like water, and the heart is firm like a mountain..     The inscriptions are content to enjoy the quiet of life, like the time of walking in words, often sitting in a corner, tasting the astringency and sweetness of the years, expressing a faint fragrance, feeling the true meaning of life and looking for a happy heart sound.. Such a time is simple and pure, and such a state of mind is pure. If I can, I would like to bloom as a flower, watch silently and accompany silently. If I can feel at ease, I will return home..     People really need to experience, even if it is suffering, it is worth experiencing. Because of the rich experience, we can practice our inner strength. It is useless to shed anxiety and cultivate the temperament of the years.. When you are upset, do things quietly. At the root of the problem, unhappiness is that there are too many desires and the pursuit of more will naturally lead to fatigue.. But what is there to tangle with? As long as you are still alive and healthy, what can’t you get? I appreciate people who are calm and quiet.     The most difficult position in a person’s life is to return to the truth. Don’t lose hope for spring flowers due to the withering of a flower, don’t miss the poetry of the whole winter due to the departure of a leaf, and don’t lose faith in love and kindness due to all kinds of sadness and disappointment.. I appreciate those who have love in their hearts. After years of experience and returning to the truth, we can understand that love can never be lost. Friends are a beautiful scenery in the journey, not forever, as long as they travel together, they will also be a warm memory..     Have you ever said something drastic when you are in a low mood, and you feel so guilty when you calm down afterwards? Have you ever hated people you don’t like so much, and looked coldly at them, remembering them after years, thinking about them, and so on? Have you ever felt like the world is against you when your life is at a low ebb, and you have a long time to sleep, and you will never get through the pain, and when the rain comes down and the weather clears, you will find that the previous suffering is a fortune, and you can understand it.. Maybe we’re going through it every day. But isn’t that what life is like? From one place to another, there are always lower places and also higher places.     Women should be like orchid. They do not want to surprise the world’s appearance, but they have an elegant connotation. Women should be like poems, costumes and cosmetics. They can dress up a person beautifully, but they will not make a person beautiful. Having a beautiful heart is the most beautiful woman. Women should like water, let clouds roll like clouds, flowers bloom and fall, the heart should be calm, calm and gentle like jade, and calm like water. Women should be as beautiful as flowers, can sing, write, read and travel, look better than live, say goodbye to those small emotions, and smile at the sunshine and rain..     Years can make a person’s face grow old, but if the heart is calm, the heart will not grow old. Keep a cool and warm heart, guard a loving but not violent feeling, cherish the quiet and warm time, and write words of ease and ease. Woman, love yourself well, love the person you love, cherish what you have at present and enjoy the present life, and you will always be a noble princess..     Before I know what kind of person you are, I won’t be easy to get along with. People who don’t have a sense of security probably do. And the best proof to test feelings is time. When the time comes, the person who is congenial is close at hand, and the person who has passed by has long been in the end of the world.. Fate is that some people get along with each other but don’t walk into their hearts, some fall in love at a glance, and the best treasure is to meet the most beautiful you in the best time, then smile at one another, cherish each other silently and accompany with silence.. The world of mortals is like smoke, everyone is pretending to be sad or happy, so most of the time, you have brushed against each other before you could understand or even see a person. Life tells me that you are just passing by.. The vast sea of people, passers-by in a hurry, can meet is no longer easy, but it is a rare fate to know each other and keep each other together, so life also tells you: learn to cherish.     Time is like a sand between fingers. No matter how tightly you hold it, you will miss the track of history bit by bit.. Years are like songs. What is left behind and cannot be left behind will be become memories, once a happy and sad capital.. The songs I heard and the people I loved fade away with my memory, but the one I once thought was deep – rooted, is also so light and light in the wind and light in the clouds.. Learning to forget is a life attitude and a sublimation of happiness.     When love has become a reminiscence, it fades away in time, only to find that those who leave will never come back. When the feeling broke into quicksand and passed between the fingers, it became clear that we couldn’t go back any more.. One day all the past that you can’t pass will pass, and there will always be some unexpected future that will meet with you.. Both gain and loss are fixed numbers. The only thing that remains unchanged is the time of old age.. There are always many helplessness in this world. Look forward, and you will reap the splendor of the next stop..     When things go smoothly, gain and loss will pass. Don’t let the haze occupy the heart of good feeling. Rich and poor life, contentment and happiness, don’t let worry cover the smiling face; Discrepancy is life, love and hate are all related. Don’t let tears soak up the scent of dust. Writing with a light pen does not fall into the common dispute, and does not let the dust foul the lines of pure beauty. Hannabaichuan, a place of tolerance is a big place. Don’t let today’s sunshine permeate yesterday and evening. Face down, smile to warm, don’t let the darkness bury the kindness inside; Optimism and self – confidence, courage and hard work, don’t let malaise lose its way forward; Embrace yourself, calm down and settle down. Don’t let loneliness engulf the latent strength. The world of mortals has love, warm in the heart, don’t let the cold break the wings of angels. If you have a dream, you will fly.     