Accompanying the First Green Lamp

The mind is not upside down. Zen is in the present moment, in the midst of self – mind, and in contrast, self – mind can be obtained at any time.. When I look inside, I find that my heart is still in chaos and Zen is not in my heart.   I often have a dream that a green lamp will accompany me to the end of my life.. Faint green lights, solemn houses, ear only chanting sound, quiet and solemn, pressure I couldn’t catch my breath.   When you wake up, you always sweat profusely.   My friend said I had a dream day and night, but I didn’t think so. I think this is an omen, an omen of my future. Perhaps my future is to be always with Qingdeng ancient Buddha. It’s not a very bad idea to accompany me with a green light for a long time..   Since I was a child, I have a reverence for Buddhism, a reverence from the bottom of my heart, a feeling similar to faith but not faith. In my spare time, I always like to read Buddhist books, specifically Zen, and I prefer reading Zen to participating in Zen. Reading Zen and participating in Zen are two different concepts. Ordinary people like me can only read Zen and accept some primary ideas of Buddhism.   I like to swim in Buddha’s sea. The reason why I call it Buddha’s sea is because the Buddha is really too broad and profound. Recently, I have seen some Zen Buddhism and some Zen Buddhism, and I have even more realized what Buddha’s sea is and what Zen Buddhism is..   I like a story in Zen. Huineng, the sixth ancestor of Zen, went south to live in seclusion in Hojoji in order to avoid the persecution of Shenxiu, and often gave lectures to the Dharma Master nearby.. One evening, when night fell, a flurry of wind suddenly swept through the temple, and the temple’s brake banners were blown by the flurry.. The two monks debated this issue, one saying it was pneumatic and the other saying it was complications and stalemate, but it was not reasonable. Huineng came over and said that it was not the wind, not the complications, but the hearts of the benevolent..   Good a benevolent person heart, all the changes of external things are caused by karma, complications and wind movements are not real, only our hearts can feel the changes of external things.   It’s like participating in the ” Heart Sutra Regulations” which say ” no thinking, no knowledge, no eye, ear, nose, tongue and body, no color, no smell and no trigger.”. All things are empty, all things are transformed, and the heart does not move, then all things do not move, and the heart does not change, then all things do not change..   This is the state of mind in Zen Buddhism, but I am a layman who thinks I am stupid and can’t understand these hearts.   What is empty? If everything is empty and the heart is empty, why should we say this? If all things in the world are transformed, then what can be said about all things? Is the Zen language too difficult to understand, or is it too tacky today? Or the Zen language is something that can’t be seen or touched?   Zen is a heart-to-heart transmission. My heart is not quiet, not clean, not reaching the unity of all things, nor reaching the heart-to-heart mirror. That’s why I can’t understand..   What is Zen?   But Jackson Yan looked up at God and said, ” Clouds are in the sky and water in the bottle.”.   Qingyuan only believed that Zen master opened his long beard. when the old monk did not meditate on Taoism 30 years ago, he saw that the mountain was the mountain and that the water was the water. At the end of the day, I saw knowledge in person. I saw that mountains are not mountains and water is not water.. Now I have to rest alone. I still see the mountain as the mountain and the water as the water..   Jackson Zhao Zhou turned around and threw in a word and went for tea.   Good sentence to eat tea. This simple sentence, seemingly simple, does the meditation and the nature.   I suddenly understood that Zen is natural, it is so, it is common heart.   It seems not that Zen is too difficult to understand, nor is it that today’s people are too tacky, but that we think too much about it. Zen Buddhism has Zen Buddhism and Buddhism has Buddhism. Zen Buddhism originates from Buddhism and Taoism higher than Buddhism and Taoism. But we have added too many shackles to Zen, too many aura and too many mysteries.. We have become accustomed to the idea that everything is empty, that emptiness is color, that there is no self, no human being, and that there is no living being, and that we are used to sticking to our original heart.. We lost ourselves in those gains and reached a dead end.   Write this, I can’t help but think of the dream I had, the Qingdeng ancient Buddha, the chanting voice overflowing the whole room, I sat piously in such a place, like an ancient well without waves. The green light went out slowly. I chanted sutras in the dark, but I didn’t know where the way out was.. Buddha appeared in confusion. Buddha said that your heart has been lost by walking in one place repeatedly.. I asked Buddha, how can I break the shackles of my heart? Buddha gently smiles and stops talking.   I think of that story. Buddha sleeps and Jia Ye smiles.  What is Buddha suggesting to me? Heart? My heart is too empty. My heart is walking in nothingness and has been exhausted. The world? All things are empty. Is there any theory of the world? Phase change? The flower is also a flower. Perhaps the Buddha told me that the heart was not intentional.   It is my mind that is too dull to understand or not understand at all..   Always wake up in such confusion and sweat after waking up. The solemn, the solemn, the confused, what is the omen?   The heart is not upside down. Zen is in the present moment, in the middle of the self – heart, in contrast to the self – heart, it can be obtained at any time.. When I look inside, I find that my heart is still in chaos and Zen is not in my heart.   I looked at Huineng Jackson, but Huineng Jackson smiled and said nothing.   However, Zen Master Xin said, ” See the mountain is the mountain, see the water is the water.”.   I said, I am me, I am not me.   Zen, focusing on enlightenment. I can’t understand Zen, just because I just read Zen, but I can’t understand Zen.   Jackson Zhao Zhou continued to drink tea.   Zen meditation is really not an easy task.   After reading so much Zen language, I still have a little knowledge and understanding and can only be superficial. Like that green lamp, it is always blue and misty, just like my heart.   The real Zen may be so confused, seeing Zen from the confusion. The reason why they did not get through is that the time is not right.   With a lifetime of green light, I will sit through a lifetime of bitter meditation and may realize it in a flash.   I have a pearl, locked by dust for a long time. Today, the dust is shining brightly, breaking thousands of mountains and rivers.. ‘ Is the ancient Buddha with the green lamp in my dream the pearl that I locked up for a long time?? When the pearl is blinded, my heart is blinded by the world. When the pearl sees the light again, it is the time to see through.   Accompanying the ancient Buddha with a green lamp for a lifetime, I used my ordinary heart to find a way to wipe the pearl..   Visiting in the morning, greeting in the evening, and now eating tea.[ Responsibility Editor: Chloe[ Original ]