Embarrassing way

Business trip to Beijing, a trip principle should be pleasant, but, due to the industry downturn continued to affect national policy, the head of R & D centers have resigned, the uncertainty of the transfer project, In addition, there is that the south Water, she is difficult to speculate a series of changes, I’m walking pace fetters. Ten days of life, a long life is not long in the north of the north gradually adapt to the northern dry weather, in this place called the West Banbidian village, quiet, busy, running, the passage of time outside of work, I Looking for travel less than colleagues in the so-called Beijing’s beautiful. Beijing, it seems very far away from their own.If it is not time to take advantage of the weekend shopping in a circle in the capital, here, I really can not feel the bustling capital. Beijing, so far, yet so near.Near, so that I do not know how to escape, I try to forget from the city’s divide, but, in my mind, Jiangnan her, in my mind, weaving a beautiful dream, I have been unable to calm down choking. One of her, you can not think of a good, but you is so serious.Above the capital, outside the Yangtze River Delta, the dream of love really is time it is time to take root, however, in a different city, always some similar episodes. During the Spring Festival in 2012, the department heads where I resign, then in September the same year, I resigned from small town went to another small town.August and September 2013, where the leader of my team, and then the following year, I resigned from the tall city did not belong to my.2016 it? There are thought to be some changes will occur, however, such a state today, my old feelings of panic.Originally everything can be good, but suddenly deviated from the track, the moment, let me by surprise. In fact, this way, no matter what happens, volunteer work changed and unchanged, in an idea, after all, I need to work to pick up something standing right. Some words, once spoken, is committed.I heard cries far and near, warm touch of ambiguous bloom, like a silent dream, wake up, always want to try to find some traces of beauty. Life, a time of embarrassing way, changed and unchanged among heart at ease, I was that I, not forgetting the beginning of the heart, have toward your direction, creating a different self. Have you, an eternal love without too many words modified.There you are, a dedication of love, the pursuit of life’s regrets. Life, we can not speculate on the change, I do not know what will happen at what time.Life, we need more time to discover its beauty, rich connotation and accomplishment in their experiences growing up in. Forget it, the road is embarrassing, at least I still have you from afar, so I came back, starting with the happy, fine chemicals years is good.