Most of all, I like that kind of cool, no warm words, even if I like it again. There is no crazy move, even if again crazy. Shaohua is still, but the heart has long been free from the world of mortals and turned into a clear lotus. You come, I smile without saying a word, you go, I am calm and calm.. Those who like it are deeply hidden in their hearts and do not disturb them. Like the word, silently included in the paper, not noisy.Even if I grow old, I can say to myself once I think of it: I like you, that’s all.     You see the scenery on the bridge, I stand by the bridge looking at you, Jiangnan decorated your nib, and you decorated my dream. The water in the south of the Yangtze River is beautiful but not turbid. The willow in the south of the Yangtze River is mei but not demon. The pavilion in the south of the Yangtze River is ancient but not broken. Yanbo Cui, vegetation shaking, blue river month, orchid pavilion are, not hidden but not shone, just right. Some people say that reality is not so beautiful. In fact, beauty is the mood at that moment.. In an extension, life is full of scenery. If you have a good heart, the sky is blue, the clouds are white, and flowers are in full bloom.. Life is a journey. It doesn’t care about the destination. It’s important to appreciate the scenery along the way and pick up the beautiful mood.. Therefore, the scenery is external beauty and reflects your inner purity. This kind of gesture is called poetic dwelling.     After passing through the scenery of time and watching the rebirth of life, I realized that fate is no longer a matter of spending, but it will be lost at the end of the season, and it will not be that branch again in the coming year.. Memories have updated scenes and scenes, and people around them have changed batch by batch. It turns out that everyone is a passer – by, but the difference is only the time limit for staying, and what was once said has changed forever.. And I finally understand that the happiness of life lies in doing and cherishing it, not sighing about yesterday’s sadness, not knowing tomorrow’s appearance, and if you are still there, I will feel at ease.     There is a kind of meeting called karma, gathering and scattering with fate, a kind of feeling called silent love and quiet love, a kind of concern about the world of mortals, silent and warm, and a kind of attitude of light but not forgetful and smiling. Keeping distance with some people is not frivolous, but because of love, they choose to give each other space to miss, feeling deeply and feeling warm. It is not to forget that a feeling is flat, but also to love that I chose to hide deeply in a shallow place, because I know that the long stream of fine water is longer than before.. What can be said is not the most profound, what exists in the heart is what can not be said.     Through personal experience, words are the mood. When the wind is light and the clouds are light, the mood is just words. When you are in the ascendant, your friends all know you, and when you are down and out, you know your friends. When you get drunk, you know who you love most, and when you get sick, you know who loves you most. When happy, listening to songs is songs, when sad, listening to songs is tears; When I was young, I drifted away with all my heart. When I looked back, I tried my best to keep my memories. Carnival, a person lonely, lonely, crowded into the carnival; Together, I can’t stand being insipid. After turning around, I regret not being as good as at the beginning … Ah, in my life, some people came and went, amazing the time and painful memories. In the fleeting time, there were some ups and downs, which warmed the meeting and moistened the separation.. The reason is that I saw you in the crowd. I saw you in the crowd. The reason is predestined. If you go to Qiu Lai in spring, no one can change it..     True love is not nothing in the heart, not in the world, but in everything, if the heart is dust – free. The real simplicity is not to avoid the world of mortals and know nothing about them, but to experience the dust and dust and have a clear heart. The true wisdom is not to make friends with friends and control enemies with enemies, but to make friends with enemies and serve people with virtue. True happiness is not emotion like honey and sweetness like candy, but weather-beaten and plain. A true friend is not a person who talks about love on paper, but who is in the same boat and calm as water. True love is not to find a perfect person, but to appreciate an imperfect person with beautiful eyes..     As onlookers, everyone is like a philosopher, who can speak a warning message in rapid succession, but when he really experiences it personally, he has no transcendental temperament and can’t help feeling the same way.. It’s easy to know, but it’s probably so. There are also a few people in the world who can truly rise above the dust, fade away from the wind and cloud and hold a Zen mind.? I believe that every kind of happiness is worth cherishing, every pain needs to be experienced, and life is a bittersweet and enlightened experience.. As long as you plant a tree of Bodhi from another Taoyuan in your heart, you will always be yourself in one place without getting lost.. With a lotus in his hand, he is light and full of sleeves, with Shaohua not yet at the center, and sunny and sunny..     Live a life of fresh clothes and angry horses in a happy-go-lucky manner. Life can’t be flat like water. There are always such and such waves. Only if we live in peace with each other, can we be content with the present situation. Beginning with appreciation and ending with sadness, after that, be a beautiful woman, with flowers blooming, flowers falling indifferently, the world is stable, and the age sequence is quiet..    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