Broken shell or broken shell

If you want to break the cocoon and become a butterfly, you must have the consciousness of death, and once you break the cocoon and become a butterfly, I will be reborn. As a larva trapped in a shell, I often warned myself, but the judgment was settled in my heart. Whether I jump or not, whether I live or die, I smile calmly. Some people say there are many opportunities, but life is only once. I replied: I would rather fight with this chance of losing my life than wait for the perfect chance with this long life.!     – pupa’s self-reported mirror is broken, not reassembled. broken mirror cannot be re – rounded after all. I meditate on the self-report of the pupa, and my heart is in a mess.. I dare not say how much I have grasped and how much I have grasped in this beautiful world. I only feel that I have existed for a dozen spring and autumn periods without doing anything.. I know that when flowers are re – opened, there are no more young people, but they have been mediocre for such a long time. Perhaps only at the age of late autumn, with tears streaming down their eyes and sighing for the world, will they feel heartache and mumble: After all, broken mirrors cannot be re – rounded..     I remember when I was a child, my father once asked me what I meant by broken shells and broken shells. I think it must have been a sunny day with clear skies, adding a warm atmosphere to the problem.. I must be silly to raise my pure eyes, and then milk said angrily, ” If you break the shell, chickens will hatch. What will happen if you break the shell?”? This great question was answered by the silly me. It must have been full of charm at the time. I don’t know if my father laughed.. And now in retrospect, I can’t help but let my heart quiver and feel very scared.. That, after all, is the difference between life and death. How can one not leave a shock in one’s heart??     If one day I said to my son’s grandson and even the grandchildren of millions of others, ” Do you know the difference between shell breaking and shell breaking?”? No matter what strange answers they have, I will use a loud voice to gently caress them under the blue sky and say, ” Breaking the shell is the birth of a new life, such as a chicken, it will get a free and fresh life and it will play happily on the ground; And the shell is broken, it will be the destruction of life, just as people’s breakfast, just as the eggshell in the dustbin. I will use philosophical words to make them remember forever that shell breaking and shell breaking is not only a relationship between shells, there is a world between them, and there is an unknown hidden there..     When the pupa looks at the beautiful butterfly flying in the flowers, the butterfly asks her,’ Do you want to fly, that’s very difficult, and it will face a terrible unknown, even death to threaten you. Ah, poor worm, you’d better hide in a warm cocoon. However, the pupa answered firmly: ” I am eager to fly, I dare to fly, even at the cost of life, I have no regrets or regrets.”. ‘ So in the face of the choice between life and death, the pupa chosen to be reborn has finally become a beautiful butterfly among the flowers, shaping a new self.” I’.     Life is a journey destined to be lonely. Believe in yourself, even if you are black and blue, you should live beautifully.! This is the broken shell.